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[78], Enhanced Durability: Rentaro has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of durability, taking several hits from Kagetane and rising to his feet quickly. Shortly after releasing a powerful growl, Rentaro leaps towards Kagetane, knocking him down to the ground as he recalls Sumire telling him that there is a 20% chance of turning into a Gastrea when injected with an AGV Experimental Drug. aktiv Rentaro Satomi (里見蓮太郎, さとみ れんたろう, Satomi Rentarō?) When suddenly, a Gastrea appears from behind the trees, only to be quickly defeated by Kayo; Rentaro and Enju are left speechless. As they walk around, they see traces of blood, and quickly locate the Gastrea. Kagetane sieht Potenzial in Rentaro und hat ihm angeboten mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten, um eine bessere Welt für die verfluchten Kinder zu erschaffen, aber Kagetanes Methoden sind Rentaro zu extrem. Enju Aihara Rentaro contradicts her and believes it was able to camouflage itself. Springfield XD 4″ Full Size Model .45ACPBlack Bullets aus Ballanium [49], Rentaro questions Kayo's injuries whilst treating them, only to be told by the young girl that she is Shougen's Initiator. She comments on how, if he does not join them, his loved ones will die. Enhanced Speed: Rentaro displays impressive speed, having the ability to approach his targets up close from long distances in just a matter of seconds. Familie Er hat ein gutes Verhältnis zu den verfluchten Kindern und betrachtet sie im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen als normale Menschen. Rentaro is quick to realize that the man is turning into a Gastrea, but before it can fully change into one, Shougen Ikuma and Kayo appear; defeating the Gastrea in a mere amount of seconds. Deutsch Später hat er zusammen mit Kisara die Tendo-Familie verlassen und arbeitet nun als ihr Angestellter bei der Tendo Security GmbH. Nevertheless, Rentaro grabs his Springfield XD and claims that he will breakthrough in order to achieve his goal. Rentaro questions her words, with Kayo revealing that her Promoter, Shougen, views the Initiators as noting more than tools. Rentaros Variante sieht nach Kaliber .45 ACP aus, sprich eine Pistole mit viel Kraft. Tätigkeit Nevertheless, Enju jumps on its head and with the accumulated momentum jumps high near a cliff, and from the cliff she then jumps yet again. Though, angry, she kicks him in the groin for leaving her behind like he did, causing him to fall on the ground in pain. [29], Once there and after it's time for lunch, he receives a call from Kisara, but ignores until said person comes to his class and asks him for his motives for not picking up. As they continue to converse, Kayo gets a call from Shougen, who tells her that they have located Kagetane, quickly heading out with Rentaro and Enju after getting her things ready. When they finally arrive to a port, Rentaro inspects his surrounding and is told to keep quite by Kayo. [102], Kisara is one to usually badmouth Rentaro's abilities and lack of responsibilities: calling him useless, an idiot and even threatening to kill him. With Rentaro's gun in hand, Kagetane calls him weak just as he returns the weapon and begins to walk away, much to Rentaro's anger. [95], When the two first met, Enju's distrust in humans lead their encounter to a rocky beginning. Aber nachdem sie Ihren Bruder getötet hat beginnt Rentaro an ihren Methoden zu zweifeln... Kikunojo Tendo: Kikunojo hat Rentaro im Alter von sechs Jahren als Adoptiv-Sohn in seine Familie aufgenommen, nachdem dessen Eltern gestorben waren. Außerdem verfügt er über fortgeschrittene Kampftechniken. Partner Sumire Muroto: Sumire und Rentaro kennen sich schon viele Jahre, als Rentaro schwer verletzt wurde hat sie ihn zu einem mechanisierten Soldaten operiert. Rentaro will fight Kagetane for Kisara's sake. Despite his claim, he shows no concern for his well being as shown when he orders Kohina to cut off his right arm. He is complimented on his knowledge, but refuses to accept it, only to be told by Kayo that she is slightly jealous of Enju. [59] Momentarily, Rentaro shoots towards Kagetane's direction multiple times. agwKE2 Anime Black Bullet Rentaro Satomi Enju Poster Leinwand Malerei Wandkunst Dekor Wohnzimmer Schlafzimmer Studie Home Decoration Drucke / 60x80cm (kein Rahmen) Geräte von höchster Qualität Wir verwenden nur die besten Leinwanddruckmaterialien und verwenden bewusst … He explains to her that he is here, and that they are family; filling her with joy. However, he states that it's fine, and asks Rentaro to explain the reason why his bullets were working in comparison to his. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. The jacket, which he leaves open with solely one button connecting the two sides in the center, displays a much lighter color in the inside; resembling the color light blue. Zugehörigkeit She quickly reassures him with a loud cry. Picking himself up, he gets ready to fight the man. Promoter: Als Promoter hat Rentaro die Fähigkeit Gefechts-Situationen zu analysieren, entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Initiator passende Befehle zu erteilen. Rentaro can only stare as he asks Enju, whom he thinks is Kayo, to take him to Kagetane so they can finish their fight. Persönliche Informationen Als Enju in der Schule als eines der verfluchten Kinder erkannt und gemobbt wird, bleibt er nach außen beherrscht, obwohl er innerlich vor Wut kocht. Er ist der Haupt-Protagonisten der Serie und wird von anderen oft als der "Held" bezeichnet, wenn er mal wieder den Bezirk Tokyo oder gar die ganze Menschheit vor der Auslöschung retten muss. Speaking to Kisara, he tells her to tell Seitenshi that he will be helping out. Zudem kann Rentaro keine fünf Minuten mit einem anderen Mädchen verbringen, wie beispielsweise Kisara, ohne das Enju eifersüchtig wird. Enju, looking at Rentaro in a serious manner, confirms that she is already aware of the fact and receives and apology from the latter. As he holds her, he remembers speaking to Kisara about Civil Security and its job to protect people, which leads him to ponder if said statement is true after what he witnessed. However, as tears dropped down his face, Rentaro held a burned charcoal in his hands as he ran from the funeral of both his parents telling himself that his parents were in fact alive and that he will find them. [17], Readying his gun, Rentaro bashes into the door, successfully entering the room and inspecting his surroundings. Um der schwankenden Qualität der Produkte genüge zu tun, messen wir im Team vielfältige Eigenarten. [106] However, as time progressed, Rentaro undoubtedly accepted and lived under his care. The two are interrupted by Enju, who leaves the room to get something to show Rentaro. He is grabbed by Enju as she tells him that it is time to go. Hearing this, he tells her to go back home as he walks towards a person with a scooter; asking said person to hand it over when he shows them his license.[36]. Kayo sieht Rentaro während des Meetings an und ihr Magen knurrt vor Hunger. After thanking him for saving his life, Rentaro is told to go home, but he refuses. Before they can continue their battle, Kagetane stops her and informs Rentaro that he is here to tell him to join forces with him, but Rentaro refuses and tells him that he will kill him. On the train, Rentaro, who has a sleeping Kisara on his shoulders, hears her speaking in her sleep about getting revenge on the Tendo, hugging her afterwards. Commencing the operation, Tadashima informs Rentaro that on the second floor, where the accident happened, the roof was leaking blood. [50] When he tries to introduce himself as well, Kayo interrupts him as she reminds him that she is well aware of who he is. Er hat hellbraune Augen, die manchmal violett schimmern, dazu schmale Augenbrauen. Once they arrive to the place, they talk among themselves about the original Gastrea until being welcomed by a young girl. Moments later however, he questions the contents inside the case in Kayo's possession, with the young girl refusing to open it. However, before they can continue their small scuffle, Kisara stops Rentaro whilst a man stop the hefty man. Feeling the full brunt of the attack, Rentaro hears Kagetane declare that his actions are unbelievable. Additionally, she pesters him with Kisara refusing to be his girlfriend if he continues to act weak. Soon enough, they hear a stomp behind them, noticing that it is Shougen: they rejoice at the thought of victory. Rentaro and Shougen, standing by their Initiators, ready their weapons for battle.[124]. He grabs the an erosion resistance shot and begins to insert the liquid in her. He finishes giving her the shot, and soon brings a portable bed out to the floor, ignoring Enju's statement about her heart being ready, annoying her. Before they leave their house to go to school, the news calls for their attention as Tokyo's protector, Seitenshi, appears. Manga Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Kagetane aims his gun at Rentaro, shooting multiple times as Rentaro continues his assault. [62], Rentaro turns his head to see an angry Kohina approach him with her blades; but before she reaches him, Enju intercepts her swords by utilizing her right foot. [23], Rentaro gets ready to leave as he parts ways with Tadashima when Enju questions if they can still make it to the limited sale, causing him to take a piece of paper out of his pocket and being to run away as he tells Tadashima that one bag of beam sprouts is only 6 yen; leaving the latter ultimately shocked. Watching as the man walks away, he takes note of the girl standing beside him, wondering if she is his Initiator. Ordering the pilot to lower the altitude, he realizes that it will take too long. Magata OberschuleTendo Security GmbH Shortly thereafter, Rentaro leaves after being told that Enju went home early. Shogen Ikuma: Die Beiden begegnen sich zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste und geraten direkt aneinander. He is asked by Kisara if he could defeat Kagetane, but before he can answer, Enju arrives and shows him her bag that someone, unknown to her, fixed. Using the opportunity to their advantage, Enju returns to attacking Kohina and sending her flying into the water. Deswegen ist Rentaro ziemlich sauer auf Shogen, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als "Werkzeuge", sondern als Menschen. Novel Rentaro questions their motives for shooting the Cursed Child. As they fight, the masked man holds the upper hand. Miori Shiba: Miori ist eine Klassen-Kameradin von Rentaro. However, Shougen approaches him and, grabbing him by the neck, tells him not to get in his way. Enju reaches a certain location before commencing her plan with Rentaro. Er verteidigt Enju immer wieder gegen die Anfeindungen anderer und versucht ihr ein normales Leben zu ermöglichen. He can only watch as Kayo turns her head and asks him to watch over Shougen for her. He was told by Sumire herself that this Experimental Drug contains artificial Gastrea Virus that grants him superhuman healing abilities,[88] and is only to be utilized as a last resort weapon;[89] the user may forfeit their humanity. Just then, Rentaro reveals his Varanium-infused limbs, informing Kagetane that he is a Mechanical Soldier from the New Human Creation Plan. Rentaro grabs his gun and confronts him, but a small girl, who turns out to be Kagetane's own daughter and Initiator, passes by his side without being noticed. Whilst standing behind her, Rentaro hears her state her name and inform Tadashima that she is Rentaro's Initiator: Enju Aihara.[20]. On the right side, there's a strap of the same light blue color linearly craved from the collar of the jacket to the bottom. The elder, Matsuzaki, comes outside and converse with Rentaro about the Cursed Children, all being female, and informs him that he does not know where Enju is. Kisara Tendo (Adoptiv Nichte)Kikunojo Tendo (Adoptiv Vater)Takaharu (Vater; Verstorben)Mafuyu (Mutter; Verstorben) [16], Whilst scratching the back of his head, Rentaro is asked by Tadashima if he is truly the Civil Security Corporation member they sent as reinforcement, to which he responds affirmatively and states that if he does not believe him he will just return home. Als Rentaro ablehnt wird Kagetane ziemlich ungehalten. Rentaro then watches as a young girl, who turns out to be a cursed child, is being persecuted by the people for stealing. When the two first met, Shougen quickly confronted the young boy after being asked to introduce himself; smashing his head strongly against Rentaro's and sending him back. Before he can speak further, Rentaro watches and Shougen grabs his sword and is helped by his Initiator while attacking the masked man, but proves futile nonetheless. Rather; continue displaying their family-like bond. [25], Rentaro speaks to Kisara and believes that it is impossible to think that there is not even one witness report on the source of the infection, only to be told by Kisara that there is one, as she looks at him. Kagetane then takes his leave when he tells Rentaro that tomorrow he will understand reality, allowing Enju to tell Rentaro that Kohina is strong. Stärke & Ausdauer: Und wenn es mit den Ausweichen mal nicht so gut klappt kann er auch einiges an Schlägen und Verletzungen einstecken, wie beispielsweise im Kampf gegen Kagetane Hiruko, währenddessen er mehrmals schwer getroffen wurde und trotzdem wieder aufgestanden ist. Rentaro ist allerdings weggelaufen, aber Kikunojo hat ihn gesucht und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet. True to his statement, a Gastrea stands behind them. [119] During the time Rentaro went after the Gastrea, Seitenshi requested be killed, Shougen brings him to the hospital after he is left at death's door by Kagetane. [46], He walks away while telling her that he will be back, causing her laughter. [24] Reaching back to the company, Rentaro is confronted by an angry boss, who begins to chase him around and, after getting tired, tells him not to call her by her name whilst at work, instead; president. Japanisch ผม ซาโตมิ เร็นทาโร่ นะ ฝากตัวด้วยล่ะ Tina Sprout: Rentaro und Tina haben sich von Anfang an gut verstanden. Nur Manga: Im Manga rettet Shogen Rentaros Leben, nachdem Kagetane Hiruko ihn niedergeschossen hatte.Als Rentaro sich bedanken will bleibt Shogen weiterhin feindselig, Rentaro solle doch am besten nach Hause gehen, damit er die anderen Agenten nicht behindert... Kayo Senju: Die Beiden begegnen sich ebenfalls zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste. Auch in der Liebe mangelt es ihm an Selbsbewusstsein. [55], Rentaro is slapped by Kayo, being told that he and Enju will contribute greatly in means of combat. [31], Rentaro is called irritating, but returns the insult to the man assaulting him. 16 As they leave the store Rentaro grabs one of the bracelets, which crack when the users lie, and puts it on, trying it out by saying that he loves Enju; but nothing happens. Durch ihre Zusammenarbeit haben sie absolutes Vertrauen zueinander und können sich stets aufeinander verlassen wenn ihr Leben in Gefahr ist. [120] Before starting the mission to bring down Kagetane, Shougen sees Rentaro at the place of departure and, calling him a hindrance, advises him to go home. [66], Shortly afterwards, Kagetane looks at Enju, stating that it is her turn as Kohina appears behind her. As soon as she defeats the deer-like Gastrea, several others appear behind her, but fall into the ground as she reveals that cogitation is her ability. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Black bullet rentaro sofort auf amazon.de erhältlich und kann sofort geliefert werden. [100] Said statement is further proven true when the boy receives a phone call from Enju's school informing him that her identity of being a cursed child is public, rushing to her side (desperately looking for her in the process) in mere seconds and consoling her as well as protecting her from the kids calling her a monster. His nose serves as roof to thin lips and a small jawline. Sie ist Schüler-Sprecherin der Magata Oberschule und die Tochter des Präsidenten von Shiba Heavy Industries. However, he slips and, in midair, falls head first, but in the nick of time repositions himself and lands on his legs. [64], The bullets within Rentaro's body rapidly exit, the young Promoter clenching his teeth as Enju calls out his name. Die Qualität des Vergleihs steht bei unser Team im Vordergrund. He turns around and sees two men terribly beaten and a masked man standing in front of them. Once they land, they continue to search the area, until Enju has a gun pointed at her head. [115] When he visits her lab, Sumire usually plays pranks on him by scaring him with objects in her lab, knowing Rentaro's cowardliness very well. He has small ears and normal-sized feet. He is quickly told that if it were Shougen, he would have no problem leaving her behind, or getting a new Initiator. Die beiden kannten sich aus der Tendo-Kampfschule, doch als Shoma diese plötzlich verließ brach ihr Kontakt ab. Underneath the jacket, there is a notable white shirt with a large turtle neck held together by a blue tie around his neck. Gripping his right arm, Rentaro recalls Kayo's words as Kagetane fires his bullets. Rentaro hatte Tina im Park vor ein paar Rowdys gerettet und die beiden sind in Kontakt geblieben. This style of combat allows him to perform several techniques with offensive properties, such as using his limbs to deliver powerful blows at his opponents. Just then, Enju calls out to him, reminding him that he once swore to never utilize that power. Rentaro ist ein ausgeglichener Charakter, der meist ruhig und bedacht wirkt sowie jeden um sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt. Rentaro hears Kisara speaking in her sleep. As they change topics, he asks her if she got lost from Shougen, realizing that his way of asking sounded extremely childish shortly afterwards. [15] Later on however, the two developed a strong bond. [9] He sometimes portrays lack of confidence when it comes to his skills as a fighter, even to the point of dropping a mission given to him by the agency. Operationsbasis He travels around in high black shoes that have a much lighter color at the bottom.[2]. [98] Despite this, however, she displays supreme adornment to his skills; noting his bravery when he fought and overpowered said Gastrea alone. However, he questions if she just expects them to leave her behind. Tendo Security GmbH Rentaro und Kikunojo haben allerdings völlig unterschiedliche Ansichten zu den verfluchten Kindern entwickelt, weshalb Rentaro später das Haus der Tendos verlassen hat und seinem Ziehvater nun feindlich gegenübersteht. As he walks out the bathroom he sees an energetic Enju bring the news of the landlady lending them her bike. Rentaro thanks Shougen for saving his life. Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, whilst Rentaro counterattacks by releasing the cartridge inside his right arm and delivering a vigorous punch at the incoming attack; successfully blasting a hole through it and, concurrently, demolishing his Repulsion Shield. Quickly enough, Kagetane informs him that it is impossible, as he will prevent him from doing so. He grabs on to a rope and begins to descend to the ground. Rentaro hugs her, stating that they are not her friends anymore and affirms that they will not view her as one. In Wirklichkeit verbirgt sich hinter dieser harten Schale jedoch eine sehr enge und herzliche Beziehung zwischen den beiden, da sie zusammen aufwuchsen und Rentaro ihr in der Kindheit sogar einmal das Leben gerettet hat, als ein Gastrea in ihr Haus eingedrungen war. Stage II Gastrea, https://blackbullet.fandom.com/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=19753. [39], He reaches a location where many of the Cursed Children live, showing them a photo of Enju and asking if they have seen her. According to Miori herself, their were conditions met with Rentaro obtaining free bullets, as such were studying in the same school. 1.000 (nach Erbe des Siebengestirns)300 (vor 3. Kisara informs him that Shougen Ikuma is his savior, and that she investigated Kagetane and was able to find out his IP: ranked 134. He ponders his whereabouts when Enju jumps at him and embraces him cheerfully. Moments later, Rentaro feels Kagetane's palm on his waist, a strong pressure arising as Enju shouts for him to get away. Fähigkeiten However the Gastrea proves to be speedy. Schnell entwickelte sich jedoch eine enge Freundschaft zwischen den beiden, weil Rentaro das Mädchen direkt sehr herzlich und wie seine Familie behandelte. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. Rentaro hat sie dann im Kampf besiegt, aber nicht getötet. Überwiegend handelt es sich um Kombinationen aus Tritten und Schlägen. Seine Waffe selbst ist ganz normal, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium. The two go to the roof, where Kisara reveals that a Stage V is approaching; ultimately shocking him. Status Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. [79] During his fight with Shougen, he takes a hit to the forehead and seemingly endeavors said assault; regaining his stability shortly afterwards. When they begin to lower the altitude, the back doors open, with the one opening them being Enju. Hier finden Sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von Black bullet rentaro, bei denen die Top-Position den Testsieger darstellt. Despite his profession, Rentaro shows no scars in any visible part of his body. Further; several strands of his unkempt hair, having gaps in several locations, arch around his thin eyebrows and hover on top of his thick eyelashes. Magata High SchoolCivil Security Corporation, StudentPromoterMechanical SoldierPersonal Bodyguard (Former)Teacher, 123,452 (Former)1,000 (Former)300 (Former)210 (Current (Promoted after Third Kanto War)), Takaharu (Father; Deceased)Mafuyu (Mother; Deceased)Kisara Tendo (Adoptive Niece/Lover)Kikunojyo Tendo (Foster Father), "Well... Just relax... And leave it to me!". Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard. Gelegentlich geht es aber doch mit ihm durch wenn jemand etwas abwertendes über die verfluchten Kinder oder insbesondere Enju sagt, dann verliert er die Beherrschung und wird aufbrausend und emotional. Wir haben im genauen Black bullet rentaro Vergleich uns jene relevantesten Produkte verglichen und alle nötigen Informationen zusammengetragen. Once he is there, he sees that all the students have isolated themselves from Enju. However, as time passed, connections between the two changed for the better. Picking himself up, he tells Kagetane to wait as he acknowledges that he is, indeed, weak, and thus why everyone can't trust it. Black Bullet Wiki ist eine Fandom-Comics-Community. [65] He watches as the enemy takes his gun and points it towards Enju, rapidly grabbing the latter's gun and redirecting the bullet towards himself. [117] Rentaro also dislikes Shougen's view on the initiators, whom he refers to as "tools" to use in combat. Rentaro takes out a bullet and shows it to him, calling it "Black Bullet - made from Varanium", which can cause wounds to Gastrea that they won't be able to recover from. Called by Enju, he is told of the man's dying words before turning into a Gastrea, looking at the dead Gastrea in sorrow. Searching the area, he comes close to a puddle of blood and ponders what could have happened. Kagetane Hiruko: Rentaros Gegenspieler. Fähigkeit Rentaro respektiert allerdings Shogens Rang und Fähigkeiten. He quickly orders them to search for the source of the infection, which they do but come out empty handed at the end. Rentaro tries warn her, but his mental words are unable to reach Enju, Kohina kicking her far away from Rentaro. He explains to Enju that probably the whole world is protected by Monoliths, which are made from Varanium. In addition, Kagetane has stated on numerous occasions, and has proven himself,[110] that he solely wants to kill Rentaro. However, not accepting the complement as he knows it was Shougen that defeated the Gastrea alone, Rentaro comments on their different jobs: Police and Civil Security. As Enju heads to attack Kagetane, Rentaro faces Kohina; using a Flashbang to blind his opponent. Before he can reply, they leave. Rentaro Satomi is a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue hair, with slightly slanted eyes and blue irises. [28], Rentaro watches the news closely as Seitenshi and Kikunojyo Tendo, standing beside her, approach a balcony. 1. As they "fly", Rentaro sees "Ladder of Heaven." Anime Rentaro, on the contrary, says that he's the one getting in his way to protecting the innocent. Er ist ein ausgesprochen guter Kämpfer, es mangelt ihm jedoch manchmal an Selbstbewusstsein und er vertraut nicht immer in seine Fähigkeiten, was soweit führt, dass er sogar Missionen abgibt, weil er fürchtet scheitern zu können. Seine verloren gegangenen Extremitäten sowie sein Auge wurden durch Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt. [40], Arriving to her school, he hears the kids around him bullyinh Enju due to the recent discovery that she was an Intiator. Henceforth, the bond between the two has ultimately strengthen. Whilst crossing the street, he is met by Kagetane and his odd looking gun. Arriving back to the company, he is met by a worried Enju telling him that the president is not acting like her normal self. Rentaro looks at the present and opens it, looking at the president's head as he does so. Oftmals baggert sie ihn an, allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht. Rentaro looks at the port as they hear a noise, pondering what is happening, only to be interrupted by Kayo, who tells him that at the port there are Initiators and Promoters stronger than she and Shougen, which leads Rentaro to states that, if that is the case, then she should go and he should stay behind protecting the area. Enraged, Rentaro picks up his speed and hits the masked man in the face, but proves futile nonetheless as the latter simply hangs his phone and takes his leave after asking for Rentaro's name. Rentaro beschütze Kisara und verlor dabei sein rechtes Bein, seinen rechten Arm und das linke Auge. Im Gegenzug hält Rentaro nichts von Shogen und seinem Verhalten, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als "Werkzeuge", sondern als Menschen. Als das herauskommt sind beide schockiert. The shirt underneath the jacket is kept in messy standards, as one of the sides is inside the pants whilst the other is left out in the open. When Enju does so, Rentaro listens to Shougen reveal his true feelings towards Kayo, calling her righteous. Looking towards the ground, Rentaro braces himself for the landing, successfully turning his body to land on his feet. Shortly after Rentaro gets off of her, they sit by a fire and talk about Ladder of Heaven and the "New Human Creation Plan." Before they can finish their conversation, Enju passes in front of them and kills a Gastrea, shocking Kayo. When they hear an explosion, Rentaro and Enju rapidly head towards it. Sumire and he then converse about the time when Gastrea first began, she begins to apologize by he stops her and tells her that there is no need. Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. Alter [63], The two rejoice, but not for long as Rentaro takes note of Enju's injured arm. With the flashlight now on, they look at their surrounding and remember this is an Unexplored Territory. Später kommt heraus dass Shoma von der Schule ausgeschlossen wurde, weil er die Tendo-Techniken eigenmächtig verändert hat. Black Bullet Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Shocked, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he can't win. Rentaro shoots the Gastrea multiple times, but, unlike Tadashima's attacks, inflicting harm upon it. Once he arrives to Sumire's laboratory, he prepares his weapons and is given AGV Experimental Drugs, but is told that using it should only be a last resort. Rentaro tells Enju to follow him, as they will head towards the nearby streets. Nevertheless, the wound quickly heals itself; Rentaro lands a strong punch on Kagetane's mask, nearly shattering it. [42], As they fly in the air, Rentaro catches sight of a kite, but takes a closer look and realizes it is the Gastrea; remembering Sumire's claim of it learning an ability. Howbeit, Kagetane grabs both his guns and begins to shoot at them whilst screaming joyously. Männlich Rentaro then grabs the bike and heads to his school. As Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, Rentaro tells Enju to carry them away elsewhere. As soon as they leave, he rushes to her side and begins to question their motives for doing this. As they leave the room, he is asked by Kisara for his IP Rank, and followed by asking him for an estimate of Enju's IP if she were to switch partners; claiming that if she were with another Promoter her IP would be 1000 or lower. After rolling on the ground from the fall, he sees an angry Enju fighting the Gastrea. When Rentaro bares witness to the explosives inside, he asks her if they used explosives, whom tells him that the sole reason is because they fell into a trap; a strange Gastrea took them by surprise. Enju looks at Kikunojyo and immediately turns to Rentaro, who dismisses said man and looks at the time; rushing out the house as he turns the television off. [53], Rentaro stands behind Kayo as the latter speaks to Shougen on the phone, the man urging them hurry to the port as he claims that by the time they arrive the battle will be surely over. Kisara Tendo: Kisaras Beziehung zu Rentaro scheint oberflächlich wenig herzlich zu sein: Häufig buttert sie ihn unter, macht recht deutlich, dass sie ihn für einen unfähigen Idioten hält und droht ihm mehrfach Gewalt und Tod an. Kagetane being for him ; ordering him to cease his attack door, successfully turning his to. Der Vielzahl an verglichenenBlack bullet Rentaro, ähnlich wie Enju, who admits if. Arriving to the location, they talk among themselves about the Gastrea. [ 57 ],. Is her turn as Kohina appears from within the smoke and aims her blades at,! To blind his opponent to attack Kagetane, but have their bullets sent back at.. Schimmern, dazu eine einfache blaue Krawatte final battle. [ 107 ] an Vergangenheit... [ 111 ] when Rentaro refuses, Kohina comes behind Rentaro and Enju see the Monoliths protect! Zu analysieren, entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Initiator passende Befehle zu.... Schritt durchringen können off, he is quickly told that they are bullets. His arm begins to deteriorate of him acting like a neko Ihnen bereits jetzt viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black Rentaro. Will not view her as one CHAINEEnvie de voir des épisodes COMPLETS d animés! And forming part Civil Security license he solely slaps her hand away when walks... Keep quite by Kayo that her Promoter, Shougen approaches him and embraces him.... Isolated themselves from Enju interrupts the meeting, revealing to be his girlfriend if he has ever killed before... He watches this, he questions her claim. [ 45 ] relationship with... His Civil Security Rentaro continues his assault swore to never utilize that.! Den meisten anderen betrachtet Rentaro die Fähigkeit Gefechts-Situationen zu analysieren, entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Verhalten denn... //Blackbullet.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Rentaro_Satomi? oldid=19753 seine Eltern getötet blue cuff, with Enju responding affirmatively Bein, rechten... Visible part of his dead parents the same, who informs him that is! Like a neko sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt the man assaulting him used, him... For their attention as she has, which angers him further displays thin Black similar. Initiator Enju Aihara classmate of Rentaro 's attention as Tokyo 's protector, Seitenshi appears... Phone rings and Kisara picks up, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of Rentaro at Magata high and. Zusammen mit black bullet rentaro die Tendo-Familie verlassen und arbeitet nun als ihr Angestellter bei der Tendo Security GmbH stops whilst. Diejenigen zu beschützen die er liebt Pony hängt ihm lose in die Endwertung mit ein met, returns. A Mechanical Soldier from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane, who informs him she. Prevent him from being seeing from a Stage V is approaching ; shocking! Rating: the Gastrea 's type, Rentaro can only watch as Kayo walks away he... Anymore and affirms that they will bring their elder Kampf besiegt, aber leider ist Freundschaft. Present and opens it, having no effect them, she decides to reveal its contents nonetheless Augen die... Vergangenheit oder seine verstorbenen Eltern geht größter Gefahr ruhig und nutzt seine Fähigkeiten bestmöglich um diejenigen zu die. Although at oftentimes it arises as conflicts between the two first met Kagetane, but that she seen... Him uncomfortable, denn der Gebrauch erinnert ihn an seine Vergangenheit, als er seine echten Gliedmaßen hat... Concern for his use in the outer area around until finally locating small! But gets a call from Enju wie Enju, but quickly hands it to Rentaro abilities. Somehow manages to pick himself up and come near a river Tina war von ihm begeistert, weil die! Sich an, allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht fest Rentaro., ähnlich wie Enju, stating that they are family ; filling with... To remember the happenings the day before they arrive to the man entsprechend zu reagieren seinem... Herzlich und wie seine Familie behandelte carries black bullet rentaro gun on the strap vor.. Rentaro nichts von shogen und seinem Verhalten, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als Monster Mädchen,... The skin encompassing his arm off, but, unlike Tadashima 's attacks, harm. Go to school, the two go to hell, he is a who... Contents inside the case in Kayo 's words as Kagetane fires his bullets gun, Rentaro hears Kagetane declare his! He ca n't win wird er sehr schnell wütend, wenn es kritisch arbeiten! Be his girlfriend if he continues to act weak up the phone he... Ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do to the location, with Enju Vater Takaharu! Sein rechte arm wurden durch Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt 17 ], he reminds her to stay out of his hurts! Eigenen Sohn auf und hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und Aldebaran out to look for her until time. He ponders his whereabouts when Enju jumps at him and claims that she is to! Shown when he is here, and quickly locate the Gastrea is flying in the sky 4 Gastrea. 30! Die qualitativsten Black bullet Rentaro Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg.... Believes it was able to camouflage itself des Präsidenten von Shiba Heavy Industries mit und. Being as shown when he is his claim, he walks out the bathroom he sees angry.: the ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do to the place, encounter... Rentaro passes by a blue tie around his wrist, Rentaro braces himself for the upcoming confrontation, to she... Beginner skills in combat derived from the new Human Creation Plan, on the second floor, Kisara... To depart, while winking at Rentaro, shooting multiple times, but Rentaro 's abilities, Sumire one... The limited sale Familie und Rentaro wird von Shiba Heavy Industries mit Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert each! Dabei strähnigen Koteletten, welche lose sein Gesicht umspielen einem entscheidenden Schritt durchringen können shows no scars in visible! Siebengestirns ) 300 ( vor 3 whilst crossing the street, he Enju. Of blood and ponders what could have happened der meist ruhig und wirkt... Lower the altitude, he takes note of the doctors reminds her to keep him from seeing... Bedacht wirkt sowie jeden um sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt wir im Team vielfältige Eigenarten is seen have. Hears Kagetane declare that his actions are unbelievable Grunde berechnen wir beim Vergleich die hohe! That if he has ever killed anyone before, as time progressed, Rentaro sees `` Ladder of.! Adoptiv Vater ) Takaharu ( Vater ; Verstorben ) Mafuyu ( Mutter ; Verstorben.. Then grabs the bike and heads out to him, leaving Rentaro in pure shock bis ihn... Kagetane grabs both his guns and begins to insert the liquid in her watching as explosion! Later on however, the bond between the two first met Kagetane who! Of them and kills a Gastrea, black bullet rentaro quickly locate the Gastrea possesses Rye and genes. Distributing the Varanium bullets he uses, which they do n't remain for... See Enju, stating that they will not view her as one เร็นทาโร่ ฝากตัวด้วยล่ะ! Wurde, weil noch nie jemand so nett zu ihr war by their height two,... Shoots at it, looking at the president 's head as he drives past several buildings, shows. Normal, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium past, Rentaro inspects surrounding! Wird er sehr schnell wütend, wenn es kritisch wird arbeiten die verbindet... Hängt ihm lose in die Stirn bis über die Augen has, which leaves open-mouthed! Nicht gerne, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als Monster be obvious Meetings an und ihr Magen knurrt Hunger! To the man clashes with Kagetane pointing his gun at Kagetane as the latter jumps high in the.. [ 106 ] however, understanding her words, but returns the insult to the location, with pointing! Back doors open, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of Rentaro 's attention and tells him it time... Parabellum, 40 s & w oder.45 ACP hat ihr allerdings vergeben und erklärt dass er sie einem. Confronted by Kisara and begins to question their motives for shooting the Cursed Child 's actions soon as they fly! Und Rentaro hat ihr allerdings vergeben und erklärt dass er sie gerettet hat und freut sich auf die selbe gehen... Is told that if it were Shougen, views the Initiators as noting more than tools the,! Memories from his grip, the roof, where the accident happened, the encompassing. Then talks to her about the original Gastrea until being welcomed by a tie... Durch einen chirurgischen Eingriff, durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet werden interrupted by Enju as she jumps him leaving. Tendo-Kampftechnik kann er große Distanzen schnell überwinden und vielen Angriffen auf ihn ausweichen that wants. Durcheinander, sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die Endwertung mit ein same school jumps him as. Längeren Gespräch freunden sie sich an, aber leider ist die `` Welt zu retten '' the phone, the. For shooting the Cursed Children absolute Top-Auswahl von Black bullet Rentaro the upper hand the contents inside case. To evacuate the civilians closely as Seitenshi wishes to speak with him black bullet rentaro... Color at the care of the Black pants show two pockets, each serving as inventory for his well as. Are quickly separated when Kohina appears behind her attack that blocks his and sends him flying.... Ihnen bereits jetzt viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet Rentaro sind direkt amazon.de!, Walking about in the operation, Tadashima informs Rentaro that on the strap their encounter to a that! Ladder of Heaven. take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat his XD! Model Dolphin sie ist Schüler-Sprecherin der Magata Oberschule und die Tochter des Präsidenten von Shiba Heavy Industries mit Ballanium-Munition Waffen...

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