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Many different GC algorithms: generational, concurrent, parallel, mark and sweep, etc. Concurrent/ parallel programming 1. It turns out that concurrency is a nat- ural consequence of the concept of objects. •Parallel programming is necessary –For responsiveness in user interfaces etc. –The real world is parallel •Think of the atrium lifts: lifts move, buttons are pressed •Think of handling a million online banking customers –For performance: The free lunch is over •It is easy, and disastrous, to get it wrong Parallel languages to be examined will likely include Linda, NESL, and Cilk, as well as newer languages like X10 and Fortress.We will explore POSIX threads, MPI (message-passing), software transactional memory, SEDA (event-driven programming), and non-blocking synchronization in C and Java, among other topics.We will also discuss how to debug and reason about these programs. Parallel programming carries out many algorithms or processes simultaneously. PROFESSOR: So, the next part, today's going to be about concurrent programming. sary for programming in the large. C11 standard tries to solve two main issues in C parallel programming: the need for a portable Hardware exception handlers, processes, and Unix signal handlers are all … One of these is multithreading (multithreaded programming), which is the ability of a processor to execute multiple threads at the same time. Frees the programmer from having to free memory manually…whichisgoodasitavoidstricky bugs. IT University of Copenhagen 2 Plan for today •Performance and scalability •Reduce lock duration by lock splitting •Hash maps, a scalability case study –(A) Hash map à la Java monitor C11 is the new ISO C standard since december 2011. Concurrent Processes David Goodwin University of Bedfordshire Introduction 4 Con gurations Programming Threads Operating Systems What is parallel processing? Trade‐off Concurrent programming By- Tausun Akhtary Software Analyst Ipvision Canada Inc Source : Apple Documentations and Internet Research 2. Concurrent and parallel are effectively the same principle as you correctly surmise, both are related to tasks being executed simultaneously although I would say that parallel tasks should be truly multitasking, executed "at the same time" whereas concurrent could mean that the tasks are sharing the execution thread while still appearing to be executing in parallel. So, if you want to get parallel, you'd better get the concurrency right first. 2/7/17 HPC Parallel Programming Models n Programming modelis a conceptualization of the machine that a programmer uses for developing applications ¨Multiprogramming model n Aset of independence tasks, no communication or synchronization at program level, e.g. Wikipedia: Concurrent computing Link: Multithreaded Programming (POSIX pthreads Tutorial) Link: The Secret To 10 Million Concurrent Connections … In fact Simula, the first object-oriented language, simulated a simple form of concurrency using coroutines on conventional architec- tures. Parallel and Concurrent Programming Introduction and Foundation Marwan Burelle Going Parallel Threads Using POSIX API A Word About C11 Locking techniques C++11 Threads And Locks API What About C11 ? two or more CPUs are executing instructions simultaneously Because parallel programs will have the same correctness issues. This general phenomenon, known as concurrency, shows up at many different levels of a computer system. web server sending pages to browsers So in this lecture we are going to study concurrent programing with the emphasis for correctness of programs. Learn what is parallel programming, multithreaded programming, and concurrent vs parallel. JVM uses many different GC algorithms, often concurrent and parallel, invoked periodically to collect memory unreachable by your program. Concurrent Programming Concurrency describes the concept of running several tasks at the same time. Practical Concurrent and Parallel Programming 6 Riko Jacob IT University of Copenhagen Friday 2018-10-05. Concurrent Programming As we learned in Chapter 8, logical control flows are concurrent if they overlap in time. Parallel processing (also called multiprocessing) situation in which two or more procesors operate in unison i.e. Current development of con- current object-oriented programming

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