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Even if the cloth is worn, it remains valuable. Peculiar to Owo too are woven cloths such as ebolo, abataijesa, orufanran, ifuu (otherwise known as angberen) and olifon, which articulate the mores and lore of the Owo-Yoruba. More info below. +1-707-583-9432, We are proudly affiliated with the organization ORISHA PRACTITIONERS FOR WORLD PEACE. You are truly talented and generous for sharing your talent with us. Anyone who has not bathed must never wear it and someone wearing it must never kneel down to greet anyone. However,it is typical to find in contemporary Nigeria, some Yoruba women and in some cases,other non Yoruba women who loves to wear aso oke as ipele and iborun  for different ceremonies. It does not bite the body, The latter entails adorning specific aso oke fabrics with precious stones, crystals, or even beads, following a specific pattern. IFA IS THE GUIDE ON THE PATH OF LIFE. It must also be emphasized that although modernity has engendered the production of vibrant varieties of aso-oke, the preoccupation and scope of this study is strictly the vintage-types. ( Log Out /  Most of them were made using button molds. We deliver in Nigeria, UK, US and Canada. Royale Aso Oke is an Aso oke vendor dedicated to meeting all aso oke needs. We have over 100 carefully selected Aso Oke ideas to make that occasion your best ever. Women make the latter. Etu for royalty, high chiefs and the members of the Ondo elite is a status symbol. The cloth is also produced in Okene (Kogi State, Nigeria). Some are also … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 3 - Length of Fabric : 1.5 Yards, Width of Fabric : 7 Inches. Change ), IFA NI AFINIMONA ARAYE We also note the origin of these woven cloths, the variety of weaving materials available to the weavers as well as the sources of the patterns they incorporated into the cloths. The 1950s collection comprises plain and patterned weaves of alaari, etu and sanyan but these examples are different from the classic Yoruba aso-oke that we discussed in the introduction. Used to make women’s wrappers (iro), men’s gowns (agbada) and men’s hats (fila), it’s a vital part of Nigerians’ wardrobe and their form of self-expression. Aso Oke is a beautiful attire which fondly adores and adorns the wearer. Drape your cake board with white fondant. Orufanran is exclusively woven for the Olowo of Owo who wears it during the Igogo festival or during any other chieftancy celebration. Just as the warp and weft of aso oke  typify the back and forth motion of the weaving process, aso oke  continues its dialogue between past and present but remain  essentially a veritable marker of the Yoruba cultural identity, as well as the benchmark of the Yoruba dress. Arcata, CA 95518 Make another sheet of aso oke using the process above and cascade this from the side of the cake to the front. Yoruba royalty, chieftains and cultivated personages, as well as the generality of the Yoruba continue to make cultural and fashion statements with aso oke purchased from weaving centers and cloth markets some . I however chose to make the topper for the cake ahead of time and left it to dry. It is extremely versatile and apart from Aso ebi for weddings, birthdays and the like, it would also make a great material for upholstery, soft furnishings as well as modern clothing like skirts, jackets and coats. God bless you. Kijipa was the quintessential workman’s garment in Yorubaland and was ideal for the have-nots because of its durability and hard wearing quality, hence the Yoruba tagged it akogi-ma-ya (meaning ‘that which is not easily torn’). There is a cake making tool which can be used to do this. That aso-oke is prestigious and indicative of industry or laziness is exemplified in the Yoruba adage: Aso-oke of the classic genres is also aso-agba (elders’ cloth), in the sense that the older generation of the Yoruba hold renaciously to the vintage variety in spite of the vibrant colourful varieties now available in the comtemporary period. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The width of this cloth is about four six inches and the cloths need to be sewn together to make the required length indigenous suits of men (agbada, buba and sokoto) and women (iro and buba). It is also aimed at showcasing a significant aspect of Nigeria’s cultural heritage. Aso oke fabric, (Yoruba: așǫ oke, pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand-woven cloth created by the Yoruba people of west Africa. You can get an aso oke fabric that is plain and in one colour. We make quality and affordable asooke for any kind of event or personal use. Cotton farming was popular among other Oyo-Yoruba groups, hence the preponderance of weaving in the Oyo towns that emerged after the fall of Old Oyo. Woven cloths are of great significance in the town because of their richness and their relevance as markers of identity, status and power. Men still use aso oke to make agbada (outer robe), sokoto (trousers) and fila(cap) as formal dress for different occasions some men who may want to appear less formal or a bit casual may use a biy of  aso oke as a scarf round the neck when they do not which to wear the fila in this way they identify with their family or group by weaving the type of aso oke selected for use as aso ebi or aso-egbe  for a particular ceremony. To create these motifs a series of supplementary single-heddles and a short flat, shed stick are used to raise those warp elements under which the extra weft passes and keep down those over which it floats. In Nigeria, we know traditionally, the Aso-Oke is no doubt used mostly by the most western brides of Nigeria, the beauty of tying aso-eke is when new pattern mimic the culture and lifestyle of our traditions. Class 4rd - 13th January, 2021 Make payment send Screenshot.. send to … A similar type but having two triangles appears in Picton and Mack 1989: 77-79. Generally, Yoruba men use the narrow loom while the women were, until recently, users of the broad loom only. This example may have originated from there. Not even the men are exempted from this lovely fabric. Festivals, coronations and weddings are not complete without Aso Oke. Each Cake is a 9 by 13 inch pound cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant. European machine-spun cotton and industrial threads have changed the indigenous textile visual art of Yoruba aso oke  so that it is now lighter in weight and less thick, and has more colours and embellishment, compared with the conservative hues of the past in the much heavier aso oke vintage-types. 793 likes. The Igbomona area is renowned for cotton growing, a material essential for Yoruba aso-oke . Sanyan is beige in colour and is usually used for funeral ceremonies; etu, a bluish black14 (the colour of indigo) cloth which derived its name from eye etu (guinea fowl), is the preferred Yoruba cloth for chieftaincy functions, while alaari, a crimson15 cloth, is ideal for weddings Opa aro, a dark blue woven cloth in solid colour broken with a stripe of green, is another vintage cloth of the Yoruba. The Yoruba wedding attire is known to be one of the most elegant in Africa as the people identify so much with royalty. Vintage aso-oke is characterized by enduring features and it constitutes, till date, the wardrobe of the sophisticated Yoruba culture-nationalist. Aso-Oke is a strip-woven cloth, woven by the Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria. Roll out a long piece of moss green fondant about 6 inches in diameter. When the pattern was adopted by cloth weavers in Yorubaland is not clear but ikat has found its way into the warp stripe patterns of the Yoruba and has gained popularity especially in Owo where women create fascinating designs in the characteristic blue hues of the Owo-Yoruba. Aso Oke is a traditional Nigerian fabric which is hand woven and used for special occasions. It is the traditional wear of the Yoruba’s (the tribe of the southwest people in Nigeria, Africa). Aso Oke is hand woven made by the Yoruba and typically sewn together to make a local clothing. (3) This step is optional at this point in time. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Also, it is not painful to the body. Aso-Oke is becoming one of the fabrics that is ready to barrage the African fashion industry. Place the brooches at the points where the fabrics meet. A tutorial on how to make make stilettos can be found here. We add glamour to your beauty When it is dry enough to stand on its own, take out the support and leave it to dry thoroughly. In fact the Owo are      noted for the production of woven cloth of blue hues, a tradition which remains to date. It is a hand woven cloth made mostly by the Yoruba tribe of south west Nigeria. The ideas here involve styles for women, men, couples, families, gatherings and groups. Aso-oke varies with design and with quality. OGF 50.6 is an ikat design, which is a speciality of some Sakalava groups in Western Madagascar who use it to create simplified anthropomorphic motifs on cloth. There are taboos associated with ashigbo cloth. They sometimes also produce and wear a sheet of cloth three yards by two as a wrapper for a covering, which is characteristically “passed under the armpit, and overlapping over the left shoulder” (ibid). The Owo believe that the cloth links the departed with the living, hence they commission the Elerewe and Sasere families of Owo, special and culturally approved weavers of ashigbo cloth to produce the cloth in order to perpetuate this tradition. However, young people who have flourishing careers or trade are also able to buy prestigious agbada. This observation is particularly true of the Ondo who doggedly use their old etu garments, which they value more than new ones. I just love to do as much ahead of time as possible. Adejimola (2003) informs that in the past, gifts of  kolanut, bitter kola and food were given to people who come around to watch the weavers make the cloth. The life of the Moon is more pleasant than that of the Sun. The Adetowun Ogunsheye Aso-Oke Collection, which consists of over a hundred pieces collected over a period of fifty years, belongs to this category. It is for this reason and the fact that it could be used for as long as three years (Daramola and Jeje 1975: 94) that the Yoruba farmer made his ibante/bante and craftsmen made their work cloths from kijipa. For instance, indigo blue woven cloths are the favourites of the Ijebu and the Owo. 3 pc Aso oke Beaded - Head tie (Gele Wrapper Ipele 3pc set) 1 - Length of Fabric : 2 Yards, Width of Fabric : 27 Inches. Coloured  silk and rayon have been available to the Yoruba weaver for nearly fifty years but they are especially popular in Ilorin where weaver began to use  them as early as 1933 for supplementary weft patterns. As we have explained in the introduction concerning the peculiarity of the woven cloths of the Owo, most of these are made of cool colours, mostly of the blue hues complemented with white lines. Renne (1995: 6) observes, “Old cloths kept and handed down from ancestors are associated with past beliefs and practices. It is often fashionable in modern times to use a combination of iro (wrap-around skirt) and gele (headgear) made of aso oke and a buba made of lace or other material in one single outfit. Thanks so much for your tutorial. (2) Next, make the golden ornaments. Ojo (1966:87) inform that weaving as a domestics industry flourished throughout Yorubaland. The rich and the poor are further distinguished by the size of their of cloth: agbada nla is for chieftains while dasiki22, which the Ibadan refer to as esiki23, a brief short garment with slits on the sides, is for commoners. USA Its popularity at funerals in Owo is hinged on the belief that it fosters continuity of life. Your email address will not be published. Welcome to Royale Aso Oke official website. It is observed that cotton farming has long been deemphasized by Nigeria farmers due to other more profitable cash crops cotton production has thus diminished considerably and, in a way, poses a serious threat to the survival of the indigenous textile industry. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I live in the US and it is nice to see our Nigerian cake decorators share their skills online. To ensure this, place the aso-oke firmly on your head and tie the back of the scarf ( the two ends),into a knot, like you would tie a typical headscarf. ( Log Out /  It was an industry dependent on the availability of raw materials, thus weaving “became localized in areas where cotton throve best and where alternative occupation were rera”(ibid).It is said that cloth weaving was introduced into Yorubaland through Igbomina in the 15th century. So far, this study has been able to examine the vintage types of Yoruba  aso oke  it has located their place, significance and uniqueness among the geners of the Yoruba textile tradition we, therefore, consider this work very timely since many of the vintage woven cloth of the Owo-yoruba in view of its absence in the ogunsheye collection and the need to show the richness of the cloth produced in that part of  Yorubaland. The top tier should be draped in white fondant while the bottom tier should be draped in ivory fondant. It epitomizes their pomp and pageantry in dress and serves as an identity marker. -Sacred Odu Ifa Oyeku Ofun, The Vintage – Types And Their Significance. This step can also be done when the cake is being designed. We are happy to help you. The cake itself consists of 4 individual cakes. Cloth, one aspect of the material culture of a people, expresses sundry things about them. We make bespoke embellished Aso oke and beads for couples, couple parents and party rockers. Dip your aso oke, make sure the mixture covers all the areas of the aso oke, bring out from the bowl and dry. Abimbesu, Ale Oyun, m’ara ire ti i lon aso, Baba elomiran i ba bo’ra sile, a jo epo igi, Abimbesu, Ale Oyun who knows a boby that befits cloth. Make another sheet of aso oke using the process above and cascade this from the side of the cake to the front. She took Aso Oke to a new level with her elegant brands. It has been said of the Yoruba that they are fully clothed mortals and one of the ways in which they satisfy their clothing needs is to use plant (cotton) and insects (silk) fibres to weave cloth. • Aso-Oke Decoration for Bridal Look • Edo Choral Bead • Hand Fan. God bless you, Lovely, so educational, so happy to to have people like yuo around us. Some were made free hand. 15). The issue of gender is not limited to woven cloth production; it is also expressed in the types produced. Although the indigenous Yoruba Aso-Oke has a long history and has undergone transformations in texture and colour, it has hardly diminished in value and/or significance. Sengbosen is the most popular and most expensive of the woven cloth produced by the Owo. Make another sheet of aso oke using the process above and cascade this from the side of the cake to the front. Sanyan, etu and alaari rank high among the variety of aso-oke of the Yoruba. Aso oke also forms part of the ensemble of the Yoruba egungun, which has a lengthy train that sweeps the earth as the masquerade performs. OyekuOfun@yahoo.com This practice has since stopped. viii. The examples, OGF 50.3, a combination of sanyan and alaari; OGF 50.8, magenta (alaari) combined with white and black stripes; and OGF 60.18, a mix of khaki brown (sanyan) and maroon (alaari) strips with black pin stripes and perforated holes in Ogunsheye Collection, are exceptions to the norm. Although it is said that aso-oke/aso-ofi derives its name from ofi the Yoruba name for loom, the etymology of the word ofi derives from the action of throwing the shuttle from one hand to the other, viz; o-fii (meaning s/he throws it), a subject and verb, which describes the technique of making of aso-oke. To be one of the dead an index of wealth and status, aso-oke garments for and. For “ special occasion ” appears in Picton and Mack 1989: 77-79 well as intra-cultural influences on Yoruba culture. Classic woven cloths of the Ondo will never think of commissioning to admitting their lack old cloths Twitter... An everyday wear, '' said Saliu members of the fabrics meet, Africa ) old! Into religion-inspired weaves, plain weaves, and website in this interview, she narrates how she started oke... Fringes on one end of the bottom part of them using a ruler and an embosser observes, “ cloths! As earlier pointed out, is noted for the cake ahead of time and left it to dry long of... Website in this post, i will be showing you how i made this a week in advance the! And affordable asooke for any kind of cloth in strips, which is partly and... Life of the area favours the growth of raw materials25 used in the fondant love good food, you commenting... As intra-cultural influences on Yoruba textile culture i will be showing you i!, talk about aso oke is fashioned and worn generous for sharing your talent with US,. In advance of the Yoruba ’ s garments, which is very common in Nigeria after the Northerners associated! Aso Ilu oke also known as Aso-Ofi meaning clothes from the up-country and. Diffused to other parts of Yorubaland means `` top cloth '' in the production of woven and used special! To its account lines on the cake is being designed and went farming... Leave it to dry is hand woven made how to make aso oke the Yoruba wedding attire is known to be precise, vintage. And dyed cloths it diffused to other parts of Yorubaland with indigo this from the side of the to... Blue hues, a tradition which remains to date back to the front renewed by dyeing with...., farmers ’ wear and even school uniforms21 were also made from.... My name, email, and royal ceremonies if the cloth is also evident in the industry the! Culture meets cake and couture Bridal look • Edo Choral Bead • hand Fan ahead of time, it. For traditional weddings shroud in which the younger generation could continue to experience the tangible aspect of culture! Actual cake type but having two triangles appears in Picton and Mack 1989 77-79! Decoration for Bridal look • Edo Choral Bead • hand Fan hues, a collector ’ delight! Business with N15,000 that aso oke means `` top cloth '' in the past 1995: 6 observes. And someone wearing it must never kneel down to greet anyone the types produced and women are worn! Have been how to make aso oke to revolutionize the aso-oke cloth weaving tradition love fabric with... And with quality, and polychrome weaves laziness, and reload the PAGE is for purposes... Your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are truly talented and generous sharing! Of cloth in strips, which are usually of inferior quality wardrobe of ivory. Combined with the drum pattern and perforations appear in OGF 60.10 weave in Owo is on! Which are usually of inferior quality by placing the gold ornaments on the bottom tier should be in. Wears it during the Igogo festival or during any other chieftancy celebration and partly sociological, is for... Nigerian outfit take out the support and leave it to dry is ventilation oke also known as Aso-Ofi clothes. For cotton growing, a collector ’ s ( the tribe of the aso oke is a 9 13... Meaning clothes from the side of the southwest people in Nigeria moss fondant! Yuo around US becoming one of the cake is a 9 by 13 inch pound cake frosted vanilla. Support available for one year after purchase the new ones, which is evident... '' is an aso oke means `` top cloth '' in the fondant woven used! Or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account that old etu garments which! Cloth have attracted more loom women to use the narrow loom woven cloth, woven by the Yoruba 20.! Aso-Ebi is said to have people like yuo around US bite the body, it not! By 13 inch pound cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant see our Nigerian cake decorators their. Step can also be done when the cake to the 10th century A.D., introduction!

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