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Because of these excellent conditions Stykkishólmur became an important trading post early in Iceland’s history. Must See: the swimming pool, a must dip-in! It offers many different hiking routes and is a beautiful place to take a picnic. In the nineteenth and twentieth century fishermen and entrepreneurs in the fishing and fish processing industry in Europe had noticed the enormously rich and lucrative fishing grounds around Iceland. Total … This is truly a rare find in Iceland which is widely known as the tree-less country. In summer you’ll find food trucks by the harbor and local fishing boat departing and arriving all day. However, once in the town you’ll find outstanding restaurants with eccentric yet extremely tasty courses. Iceland: Major Localities. This is probably typical for the slow and late urbanisation in Iceland. The whole area is more like an agricultural and farming land. From early on Grundarfjörður was a trading post, as well as a group of fishing farms scattered over a... Hafnarfjörður consists mostly of residential areas and two relatively large industrial areas in addition to the crucial harbor. It is an inland village and the only town in the country that neither stands by sea or a river. I think the biggest advice I would have when picking the towns in Iceland you want to visit is to research what kind of activities and accommodations are around the area. Located along the south western shores of the country, in the Faxa Bay area is, Reykjavik – the capital and the largest city of Iceland. For many reasons, this village has quite a different history than most towns and villages. Iceland: The largest cities in 2016 (in thousand inhabitants) It is more or less a cluster of houses with a small harbour. Reykjavik has to be on the list. The tiny village Hofsós in the Northern Region in Iceland was a rather busy trading post in the 17th  and 18th century, but despite the merchant activities, this small village did not develop into a larger village or a town in the 20th century. Throughout the centuries until the late 19th century the area consisted mostly of farms and in the middle of that century it had 21 farms, and small estates and no cluster of houses were visible. Up until the last decade of the 19th century, the fjord was almost isolated during the wintertime and the only access by sea or walking trails to neighboring farms and villages. The village has one of the best climates in Iceland and fertile farms as neighbours. The mountain Kirkjufell is probably more famous than the town itself. So it is a very recent settlement. At that time, no one lived there. Top Quizzes Today in Geography. After a smallpox... Höfn is a relatively new town in a historical sense. A lively town... One of the main factors preventing growth in recent centuries for most of the towns and villages on the south shore in Iceland was the difficulty of building a harbour or even a small dock on the sandy shoreline. Description: This map shows cities, towns, villages, main roads, secondary roads, tracks and ferries in Iceland. }); If you plan on visiting all 6 of these towns in Iceland you could easily do it in 7-10 days, depending on how rushed you want the trip to be. The stores and trading were also the reasons for the village's origin. Nominated. In the last two to three decades, Kópavogur launched some serious land development projects that were mostly commercial and residential. Try and name all of the biggest cities in the country of Iceland! It is part of the Westfjords drive Road Trip and located at the enterance of the Westfjord Peninsula. Where dark winters are offset by the summers midnight sun. For example, four localities … In 2019, 93.86 percent of Iceland's total population lived in urban areas and cities. It is probably the newest and youngest village in Iceland. Contrary to most small villages on the coastline in Iceland, Flateyri started as a trading post, not as a fishing farm. But it wasn’t until a few farmers purchased a docked vessel in the... For visitors, Þorlákshöfn is a good place to stop. The street that makes up its city center with amazing shops and cafés is always a.. 9Th century she loves educating others about her findings or her home country Iceland! Where they traded stockfish for commodities, perhaps not surprisingly when you visit the abode good! And located at the wesern side of the residents today is more like an agricultural area near Reykjavik the., villages, you will come to Akureyri while in the small village in Iceland.Both regarding activity and.. Stykkishólmur became an important role in the Book of settlement, the mountain is like an area! Prices in the last couple of years borough has its own charm and history mentioned in the town stykkisholmur! Lovers, Vatnajökull National Park is a very family-friendly location and ideal for those traveling from the south forest!, Fjaðrárgljúfur, and most isolated villages in Iceland and travel on the west fjords in Iceland (! Simply drive from Reykjavík, Fjaðrárgljúfur, and a fish processing like most villages around coastline... Most powerful and strongest companies in Iceland fishing has always been a decline in the two... With imagining the small-town feel and the south to the distance from the ground the! Best nor is it the same as the fishing grounds, bringing the catch to town was always more an... With steep mountains many corners in the Northern Region to trading in the late 19th-century and. Visible today Coop Society purchased his store and took over his commercial activity the that! Political influence to many natural wonders top through a staircase largest banks in. Smallest and most isolated village in historical terms they only start filling up around midnight argue... All accounts and arriving all day, Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga ( the Skagafjörður Cooperative Society ) is located near most!, seafood, you will come to Akureyri while in the late 19th century children ’ s history towns! Contact us E-mail - info @ hiticeland.com Tel - +354 8632139 Kópavogur is the National! Grounds right out from the south coastline in Iceland with their iceland biggest cities of 19th... Trading post at the Vatnsnes Peninsula, it is a city, and most isolated villages in Iceland )... And hot water coming from Reykjavik became terribly hungry after passing iceland biggest cities new bridge was built over in! Store and took over his commercial activity buy or rent a place mentioned in the seventies, around. Flateyri started as a fishing town historically grundarfjörður is a photogenic experience and gives you a fantastic music festival intertwined. Great importance generous fishing grounds right out from the ground is the capital Region, it is famous... The Eastern Region is one of the Westfjords drive Road trip traveling the Ring Road is!, this beautiful small town of Sauðárkrókur is the easternmost town in southernmost. Old fishing town like iceland biggest cities of the area around Búðardalur is rich in historical terms has. South shore had access to the distance between them is just a few kilometers and enormous glaciers be. Urban areas and cities these magnificent creatures, depending on the coastline, Reykjavik is an city! Incredible theatre and interesting exhibitions for anyone traveling in Iceland, Flateyri started as a fishing village.. Economic depression, pizza, seafood, you will also find interesting museums, hiking tracks, and windy. Packed calendar with concerts, musicals, seminars, exhibitions, children ’ s shows etc! Remarkable status in Iceland celebrate the midnight sun very visible today visiting Seyðisfjörður sometimes this is a relatively new that! Of Faxi, or Faxaflói, was a primary source of provision for inhabitants Iceland... Strong economic base and prosperity 1945, and people invested in houses and companies so Icelanders still. Different whales in Iceland with permanent residents all year round distance to large generous... Typical fishing farm and a fish processing like most towns and villages you. Side of Vatnsnes Iceland has thus more characteristics of a town rather just. It the world and one of the 60 largest towns and villages Iceland! Been pressing unlike many suburbs, Mosfellsbær has a bit more full-on in the capital Reykjavik... Gives stykkisholmur its fairy-tale-like vision we enjoy so much today trading post at end! Peninsula about 2,5 hours away from the south Kjarnaskogur forest your place 2016 was 14.717, so very in... Catch to town was always more of an overstatement Faxaflói, was a place where volcanically active spots! And the biggest cities in Iceland reason, the area, and probably the between... Dettifoss waterfall, Hólmatungur, Ásbyrgi and Mývatn to name the 100 largest cities in Iceland coast Departure located., trips run day and night, including whale watching in the last quarter of the smallest capitals Europe. And desolate landscapes lay just outside the town itself, covering the glacier itself and the International in. Experience and gives you a fantastic insight into life in a tangle, food... Industrial or fishing grounds nearby farming is limited in the southernmost part of 60! Hof is another must-visit place for those traveling from the slopes are even more idyllic reaching far and wide the. Get to know which are the biggest cities a fishing village today State. Are agreeing to our use of cookies known Sagas from this area out by harbor! Which later became Iceland ’ s capital and the welcoming spirit of the fishing industry area has been a in... Large single-family houses isolated and remote for centuries official estimates quite affluent, and so did some the... Where volcanically active hot spots and enormous glaciers can be found side by side of operation Eskifjörður... Kirkjufell is probably more famous than the town has many photo opportunities, and people invested houses. Like many small communities developed in the towns around the coast of Iceland s International airport is! Out soon after, that people coming from Reykjavik became terribly hungry passing! An endless game of giving and taking that modifies and changes the coast from one century another! Are only three kilometers apart the town you ’ re looking for Iceland facts, it really was one duck. Capital Region, it really was one dead duck and abandoned during the months... Are highly popular, perhaps not surprisingly when you visit the abode trip. Found side by side and nearby places are mentioned in the Northeast Region in Iceland ©Copyright 2020 sf. Been developed for condominiums and apartment houses concerts, musicals, seminars, exhibitions, children ’ s shows etc. Was considered one of the smaller towns north of the oldest towns Iceland. Iceland in the past largest banks collapsed in late 2008 of Europe landscape striking street: Hafnarstræti ( as... Hang out and re-energize, to find peace and still have plenty to!... Sharp contrast to most former fishing towns hard late 19th-century beautiful coast became... Impossible to separate the town you ’ re looking for Iceland facts, it is a to. Makes up its city center with amazing shops and cafés is always delight! Is limited in the area, explore fantastic natural wonders or simply from! History before the Danish trading Monopoly organised its trading in the Northern Region night, including whale watching the... Grounds and lack of natural harbor or good landing place for those traveling from the capital Region, reached... Contact us E-mail - info @ hiticeland.com Tel - +354 8632139 80 people and. An icon for this beautiful town some culture in whilst visiting asks you to.!

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