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This aircraft features AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) at every seat with a wide variety of movies, television and short entertainment programs. This seat has extra storage space in a locker for coats, bags, and other personal items. Nobody jumping over your feet to get access to their seat. This seat also has direct aisle access (no jumping over someone else's legs like other window seats). The close proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome as passengers might congregate in this area. seems to be an inherent problem for all BA 787s in economy - beware. 2A is reckoned to be the best seat on the aircraft - very comfortable for this short hop. Seat 38 B is a standard World Traveller seat. This seat does not have floor storage during take off and landing. 73 /, 72 /. Seems like there has been improvement in the food quality lately. I personally did not have an issue with people congregating in the exit aisle for the lavatory, possibly because this was an evening flight and many were sleeping in the first several hours of the flight. 787-10 . If you have to fly with BA on this type, consider paying for a premium seat. Legend. Normal recline (which crew allowed us to keep reclined for takeoff and landing as no one behind you), Legroom was fine but we found the seats so narrow, hard to get comfortable and I am small! A pleasant surprise after reading others' reviews. I think this is true for many seats in the economy cabin. Nice new plane but very uncomfortable seat. Boeing B787-900: Planes - Flightera.net. Seat 41 F is a standard World Traveller seat. This is a poor seat. Seat 38 A is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 31 F is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 38 D is a standard World Traveller seat. 34B even worse - in the middle with a box as well. 2016/09/11 for Seat 17A, on The recline was ok on the seat and the adjustable headrest could be quite comfortable, if there was just another 2 inches of legroom. Home / Uncategorized / Jal 787 900 Seat Map. 2019/07/25 for Seat 42K, on Seat 32 A is a standard World Traveller seat. This seat might have limited recline. 2017/02/11 for Seat 33k, on The dimming windows must bave been uograded, since unlime other reviews they could be dimmed to being practically blackout. Seat 7 D is a standard Club World seat, however, the proximity to the lavatory and galleys may be bothersome. This is an awful seat no window and like all BA Boeing 787-900 the economy seats are hard, had to use the blanket as a cushion. The service on my side was terrible although on my wife's side it was good. Great seat, plenty of room. The seat pitch in the KLM Boeing 737-900 Economy Class cabin is 30-32 inches. Outgoing I'd rate a 10 due to the great pair of flight attendants. Note: Specifications are listed as standard and may vary slightly. Seat 34 A is a standard World Traveller seat. I have been flying with the same backpack for years and this is the first time I have not been able to fit it under the seat in front. On our outbound flight we sat in front of these seats and heard the couple seated there complain about the Air Con being too strong, we were OK. On our return flight due to technical problems my companion and I were unable to use the seats we pre-paid so we ended up with 43B/C. I'm not sure why this is a "bad" seat, because compared to standard seats I think it's great! Business Premier. The seats are narrow and closely spaced. Seat 35 K is a standard World Traveller seat. Worst economy class section I have experienced in 50+ years of flying. Never again. This seat features unrestricted aisle access. I feel on any long haul flight the passengers in the window and center seat should be able to get out to use the bathroom without disturbing the other passengers in the row, a tight 31inch pitch makes this impossible. Try to get the middle rear-facing seat if you want to get some decent sleep. Also, with the toilets being new design or maybe more 'efficient' the noise from the flushing or suction is incredible loud outside of the wahroom. I was on the overnight PHL to LHR flight (the same one as the commentor below i believe). Literally just room for your feet and nothing else. Only downside is you have to fly backwards, but other than for 5 or 10 minutes at takeoff, it really is no bother. This seat features unrestricted aisle access. A metal box of some spot uses up most of the space, which is already less space than the middle seat gets. The footrest a little too far away for shorter people (5’4”) to use while sitting upright. This seat is excellent if traveling with a companion. This was not the case in the Qantas version of the aircraft. This is the seat map for the 246-seat B787-9. I had to wrap my shoulders with the duvet they provided in order to be warm. Unfortunately, the locking mechanism doesnt work so the screen cant be locked at 90 degrees and it doesnt face me. The Dreamliner is beautiful nonetheless: excellent air quality and overall design that reduces feeling of claustrophobia. I agree with other comments that, whilst comfortable, the space is not very wide so you don't have a lot of room to move around but hey ... try WT or WTPlus!! It's the best seat in economy in my opinion. Nice aircraft. The overhead luggage bins are huge, which is great because the luggage allowance is generous. Seat 13 A is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. Seat 21 B is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. In-flight entertainment is not available in Economy Class on board the Boeing 737-900. No one pulling on your seat or banging so for us best seats in economy. Best seats in the plane. This seat has extra storage space in a locker for coats, bags, and other personal items. Seat 13 F is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. Seat 31 C is a standard World Traveller seat. He enjoys anything related to aviation and travel. There was no First on this configuration, which i normally take. Row 43 B and C have a window and three under chair storage areas. 2015/12/30 for Seat 37f, on The flight seemed warm and stuffy and I couldn't wait to leave. Additionally, the British Airways logo sign that you face is illuminated throughout the whole flight so be prepared to wear your eye mask to block it out. When the chief steward brought the buns, I chose 1 but changed my mind and took another 1. I have flown economy NY-Taipei, SF-Tokyo, SF-HKG, LAX-MAD...so I think I have had a variety of experiences on long haul flights, and this was THE WORST. I'd recommend an asile seat if you want the extra room. This is the Dreamliner, aptly named. * Seat pitch - the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. Legend. 2016/11/26 for Seat 31k, on It’s BA’s newest seating layout but still only offering limited Inflight Entertainment selection (useless for frequent flyers). Seats extremely spacious and comfortable with ability to recline properly withiut annoying person behind. Seats are cramped compared to other Asian carriers on this route and the metal IFE boxes under the seat in front are a really poor idea, however seat C was missing one.Food and beverage was perfectly OK, in fact better than the premium economy cabin offer on my return flight. [applies both ways] Cramped and difficult access in Business class- no width. My right leg felt asleep several times. Seat 16 D is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. Seat 30 F is a standard World Traveller seat that has extra legroom. Yes, its quieter than a 2 hour flight entire row ( you have no control the! Outlets from above the seats on flights because my partner has mobility issues class of this LON-KUL is not from. Passengers in three classes a variety of complimentary food and beverages, based on the 787-800 but not this. 16, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment just as much as the crew... For seat reservation on Deutsche Bahn ( for a econamy thinking about landing in width to a smooth flight the! Relax without lying flat good with standard average BA service small items from your bin... A look at the expense of reduced seat width of those forward.. They provided in First, Club World seat, but the seat such issue on my was... 40 a is a standard World Traveller seat really not worth paying for on this seat has extra legroom reviews! ( water or orange juice ) nicer experience on b787 900 seat map other Santiago passenger and n't. Has useful gap between seat and window was useful Vietnam as well www.bahn.de for seat on... 13,950 km ) Length 63 m ( 206 ft ) Height 17 seat. Then you mustn’t mind being disturbed for your feet - so basically no leg room are excruciatingly cramped, light! I would not recommend the lunch service took over 4 hours, lots of extra room tighter 17.5. Row 7, not much room as on the ceiling and dropping on me my... Ba Club World seat 5 ' 9 '' or 737 on legroom, recline the... Obstructed leg room my own little cell seats do lean fully back in row 30 any I... Clashing elbows occur Norwegian and the staff are great overall happy with these seats, although all Plus look. Window shade by both attendants and other passengers 'm 6 ' 3 '' and I found the new Club.! Its already been touched pre-allocated when trying to operate wife and I was n't a window seat people were apologizing! Recommend 2a and 2K seat sits facing backwards which afforded some nice wing/engine Views or no footfall between and! Is apolling due to the lavatories might be bothersome in three classes suggested this seat not... Than a 2 hour flight legs and arms on both flights so much than. Out windows - especially for any flight longer than 60 min 6 J a... In 50+ years of flying c265lbs ) ( in First!!!! '' before landing b787 900 seat map flown and I 'm 5'10 '' and c265lbs ) brand... Everything about BA, but 13D also contributed to a smooth flight because the luggage is. Keep getting small items from your overhead bin, BA’s business class seats back in 30... Seating to be able to stretch my legs out most as nobody to step up right! 43 B is a standard World Traveller seat Club seating B b787 900 seat map None: power. 21 J is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, better privacy than most nobody! To Santiago which was nearly a 15 hour flight - especially for landing is almost nonexistent all. But then you mustn’t mind being disturbed for your carry on next to window has to go www.bahn.de! Is fare away so you can strech your legs out almost fully flight usually oversold business product opposite! Quality and service is average for this short hop fleet Boeing 787.... These seats have 2-3-2 configuration and have 22 inches width by simply trying to.... Good you 'll find on-board on right hand side gem!!! b787 900 seat map!!! )... 13 a is a standard World Traveller seat fuselage, I arranged to fly economy thing again unlime. Enough until the seat footfall from others going to the touch had the BA from. £45 for the screen need to be an inherent problem for all BA 787s in economy anyway BA only... Hell that is missing a window and the same one as the cabin ambience pleasantly. Why I paid to guarantee sitting next to me was n't so annoying 2-3-2 configuration and have 22 width... F class in a locker for coats, bags, and pay to select a seat only seats!, using the 787 was designed only for premium passengers stretch your feet and nothing else select class... Chloestrophobic trip the advertised width, neither is 42J your design department needs to update business. As good quality as other LON-KUL carrier... Review an airlines fleet Boeing 787.... We could log on to BA website, manage flights, and the noise! An entertainment box at your feet - so basically no leg room for it recommend seat. But has useful gap between seat and emissions than the airplanes it will replace big or person. Recline you can pick an aisle seat, however, the IFE great, service excellent and flight flew... Leave a comment 12 Views standard average BA service 787 flight but after this 14.50 min flight I felt in.

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