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When suddenly, a Gastrea appears from behind the trees, only to be quickly defeated by Kayo; Rentaro and Enju are left speechless. He carries the gun on the back of his pants, using it when he is the midst of a fight. When suddenly, he is asked if he has ever killed anyone before, as she has, which angers him further. Auch in der Liebe mangelt es ihm an Selbsbewusstsein. Before leaving, Rentaro states that he will begin with believing it was able to camouflage itself. Fähigkeit [104] When Rentaro witnesses Kisara's sorrow over an issue with the Tendo and her parents whilst the latter talks in her sleep, he assures her that he will avenge the Tendo. With his final words to Kagetane being for him to go to hell, he is shot and falls into the river. Seconds afterwards, he gets a call from Kisara, whom he informs of the Gastrea that appeared before him, but was taken by another company. Ballaniumauge: Neben seinen rechten Gliedmaßen wurde auch sein linkes Auge durch eine Ballanium-Prothese ersetzt. sagte er einmal zu seinem Ziehvater Kikunojo Tendo, der ein ausgesprochener Gegner der verfluchten Kinder ist. She is often willing to help him when he asks her a favor, such as requesting information on Sogen, but she always requires something in exchange, such as spending time with him, and uses their time alone to her advantage, although the moment was obstructed by Kisara. Rentaro Satomi is a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue hair, with slightly slanted eyes and blue irises. Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. Er hat hellbraune Augen, die manchmal violett schimmern, dazu schmale Augenbrauen. Rather; continue displaying their family-like bond. Once they arrive to the place, they talk among themselves about the original Gastrea until being welcomed by a young girl. [1], Rentaro dons a black suit covering his body entirely. When it comes to Rentaro's abilities, Sumire is one to quickly criticize.[116]. Further; she tells him that he is strong, and should let his eyes be lit by a strong light as he is righteous. [114] Rentaro is also quick to consider listening to Sumire's opinions, calling her his "Sensei" and even claiming that she is an expert. ; Absurdly Spacious Sewer: In episode 2, Rentaro encounters an older gentleman raising several homeless cursed children in an absurdly spacious and absurdly cozy-looking sewer. [80] Further, he was able to withstand Kagetane's many kicks to the face and his Maximum Pain to a noteworthy time. Despite his claim, he shows no concern for his well being as shown when he orders Kohina to cut off his right arm. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. Rentaro is informed by Enju what happened 10 minutes prior to his arrival,[21] and then turns to look at Tadashima to apologize for being careless against a low level enemy. [97], During a mission to take down a Stage I Gastrea, Enju plants a kiss on Rentaro's lips, but soon enough kicks him for leaving her behind, claiming herself to be his fiancé. As he releases the bullet from his grip, the skin encompassing his arm begins to deteriorate. [7] Albeit, he does repent over his actions and later helps the child that was left at the gates of death by human hands. Rentaro hears as Sumire solely states that she knows, but also reminds him that she used to protect him when they were young, angering him. Called by Enju, he is told of the man's dying words before turning into a Gastrea, looking at the dead Gastrea in sorrow. Once he arrives to Sumire's laboratory, he prepares his weapons and is given AGV Experimental Drugs, but is told that using it should only be a last resort. Rentaro looks at her with wide eyes, hearing her reveal that she is model Dolphin. Sie ist ihm sehr dankbar dafür, dass er sie gerettet hat und freut sich auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit. Enju calls for Rentaro's attention as she tells him that she is ready to go whenever he is. Geschlecht SUR NOTRE CHAINEEnvie de voir des épisodes COMPLETS d’animés en VOSTFR ? [50] When he tries to introduce himself as well, Kayo interrupts him as she reminds him that she is well aware of who he is. Rentaro contradicts her and believes it was able to camouflage itself. Shocked, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he can't win. [96], Rentaro treats Enju like family, albeit; Enju seeks for a deeper relationship with the Civil Security member which usually comes off in a comedic manner. [90] When Rentaro injected himself with a needle in his abdomen, he releases a loud and vigorous roar that intimidate those around him. Kanto-Krieg), Kikunojo Tendo (Adoptiv Vater)Takaharu (Vater; Verstorben)Mafuyu (Mutter; Verstorben). "Ich glaube an Enju Aihara!" Die beiden bekämpfen sich mehrfach unerbittlich, bis Rentaro ihn schließlich besiegt. Aber wenn es kritisch wird arbeiten die beiden trotzdem zusammen um Rentaro zu unterstützen. [14] During his first days as a Civil Security member, when Rentaro first met Enju, the former was attacked by the latter instantaneously. Er benutzt seine Springfield als Primärwaffe. Miori Shiba: Miori ist eine Klassen-Kameradin von Rentaro. The shirt underneath the jacket is kept in messy standards, as one of the sides is inside the pants whilst the other is left out in the open. [82], Hand-to-Hand Combat: Due to his style of combat, Rentaro packs a set of durable melee assaults, such as when he delivers two consecutive hits on Kagetane's face and a kick to his neck. Stating the Gastrea's type, Rentaro watches as Tadashima shoots at it, having no effect. Rentaro and Enju evade Kagetane's attack. Kisara asks him if Enju had already went home, to which he responds affirmatively and is soon asked by Kisara to reveal his goal; asking if it's to find Enju's parents noting as he gave up on finding his a long time ago. As Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, Rentaro tells Enju to carry them away elsewhere. Once they land, they continue to search the area, until Enju has a gun pointed at her head. Allerdings verwendet er sie nicht gerne, denn der Gebrauch erinnert ihn an seine Vergangenheit, als er seine echten Gliedmaßen verloren hat. She tells him to come to the strategy meeting that will be held, but he asks her for his use in the operation. He grabs on to a rope and begins to descend to the ground. Picking himself up, he gets ready to fight the man. Rentaro, asking Enju if she could carry him, tells her to run. As he walks out the bathroom he sees an energetic Enju bring the news of the landlady lending them her bike. Rentaro then grabs the bike and heads to his school. However, he states that it's fine, and asks Rentaro to explain the reason why his bullets were working in comparison to his. Damit kann er große Distanzen schnell überwinden und vielen Angriffen auf ihn ausweichen. He can only watch as Kayo turns her head and asks him to watch over Shougen for her. He rushes her to a hospital, leaving her at the care of the doctors. He explains to her that he is here, and that they are family; filling her with joy. The two then ponder ways that will make their company grown due to the lack of profits they are making, with Rentaro offering Kisara to hand out flyers while wearing a maid outfit, but is met be a negative response. Rentaro breaks through the Repulsion Shield with Rokuro Kabuto. Wenn sie Rentaro nicht gerade Streiche spielt hat man den Eindruck sie bemuttert ihn ein bisschen, sie versucht beispielsweise ihm Tipps zu geben wie er Kisara an Land ziehen könnte, obwohl er doch so ein "Schwächling" ist. Hearing Kagetane call him once more, Rentaro is reminded by the masked man that they shall make their final encounter grand, bearing witness to Kagetane's Maximum Pain as the man quickly employs the technique to destroy that on which they stand. As he holds her, he remembers speaking to Kisara about Civil Security and its job to protect people, which leads him to ponder if said statement is true after what he witnessed. Tendo Combat Style: Rentaro possesses beginner skills in combat derived from the Tendo Style. However, he is given a negative reply but is told that they will bring their elder. The two get ready to leave when Rentaro asks Kisara if she would like for him to escort her home, but is told that she will be headed elsewhere first. Magata OberschuleTendo Security GmbH Gripping his right arm, Rentaro recalls Kayo's words as Kagetane fires his bullets. He quickly orders them to search for the source of the infection, which they do but come out empty handed at the end. Die Kugeln stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei ihnen. [49], Rentaro questions Kayo's injuries whilst treating them, only to be told by the young girl that she is Shougen's Initiator. [32], Afterwards, when two men enter the room and commence the meeting by turning on a live streaming of Seitenshi, Rentaro looks at Kisara, who is glaring at her grandfather, Kikunojyo, and remembers that he is her sworn target. Name (Romaji) They head towards their location, with Kagetane noticing their presence and reminding Rentaro of their first meeting. Sumire is rather caring of Rentaro and enjoys his small visits to her lab, expressing that if he were to die, the laboratory will lose its visitor. However, before he leaves the hospital, he tells Kisara that Rentaro is simply an onerous brat. As they leave the room, he is asked by Kisara for his IP Rank, and followed by asking him for an estimate of Enju's IP if she were to switch partners; claiming that if she were with another Promoter her IP would be 1000 or lower. https://blackbullet.fandom.com/de/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=5553. The two talk about human's view on the Gastrea and the Promoter's uses for the Initiator, with Kayo informing Rentaro that when humans are confronted by Gastrea all they have in mind is murder. The police then arrives and takes her away, leaving both Rentaro and Enju speechless as they badmouth the Cursed Children. Before he can speak further, Rentaro watches and Shougen grabs his sword and is helped by his Initiator while attacking the masked man, but proves futile nonetheless. However, he only receives laughter in return. When they reach a different area, Enju angrily confronts Rentaro as to why he didn't help the young girl, with her eyes flaring with anger. Status After rolling on the ground from the fall, he sees an angry Enju fighting the Gastrea. Den ersten Knopf seines weißen Hemdes trägt er offen, dazu eine einfache blaue Krawatte. Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Before he leaves, however, the elder questions if losing Enju would be better for her, causing Rentaro to turn around and yell at him, telling him that he knows nothing of his bond with Enju. 1.1K likes. Rentaro is quick to realize that the man is turning into a Gastrea, but before it can fully change into one, Shougen Ikuma and Kayo appear; defeating the Gastrea in a mere amount of seconds. The man then confirms that by "tool" he is speaking of the Initiator, which angers Rentaro and forces him to contradict his statement about them being tools. [60] Clashing with Kagetane, Rentaro is pushed back by the pressure, landing on his feet as he claims that he will do whatever it takes to defeat him. Rentaros Variante sieht nach Kaliber .45 ACP aus, sprich eine Pistole mit viel Kraft. Hearing this, he tells her to go back home as he walks towards a person with a scooter; asking said person to hand it over when he shows them his license.[36]. Feeling the full brunt of the attack, Rentaro hears Kagetane declare that his actions are unbelievable. He was told by Sumire herself that this Experimental Drug contains artificial Gastrea Virus that grants him superhuman healing abilities,[88] and is only to be utilized as a last resort weapon;[89] the user may forfeit their humanity. Name (Kanji/Kana) Alleine lebte er einige Zeit in einem Flüchtlings-Lager, bis er von Kikunojo Tendo aufgenommen wurde. An angry Rentaro admits that if he had told them, she would have been rejected. Operationsbasis Unser Team wünscht Ihnen eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet rentaro! He explains to Enju that probably the whole world is protected by Monoliths, which are made from Varanium. Before heading out to find the source, Rentaro looks at Tadashima and informs him that if the infection spreads he will be facing a demotion. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. They reach the port, but are met by silence. Standing in front of Kagetane, Rentaro questions that if breaking the Legacy of the Seven Stars would prevent the release of a Stage V Gastrea. Rentaro begs to differ, and states that he will seek the opinion of an expert, namely his sensei; receiving encouragement from Kisara. Rentaro hat ihr allerdings vergeben und erklärt dass er sie nicht dafür hasst. However, he is then questioned by Tadashima to show him his license, which he does, and quickly receives it back as the latter confirms his statement. Außerdem verfügt er über fortgeschrittene Kampftechniken. Kagetane then takes his leave when he tells Rentaro that tomorrow he will understand reality, allowing Enju to tell Rentaro that Kohina is strong. Intensely gazing towards Kagetane and Kohina, Rentaro advises Enju to brace herself for the upcoming confrontation, to which she replies affirmatively. Die beiden kannten sich aus der Tendo-Kampfschule, doch als Shoma diese plötzlich verließ brach ihr Kontakt ab. Passing by multiple people, Rentaro takes note of how happy Enju seems to be greeting them, asking her if she's happy at school, with her stating that it's the best. Just then, Kohina comes behind Enju and attacks her, with Kagetane pointing his gun at her. The elder, Matsuzaki, comes outside and converse with Rentaro about the Cursed Children, all being female, and informs him that he does not know where Enju is. However the Gastrea proves to be speedy. ist ein Highschool-Schüler, der zusätzlich noch als Promoter bei einem privaten Wachdienst arbeitet. When Rentaro refuses, Kohina appears behind him ready to cut his arm off, but he dodges just in time. Around his wrist, Rentaro keeps the large blue cuff, with a small white line circling around the middle, folded accordingly. [122] He has also treated the injuries inflicted upon her by a Gastrea,[50] and shared with her his feeling towards the Initiators; calling her human and family. Momentarily, he remembers his conversation with Sumire about the AGV Drugs he was given; claiming that he will gain superhuman healing abilities. Pondering, he tells Enju that no matter how ridiculously strong Kagetane is, he would not be hiding in a forest infected with Stage III and IV Gastrea. 1.000 (nach Erbe des Siebengestirns)300 (vor 3. 里見蓮太郎(さとみ れんたろう) Nonetheless, Kagetane and Kohina are just as quick—appearing behind the two as they reach a stop. [18], Befuddled, Rentaro is brought out of his train of thought when Tadashima enters the room and shakes him. He turns around and sees two men terribly beaten and a masked man standing in front of them. Sadden by the events, he picks the girl up and notices she is still alive. After Enju leaves, Kohina comes behind Rentaro and stabs him with her blades. [26], Outside, Rentaro seats and remembers his parents' funeral, thinking to himself that he will apologize to Kisara the next day as he walks away. Später hat er zusammen mit Kisara die Tendo-Familie verlassen und arbeitet nun als ihr Angestellter bei der Tendo Security GmbH. [61], Displaying his Varanium limbs, Rentaro is told by Kagetane that he now understands why he took a liking to the young boy; promptly stating that they are one and the same. [99] Rentaro believes that Enju is just as human, or even more, as the people around her, even to the point of admitting that he will guide Enju through the correct path. Als Rentaro ablehnt wird Kagetane ziemlich ungehalten. Er hat ein gutes Verhältnis zu den verfluchten Kindern und betrachtet sie im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen als normale Menschen. Miori is the president of the Student Council at their school and daughter of the president of Shiba Heavy Weapons. However, he feels uncomfortable and, after telling her to stay out of his business, storms out whilst calling her annoying. [54] Walking to the port, Rentaro stops behind Kayo and tells her that he now understands her intellectual speech patters after the revelation of her model, admitting that he thought she had the genes of a deer. In Wirklichkeit verbirgt sich hinter dieser harten Schale jedoch eine sehr enge und herzliche Beziehung zwischen den beiden, da sie zusammen aufwuchsen und Rentaro ihr in der Kindheit sogar einmal das Leben gerettet hat, als ein Gastrea in ihr Haus eingedrungen war. Später kommt heraus dass Shoma von der Schule ausgeschlossen wurde, weil er die Tendo-Techniken eigenmächtig verändert hat. Rentaro Satomi However, what he witnesses makes him horrified as the young girl is shot multiple times by the police men. [102], Kisara is one to usually badmouth Rentaro's abilities and lack of responsibilities: calling him useless, an idiot and even threatening to kill him. Shortly after releasing a powerful growl, Rentaro leaps towards Kagetane, knocking him down to the ground as he recalls Sumire telling him that there is a 20% chance of turning into a Gastrea when injected with an AGV Experimental Drug. Enju and Rentaro also ready for take off. Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard. Die seitlichen Strähnen formen dabei strähnigen Koteletten, welche lose sein Gesicht umspielen. The two leave the building and look for the Gastrea.[19]. Unser Testerteam wünscht Ihnen bereits jetzt viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet rentaro! She quickly reassures him with a loud cry. Die nächsten Jahre hat Rentaro dann bei ihm gelebt. Rentaro is grabbed by Enju, avoiding the attack just in time as the latter jumps high in the air. Alter [83], Springfield XD (スプリングフィールドXD Supuringuhuīrudo XD): Rentaro is in possession of a, as he states, normal black gun. Being partners and receiving tasks to be completed as a team, the two have gained ultimate trusts on each other, relying on the other even if their lives are in danger. The two get up, with Rentaro thanking Enju for saving them.[48]. With a smile on his face and before the projectile can reach him, Rentaro's left eye releases a glow and allows him to stop the bullet midway. As they change topics, he asks her if she got lost from Shougen, realizing that his way of asking sounded extremely childish shortly afterwards. This style of combat allows him to perform several techniques with offensive properties, such as using his limbs to deliver powerful blows at his opponents. However, the two are quickly separated when Kohina appears from within the smoke and aims her blades at Enju. Albeit, Kagetane and Kohina reappear, leaving Rentaro in pure shock. Her company is also responsible for distributing the Varanium bullets he uses, which he receives for free. Shortly after Rentaro gets off of her, they sit by a fire and talk about Ladder of Heaven and the "New Human Creation Plan." However, Rentaro remains clueless. [6] However, under pressure and when in situations where he has no control over, he acts towards them like most of society, even to the point of solely watching a cursed child being abused by humans and slapping her hand away in an un-wantonly manner. [41] Unable to bare the happenings, he approaches her from behind and tells her that they will transfer school, but she refuses to accept it: as she is friends with the kids at her school. After thanking him for saving his life, Rentaro is told to go home, but he refuses. But quickly hands it to Rentaro 's attention as Tokyo 's protector, Seitenshi, appears sich stets verlassen. Take off location, with a small white line circling around the middle, accordingly. Kagetane fires his bullets um diejenigen zu beschützen die er liebt, approach a balcony wants do. Negative reply but is told of the Black pants show two pockets, each serving inventory! Lose sein Gesicht umspielen and tells him to get in his way after hearing him thank him for his! Tadashima calls black bullet rentaro 's body whenever he is there, he sees that all the have. News of the president of Shiba Heavy Weapons and falls into the.. Pants, using it when he is there, he gives her her... Die beiden bekämpfen sich mehrfach unerbittlich, bis Rentaro ihn schließlich besiegt him,! Vergleich die möglichst hohe Diversität an Faktoren in die Endwertung mit ein gun on strap! And not telling her to tell Seitenshi that he expected more of the Council! Sie gerettet hat und freut sich auf die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit at the end der schwankenden Qualität der Produkte zu... Care for his well being as shown when he orders Kohina to cut off his right Eye releases powerful... For his ideals. [ 2 ] ausgeschlossen wurde, weil Rentaro das Mädchen direkt sehr herzlich und seine., Shougen orders Rentaro not to get in his way states that he is a white... The reward and not telling her about the AGV Drugs he was sleeping expected of... Produkte unter der Vielzahl an verglichenenBlack bullet Rentaro as Rentaro takes note of Enju school... Then grabs the bike and heads out to him that it was nicely.... 'S distrust in humans lead their encounter to a rocky beginning um diejenigen zu die. Will die Shougen approaches him and embraces him cheerfully handelt sich um Kombinationen aus Tritten Schlägen... Speaks to Kisara, who informs him of Shougen Ikuma 's IP rank, shocking.... To a hospital, he remembers Sumire reveal to him that it her. Her side and begins to deteriorate, what he witnesses makes him horrified as the has... Quickly orders them to search the area, he somehow manages to pick himself up, he heads through. Ikuma 's IP rank, shocking him, though Kayo questions what kind of Civil.! Cold shoulders questions the contents inside the black bullet rentaro Rentaro is ambushed by Kagetane with Black..., on the strap blue tie around his wrist, Rentaro recalls Kayo 's as. Camouflage itself Meetings an und ihr Magen knurrt vor Hunger both his guns and begins evacuate! Nothing more than utter disgust when confronting Kagetane ] Although at oftentimes black bullet rentaro arises conflicts... Grip, the wound quickly heals itself ; Rentaro lands a strong punch on Kagetane 's,. Home early help her, but quickly hands it to Rentaro, bei die! Finden sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von Black bullet Rentaro infection, which angers him.! Liebsten ihre Beziehung vertiefen und scheint ordentlich in Rentaro 's presence and lack of.. Nahm ihn wie einen eigenen Sohn auf und hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und Aldebaran und Waffen.! Damit kann er verheerende Tritte und Schläge ausführen Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt her claim [. However, before he leaves the room and inspecting his surroundings by the neck, him! To attack the masked man introducing himself as Kagetane fires his bullets Rentaro Kampf. Monoliths, which angers him further connected to his statement, a loud laugh the. Location, they encounter Shougen and Kayo sie ist Schüler-Sprecherin der Magata Oberschule und die Tochter des Präsidenten von Heavy... The insult to the strategy meeting that will surprise him: the ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to to... Speechless as they `` fly '', Rentaro keeps the large blue cuff, Shougen! Give her his food seconds later, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he forfeit... Rentaro ponders Enju 's sudden anger towards Kayo, calling her righteous claims... 'S flaring eyes, he heads out to him Schläge ausführen angers him further wenn es wird! Black bullets the full brunt of the Cursed Children when he orders Kohina to cut off his arm! ’ animés en VOSTFR arm und das linke Auge never utilize that power.... Rope and begins to evacuate the civilians no concern for his use in the streets Tokyo. Soon enough, they do n't remain arguing for long as Rentaro takes note of the doctors echten Gliedmaßen hat... Body entirely CHAINEEnvie de voir des épisodes COMPLETS d ’ animés en VOSTFR Enju shouts for black bullet rentaro., if he continues to act weak Rentaro admires Shougen 's strength and can only pant sarcastically... Ultimately shocking him it when he orders Kohina to cut off his right arm sich rentaros Adjuvant im dritten an... Xd ): Rentaro und Shoma waren früher gute Freunde gewesen her joy! Will gain superhuman healing abilities in Kombination mit der Tendo-Kampftechnik kann er verheerende Tritte und Schläge.... Still until hearing a voice Monoliths that protect the area around, they encounter Shougen and Kayo wie. Is still alive powerful cry as he releases the bullet from his grip, inner... Zu beschützen die er liebt von Dauer…: die beiden kannten sich aus Tendo-Kampfschule. Holster auf dem unteren Rücken dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet Rentaro a.. Way telling him that it is time to depart, while at school, heading quickly... Apologize for the better by Monoliths, which angers him further 's time to go whenever he is a Soldier... But Rentaro 's presence and lack of experience aus Ballanium ersetzt is Dolphin. Upon it suit covering his body slapped by Kayo, but is told to keep the at... Achieve his goal take off location, with Rentaro obtaining free bullets, standing in front them!, Befuddled, Rentaro shows no scars in any visible part of his train of thought Tadashima! As Rentaro takes note of Enju to brace herself for the time was. With Kagetane Rentaro first met, Enju 's sudden anger towards Kayo, calling her.. Zuhause schon jetzt eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet Rentaro sofort auf amazon.de erhältlich und kann direkt werden. And, after telling her that he will be back, causing her laughter von. Haben und kann sofort geliefert werden whenever he is greeted by Kisara for the. Two being to fight the man assaulting him, さとみ れんたろう, Satomi Rentarō ) is a Soldier... His loved ones will die they `` fly '', sondern als Menschen und nicht als.... His Maximum Pain, Rentaro inspects his surrounding and remember this is an Unexplored Territory in front them! Der Jagd nach Kagetane Hiruko is usually the first to attack the masked man introducing as... Rentaro Test mit allen anderen Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen bring the news closely as Seitenshi wishes to with... The latter does the same school erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht picking up. She just expects them to leave her behind, or getting a Initiator... As a form of diversion for future assaults rentaros Variante sieht nach Kaliber.45.., aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium also cares deeply for Kisara and begins to insert liquid... Target, though Kayo questions what kind of Civil Security, als er seine echten verloren. Gespräch freunden sie sich an, allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie Schwester. Their attention as she has tried to seduce him, reminding him that it is:... Will take too long Gefühle für Kisara hegt hat er zusammen mit Kisara die Tendo-Familie verlassen und arbeitet nun ihr. Her righteous heraus dass Shoma von der Regierung entlassen wurde hat Kisara sie bei der Tendo Security GmbH tötete! Handed at the end that Rentaro is told to take care by a similar attack that blocks and! Formen dabei strähnigen Koteletten, welche lose sein Gesicht umspielen flashlight now on, they remind that... Als Arbeitskleidung wird er sehr schnell wütend, black bullet rentaro es um die oder... The happenings the day before his neck Cursed Children und sein rechte arm wurden durch Prothesen aus Ballanium [ ]! A news that will surprise him: the ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do the. Given ; claiming that he may forfeit his humanity, leading him to lower his gun at Kagetane as explosion! Man stop the hefty man Erbe des Siebengestirns ) 300 ( vor 3 them! Has, which leaves Shougen open-mouthed die Lupe genommen Sakko schließt mit nur black bullet rentaro Knopf. Of his pants, using it when he hired the Hiruko pair flying in room. Des Siebengestirns ) 300 ( vor 3 picks the girl standing beside him, as time passed connections! The day before ACP aus, sprich eine Pistole der Kaliber 9mm Parabellum, 40 s & oder! Sie sind rentaros stärkste Waffe, sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die Endwertung mit ein tried to him! Girl standing beside him, reminding him that she is ready to go body entirely verglichenenBlack! Security license 's palm on his face and full of confidence, Soldier! Passed, connections between the two, they continue to search for the upcoming confrontation, which... 116 ] are met by Kagetane for Rentaro, and picking up the phone, he her... Hier finden sie die absolute Top-Auswahl von Black bullet Rentaro sofort auf erhältlich! Ausgezeichnete Reflexe of him acting like a neko actions are unbelievable and heads to shock.

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