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3 … 4. Nov 29, 2015 - Avatar the Last Airbender: Zuko and Sokka - Zukka (Slash). Katara: *face palms*. See more ideas about avatar the last airbender, zuko, the last airbender. Zuko: From now on, we’ll be using code names.. Zuko: You can adress me as Eagle One.. Aang: *scoffs*. Zuko would know if Sokka was currently seeing anyone, and he wasn’t. Zuko makes him tea, rubs Sokka’s leg, because he knows the cold occasionally makes Sokka stay up all night in pain. Sokka/Zuko. Sokka accidentally walked out on them kissing and Aang was embarrassed. He just digs his elbows into his thighs and buries his face in his hands. After being initially struck by the Avatar who came at him riding a Penguin , a short brawl between the two ensued, but Aang ultimately surrendered in order to protect the villagers. In terms of character dynamics in the beginning, I see Mako being a bit like Katara in being the love interest, Bolin is like Sokka as the funny guy, and Asami had the potential to be like Zuko in that she could have been an enemy who joined their side later, even though … They’re in college in the same year because Sokka is smart as hell and got in a year early. There it was. Sokka: I wrote down all the plans we shouldn’t try again. Add to library 777 Discussion 55. Jan 7, 2019 - Avatar the Last Airbender - Slash Pairing - Prince Zuko and Sokka - Ship: Zukka. Zuko: Suki is “It Happened Once In a Dream”.. Suki: Excuse me? Sokka was shocked when I said we’d rescue Zuko. oopsie MY MASTERLIST. The character was voiced by Dante Basco and portrayed by Dev Patel in the live-action film adaptation. Finally one week before Zuko’s departure he gets his sleep schedule in check, and boy is Sokka grateful for that. The characters of Avatar The Last Airbender seem a lot older than they really are. However, it is also known that … this is for your headcannon night? Students find their wedding pictures online and shows it to him and still Zuko is like “nah, can’t be me”. Zuko: ‘Suki jumping down a building, again’, underlined. ” by anon A/N: finally getting to the headcanon requests from the headcanon night i had, which i fell asleep right in the middle of. Aug 5, 2016 - Explore TheUltimateTeme's board "Sokka x Zuko" on Pinterest. See more ideas about zuko, avatar airbender, avatar the last airbender. Sokka is much better now and was trained by the uy who trained Zuko, who claimed Sokka to be his most worthy pupil. Going on such an emotional journey with Zuko leads Katara to open her heart. Iroh explained that Azula had captured Katara and Zuko. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. ! aka Zuko and Sokka decide to get fake married so Zuko doesn’t get deported, but they have to go through a weekend in Sokka’s hometown pretending to be a couple for his family before they can do it. [Zuko/OFC] [Aang/Katara] [Sokka/Yue] [Sokka/Suki] [Mai/Zuko] Chun is Aang's unofficial escort as he travels the world, attempting to learn the elements before summer's end. As soon as Sokka was settled, Zuko slid under the covers beside him, pulling his boyfriend in close. i really love your writing!! Zuko is the one trying to get Sokka to sleep for a change. Show more featured. Zuko: Sokka is “If I Had To Pick A Guy”.. Sokka: What the he-. Sokka didn’t hesitate before nuzzling into his grasp. He opens and closes his mouth a few times, but he can’t muster up a response. While Zuko does redeem himself, Sokka was always fighting the good fight. maybe how sokka or zuko is around your kids?? Sokka always complained that he got the "oogies" when he saw them together. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Family 2.5 Cargo 3 Canon 4 Children 5 Fanon 6 Fandom 7 List 8 Trivia 9 Navigation Zuko was the crown prince of the Fire Nation until he was banished by his father. If you like to visit place of my references in mind, I recommend two places, Kyoto,Japan (for the environment) and Beijing,capital city of China (for the buildings themselves). The cuddles helped, Zuko … Zuko (Dev Patel, left), a Firebender, the exiled prince of the Fire Kingdom who eventually becomes their ally. DAD!SOKKA AND ZUKO HEADCANONS. Sokka And Zuko. Code Names. Click the Zuko And Sokka coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). REQUEST: “hi!! Zuko: ‘Aang improvises a breakdancing number’, ‘Katara pretends to be a school counselor’. Sokka charged at him; however, possessing more fighting experience, Zuko required only his bare hands to counter Sokka's primitive weaponry and swiftly dealt with him. Sokka: It works like a charm but makes everyone uncomfortable. Sokka (Jackson Rathbone, top photo), the older brother of Katara, who doesn't have any bending powers. The Avatar the last airbender bromance that stole my FANGIRLING heart!!! Zuko: *reading* ‘Sokka tries to seduce someone then starts crying on command’. Aang and Sokka continued to work together in many issues, such as dealing with the Fire Nation colonies, helping Zuko find his mother, and dealing with the Earthen Fire Refinery. Avatar: The Last Airbender x F!Reader. Zuko flinched as Sokka swatted him, tilting his head towards the girl. Zuko: Katara is “Currently Doing That.”. Zuko, Sokka, and Katara each display moments of seriousness. Sokka kissed Yue as a spirit.. Before reaching the Northern Water Tribe, the trio encountered several other adventures, all the while being chased by both Zuko and his uncle Iroh, and Commander/Admiral Zhao of the Fire Nation navy. Find out the real ages of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko here! This isn't canon, like at all so, shut up. Zuko through and throughout rarely sways from his mission, whether it be capturing the Avatar in Book One, evading the Fire Nation in Book Two, and seeking his destiny in Book Three. Of course, his circumstances and where he was born are much different than Zuko’s, and he learned compassion much earlier on. In this image, fire nation is peaceful and green, red and yellow are main colors for fire nation's building, Sokka makes Zuko unhappy. I guess I was a bit surprised myself. He always wanted to stop suffering in the world and help those who needed it. “We’ll work together to fight Azula and save Zuko and Katara,” I said. Sokka and Zuko are roommates -and best friends- and they have been pining for each other for the past four years. The two of them watched in anticipation as the guard shot out a blast of fire, aiming it at you. It was quite a sight to see, the avatar being trained by the very person that used to be his sworn enemy. Okay so, recap. During a raid Zhao captures Zuko and Sokka. Zuko ain't so bad [zukaang] by Pomme Rose. It’s nearing the end of their final year and there are a lot of parties going on. He rarely expresses his humorous side or gets distracted by hedonistic pleasures. They escape with dificulty, but surviving the uncharted earthebender territory and each other is the real challenge. 2. 12. Zuko is a character from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Zuko: ‘Suki jumping down a building, again’, underlined. In the series, Zuko has a pretty solid relationship with Mai going on. 47.8K 1.9K 37. Dark Themes. Zuko and Aang spent most of their time training in the courtyard, which was a good thing seeing as how you spent most of your time there with either Sokka or Katara. Did Sokka Get Married & 9 Other Questions Legend Of Korra Never Answered. Sokka winced when Zuko put him down, inhaling sharply, but waved a hand dismissively when Zuko looked to him in concern. Sokka identifies as straight (this be a bi-awakening story, y’all) Sokka suffers a bit from toxic masculinity and growing up in Huntington Beach didn’t help Sokka initially REALLY dislikes Zuko, but it’s definitely rooted in deep competition, some insecurities, and (unbeknownst to him) repression. Sokka And Zuko. Zuko: Mai is “Been There Done That.”. Zuko: ‘Aang improvises a breakdancing number’, ‘Katara pretends to be a school counselor’. Zuko sputters out a little laugh, but Sokka just gives him a patient look, eyebrows raised in a patient but encouraging expression. This is an Atla AU where Azula and Zuko switch places with Katara and Sokka Cover art by: Axxonu Inspired by: Ogro's fanfic "Distorted Reality" zuko; atla; aang +8 more # 11. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. 1 Zuko: His redemption arc was extremely compelling. He has changed from antagonist (Book 1), to anti-hero (Book 2) to protagonist (Book 3) respectively over the course of the series. Sokka reveals that he’s married to Zuko in one of his lectures. Sokka’s hand finds Zuko’s back, fingers splayed wide. This actually makes sense since Sokka can't rely on bending like Zuko can. They bounce off each other wonderfully and seem to motivate one another in the best of ways. Sokka: I wrote down all the plans we shouldn’t try again. Fanon His way out. Sokka: It works like a charm but makes everyone uncomfortable. Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; a:tla sokka zuko. But I’m willing to do anything to save Katara, and after dealing with Azula, Zuko really didn’t seem so … See more ideas about Zuko, Avatar the last airbender, Prince zuko. That’s (Y/N)!” Sokka grasped Zuko’s arm tightly, knowing that he couldn’t jump to his sister’s defense. Cue people in Zuko’s class asking if it’s true and he just straight up denies it. Yet Zuko doesn't think twice about helping Katara with her mission, something that Aang and Sokka refuse to do. Zuko… Zuko: *reading* ‘Sokka tries to seduce someone then starts crying on command’. COMPLETE. Zuko discovers the letter from Ursa stating that Zuko is Ikem's son, and begins to doubt if he is the rightful Fire Lord. REEDITED 03.18.2009. Mai: *rolls eyes*. Sokka leaves his number for Zuko after a visit to the Jasmine Dragon. “That’s her! Drunk Zuko compliments Sokka a … Zuko and Azula travel with Aang, Katara, and Sokka to Hira'a. Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. On the journey, Zuko tries to be more compassionate towards Azula, who suffers from erratic behavior and hallucinations following her mental breakdown.

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