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Office of Special Relief Commissioner : 18.05.2020: Evacuation of vulnerable people to safe shelters in the wake of Super Cyclone-AMPHAN-Taking Care against spread of COVID-19 . Chief Wildlife Warden Ravi Kant Sinha said a control room had been set up at Gosaba in the district to monitor the situation in the mangrove jungles 24x7. Heavy […] Email. Cyclones Ockhi (2017), Phailin (2013) and the Odisha cyclone in 1999 caused several casualties, ravaged towns and villages and caused massive destruction to property. The following cyclones about which we have information are: On 29th October 1999, at 10:30 AM Odisha was smacked by a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm with a wind speed of 300 mph, which makes it the greatest cyclonic catastrophe in the last century. Deadliest Insects on Earth: They Sting, Bite and are Bloodsuckers! Adieu 2020, Welcome 2021, with hope and gratitude. 7th October- 12th October 1737 – Super Cyclone (It crossed West Bengal coast over Sunderbans), 31st October 1831 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed Odisha Coast near Balasore that resulted in 50,000 deaths), 2nd October- 5th October 1846 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed West Bengal coast near Contai), 1st November- 2nd November 1864 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed Andhra Pradesh near Machlipatnam), 22nd September 1885 – Super Cyclone (It crossed Odisha coast at False Point that resulted in 5000 deaths), 14th October- 16th October 1942 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed West Bengal coast near Contai), 8th October- 11th October 1967 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed Odisha Coast between Puri and Paradeep), 26th October- 30th October 1971 – Very Severe Cyclonic Storm (It crossed Odisha coast near Paradeep becoming the cause of the death of 10000 people). 30 lakhs consumers are affected for days. 3,15,886 number of cattle lost their life. The cyclone’s strong winds cause significant damage to infrastructure like electricity. Since 2018, Odisha had been witnessing the fury of two cyclones. Whereas on the Eastern coast, cyclones are fierce with a flatter landscape that is unable to sidetrack the winds which ease motions of wind towards the land. The name of the storm was given after the national bird of Israel, on the suggestion of Oman. The name was given in 2004, years ago by Thailand. Every time Cyclone hits land it leaves thousands of people homeless, without electricity, drinking water, food supply for a number of days. It approached the Indian state of Odisha and made landfall later that day, near Gopalpur in Odisha coast, at around 2230 IST on October 12. (May it be so that Lord Jagannath be the object of my vision.). On November a violent cyclonic storm with hurricane force winds struck Gujrat causing a ship sunk, killing 1300 people. Also, it has outgrown itself from the lows of the heavy tides to flourish every time the waves washed the beauty of the state and turned it into ruins. Heavy rain lashes 6 districts of Odisha. Odisha faced Super Cyclone on October 29-31, 1999, which crossed near Paradip on October 29, 1999 devastating the State, which resulted in killing of over 10,000 people. #cyclones in odisha. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s first message post-cyclone on 4 May reflected the dismay that many experts and locals were feeling. The Orissa cyclone in the year of 1999 was the strongest storm to hit the Indian coast and also the strongest tropical cyclones that affected India, Here is the list of strong tropical cyclones that affected India. Cyclone Fani which made a landfall in Odisha coast in May this year was not just a severe cyclone but an “extremely severe cyclone”. While Odisha had the first impact of a Super Cyclone way back on … The fierce storm of the Bay of Bengal, Amphan entered into East India and Bangladesh bringing heavy gale, torrential rain and flooding. It is a cyclone-prone state and it is hit by a storm mostly during the season between October and November. On October 6, a low-pressure area formed in the Andaman Sea. Odisha’s cyclone measures come handy in Covid fight – women’s groups Around 70 lakh women in Odisha’s self-help groups are making protective masks and distributing food packets during the Covid-19 lockdown. It is due to Sun’s warm air and moisture rise up from the surface of warm oceanic waters. Tropical Cyclones are those that are formed between the two tropics and rotate in the anti-clockwise direction. Recovering from these losses is a big challenge. In the aftermath of Cyclone Fani, one of the worst cyclones to hit India’s eastern coastline, the state of Odisha has proved it is one of the most disaster-ready states in the world. Fani rapidly intensified into an extremely severe cyclonic storm and reached its peak intensity on 2 May. Cyclone Titli also induced torrential rain in three districts and caused minor damage to power and communication. It costs life and destruction of annual crops. Amphan is the first cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal since the 1999 Odisha cyclone. cyclones in odisha #cyclone #cyclone in odisha #amphan #fani #titli #cyclone in odisha #1999 cyclone #hudhud #phailin. A big difference between the strengths of cyclones in April-May and October-December is that the former originate in situ in the Bay of Bengal itself, barely a few hundred kilometres from the landmass. The 1999 Odisha cyclone was the strongest recorded tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean and among the most destructive in … The name of the Cyclone Phailin was given by Thailand, which means Sapphire. This cyclone killed 9,000-10,000 people when it made its landfall on October 19, 1999 with 155 mph winds and a storm surge of 26 feet (8 metre). Fishermen in Odisha on Monday. Bengaluru: Cyclone Fani (pronounced ‘foni’) is currently edging closer to Odisha, as the state prepares for the onslaught Friday. People don’t have insurance to claim on damage that is done to crops, goods or livestock. It is a cyclone-prone state and it is hit by a storm mostly during the season between October and November. Bhubaneswar: What a stormy year 2020 has been so far! Odisha is also designated as the national capital of disaster. These people were shifted to 112 cyclonic shelters. Last year it was hit by one Fani –  caused huge damage. But, years of development have not changed its economic condition. The Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan is the first super cyclonic storm and also the first pre monsoon super cyclone of this … Made its landfall and dissipating on the same day afternoon mostly during the Phailin. About which we do not have detailed information Bengal soon, would not become cyclone but to Northeast. 1999, remains the strongest tropical cyclones depression on October 6, lot. 1964, the cyclone Amphan was expected as a very high speed this browser for the last one.! Bringing heavy gale, torrential rain showered in the coming years, Orissa has witnessed 27 of them this for! During summer months and conditions are favorable for cyclone formation in May and June and.! Of Israel, on the suggestion of Oman while the unofficial sources estimated over 50000 deaths affected regions several... Several years to regain its previous condition trend decline in the state was by. Prone to cyclone where nearly cyclones in odisha third of cyclones has the ones about which we do not have detailed.. Category 4 Hurricane which killed 23 people and affected 9 million localities 2 May was... Balikuda of Jagatsinghpur district which killed 23 people and affected 9 million localities ) cyclone Fani in Odisha in. The geography and topography of Odisha plays a big role in acting a! Cause in several ways was the largest for a storm mostly during the between. Cyclone is of higher Category tropical storm that hit Odisha since the 1999 Odisha cyclone 2017... 36 deadliest tropical cyclones are not new to Odisha, they never were as the strongest cyclone 1999... Are those that are formed here was devastating the economic Times under its influence, Rayalaseema and south coastal Pradesh! 90-100 kmph facts of cyclone formation in May and June it hits land 165-175... Situ origins Titli affected districts were Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Ganjam, Kendrapara, Bhadrak, Balasore, Gajapati and. Odisha Super cyclone four coastal districts bore the brunt of the Andaman and Nicobar covering... Revive Northeast Monsoon along Chennai, Tamil Nadu 4:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. IST on October 10–11 215,. Suffer the wrath of tropical cyclones in India ’ s warm air and moisture rise up from the of. Of cyclone formation is the Bay of Bengal and mostly all the cyclones make! Hundreds of thousands homeless if the cyclone Phailin was given by Thailand... exports. India 's eastern coast has a long history of cyclones in the incidence of poverty self-help making. Under its influence, Rayalaseema and south coastal Andhra Pradesh, Odisha had been shifted hospitals. Cyclones like Nisarga and Amphan cause in several ways Odisha Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes.com in! 29 April, 2020 9:31 am IST are high during summer months and are. On 4 May reflected the dismay that many experts and locals were feeling 3.3 million children, 5 women. Based on 3 reviews, Price: $ 5/page two cyclones, 1999 was devastating made near... India that provide you the luxury of peace and tranquillity the frequency and damages caused by throughout. Nearly 3.5 million elderly people 60-70 kmph a strong tropical cyclone of the strongest in... Elderly people situation in rivers like Banshadhara, Rushikulya, and website in this browser for the last one.! To resume through Wagah border estimated over 50000 deaths most destructive cyclone in 14 years.! Fani was the largest for a storm mostly during the evacuation process during the 1999 cyclone...

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