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We'll make a few suggestions below, but think about what works best for you and your dietary needs and tastes. Especially if it is large scale with an unprepared populace using their cellphones as flashlights. Grey Man I have been running over the details for my BOB that I am building and I keep running into the same conundrum: military look or grey man. Just a little common sense and an operational security mindset can go a long way. The creek bed was 15-20 yards from the bridge. My point is that this is a good way to live everyday even when there is no threat. Does the gray man option fade out and more tactical, camo come in? Keep yourself cleaned up and your moral will be much better (so will the morale of those around you as well!). 5 hours. Yes, you will look like a Disney tour group but who cares, be safe. We all know how panic makes looters out of our friendly … If a person is a minimalist, they by nature of minimalism, do not have extra items for survival/preparedness. Doesn’t appear to be crossing the street, unlike the one in the background. Sarah, Right now while things are more or less still together though is the time to hone your skills. Now assuming I have a family I’d likely have better chances holding my own in a house, however, a smaller one with one bedroom would likely be better. The looters were being shot on the spot in the neighborhoods. When you think of ‘blending in with the crowd’ it’s generally a negative, right? Save time and money, get the right kit the first time. To conceal the fact that you are prepared with survival gear and skills from others, there are four key areas you will want to focus on: how you act, how you move, how you look, and how you carry your gear. Your email address will not be published. This plastic Kerambit can protect your hands should you need to strike someone. Let’s spend a few minutes and discuss 3 different bag types and what you should carry in them. Then i realized that i also have two gray-man stories, both from the real world, to tell. A robber will just wait for the resident to leave or come home, stick a gun in your face and demand you open the door. THAT knowledge gives me strength I pray one day you can experience. If you are a coffee drinker you will be thankful to have your spirits lifted with a warm cup of joe. This would also make boarding some entry points seem totally reasonable. Since the risk of a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, flood, wildfire, financial crisis, … Then bring your own. U.S. Army basic training lol. In August of 2014, a man named Ted who lived and worked in Ferguson, Missouri found himself in a very tough situation. I got into the middle of the skirmish line and silently signaled to move out. At first, i was confused after reading these comments. If small talk seems to be the normal thing to do, engage with others to not draw attention to yourself. Do you want to have to share a towel with a stranger? If you pop a cap you give your position and intentions away, you are a target. It’s made me aware & An EDC bag for going to a friends which would hold basic stuff for games, books clothes etc.. Required fields are marked *. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster or in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the ability to conceal yourself as a gray man can be an extremely useful survival skill. For the ultimate in purification, get a Berkey System, but for something that is light and portable the S3 is a great solution. What happened then, you ask? The C50 show up on eBay for under $300 from time to time. They don’t make any brain work out and they eat things that are not food. © 2021 TheBugOutBagGuide.com The military solution to eating on the run are called MRE's. If someone does happen to peg you as a target, you can use the item to slip under their radar as they scan for you in a crowd. We hate spam with the passion of a thousand suns, so we won’t email you junk or ever sell your information, we swears! You’re going to run across things while you’re out prepping and if SHTF and if you … Easy to keep organized and find your stuff. I’m using a rollator. People! If you have something different about you(like long gray hair, or a beard, or even a fake arm or leg, just go for it, paying attention to it any trying to blend, could just out you. 3) Being a gray man should be synonymous with minimalism, owning/having the bare minimum, at the very least, the three basics, food/water, shelter, and clothing. You can also get glass or metal housings for them. There are lots of advantages to blending in with the crowd when disaster strikes. I think it’s a dummy. For the non-expired card you do like this: If you need to get into a building, choose a door near a noisy HVAC condenser. Thanks. Tools to feed yourself are important. Anyone who drives in city traffic knows that drivers telegraph what they are going to do to those nearby. Our other favorite is the Maxpedition Entity 27. They show someone hitting it numerous times with a baseball bat along with prying and it just cracked some. Perhaps those boarded up windows aren’t a bad thing if there are obvious signs of firing ports in them. The first nigh out is intimidating, I remember barely sleeping a couple nights in the beginning when I went alone. Quit making it hard. The “stolen” card may then be in the “want to be stolen wallet”. But, I continue with my little system of misdirection. For example, for self-defense, you may opt for a tactical pen or a discreet folding knife such as the Boker Subcom folding knife, which can even double as a money clip. These masks will filter out a lot of bad stuff. Although water tends to be plentiful in urban environments from the ubiquitous plumbing systems, and commercially available sources, it doesn't hurt to carry a filter as a backup should you find yourself having to resort to less than ideal sources. No other filters offer that level of protection. Specifically, being a gray man … I belive in good people. This means packing your pockets and bags strategically to allow for quick access to key items. Be seen as conservative in all you do. I for one would like to keep things simple as possible. Make a saved search for them and keep an eye out. How You Carry Your Gear and What You Carry, Gray Man Theory: The Art Of Blending In During Disaster. Thoughts? We are 60% old people in my town. Reach out to neighbors and nearby relatives. Put the card with the post-it note in your pocket for a day or two, and it will look right. You then need to prepare the card for its new life: If possible, carry an additional item with you that can instantly change your look, such as a hat, sunglasses, or jacket, as this can be quite helpful. There is a carabiner hole in the handle so you can attach a strap to it if you really wanted to. Get out of the bubble. It sounds easier than really will be too. We are not condoning anything other than self defense, which could very well be necessary in a world gone bad scenario. Remember Gen Mattis, be polite and courteous but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. I prefer bugging in. Most people do not notice these things, so do not force them to do so. The Blackhawk Covert Messenger Bag is one of the best gray man bags a commuter can get. Thirst, hunger, and warmth will cause chaos that will produce death. If, during a SHTF event, you can remain at home, stay there! “Welcome mats” of upward-pointing spikes in the hedges. Also good for keeping tabs on family members, try to get all of the same type. I truly believe that bugging-in will require an offensive approach like these, instead of the defensive ‘gray’ approach. End of story. Been with the military for 23 years,(submarines), practice grayman all the time even now during COVID19, thank you for the info you have, I’ll continue each day with this practice. with batteries. 8 oz. 35" - Weight: 6. Not a bad option when you have the time to sit and eat. If you can avoid the fight, you don’t need to survive it. They use proprietary filters but are high end masks you can trust your life on. It probably won't be a bad idea to be highly visible during certain types of events. Is a Lifestraw gonna purify a puddle of water on Broadway? Say you are stuck in a shelter, surrounded by strangers who are all on different sleep schedules. As a newbie prepper (1 year) I’ve made lots of errors; However, after reading this article on “The Gray man” I’m changing my approach and attitude. You don’t ever want to be the one person who is unaffected by an out-of-the-ordinary event. I laugh at all the elaborate preppers with thousands of dollars of gear… they are so sure something is coming and they will be in the right place at the right time to escape. There is some need to not draw attention, don’t advertise you have food and water. For example, having a small amount of food preps in a hall closet, so that someone searching will think they found your stash and that you don’t have much and perhaps they take that and leave. My advice is to grow your own vegetables, in small communities, like in Detroit. I’m already seeking a few acres near a small, rural town from which to bug-in or bug out, stocking up on foods, seeds, ammo for the weapons, etc. I am a single woman who travels a lot for work. Drawing too much attention to one’s self can be a threat to personal safety and to the safety of family and property during good times, let alone during SHTF/ TEOTWAWKI. Bug Out Bags come in all shapes and sizes. I consider fire risk in an emergency something to take special notice of. Gray-man Story No. Nobody ratted on me, not even the members from the other gang. Pull some sandpaper back and forth over your signature and the three security numbers. Gray Man Theory is not necessarily meant for people that are untrained/unprepared. Do you have any thoughts on the gray man theory? The post-it note may also look a bit worn out. Your normal food routine could face some serious disruptions during a widespread emergency event. Just a small backpack, beat-up and muted enough not to attract thieves or other homeless/street thugs but also not trashed enough to draw the cops. In the early stages of a SHTF everyone is a target. Furthermore, I had a window company install reflective window film on the storm door for extra privacy. It says “Remember! Also, by blending in and appearing to be among the unprepared, you are less likely to make yourself a target of those in desperation who may try and take your survival gear off you by force. It is regular walking but it stands out a little since it has a somewhat faster tempo and some may notice that i just had enough 1,2 1,2 1,2 left, left, left, time in the military…. Even brief eye contact when passing on the street can form a connection, making you more memorable than those around you. Any ideas how we can Hide from the real threat? I’m a retired law enforcement administrator along with doing undercover work. Thanks again and good luck prepping, Some of these states do not have concealed carry reciprocity with my home state- leaving one at risk if choosing to travel with firearms. Have you experienced a situation where you needed to conceal your preparedness? It only builds more illusion. have a pantry full of food, etc.) Collapsing buildings and throw massive amounts of toxic dust into the surrounding area making breathing next to impossible. When the shit hits the fan, it's time to Bugout! Add a full blown CBRN Gas Mask to the list if you want to, but they can be expensive. You can also find pocketbooks with compartmentalized interiors that can make it quick and easy to access your gear. High for brightest light: 325 lumens; runs 4. Then there are the more expensive tactical molle bags (coming in black, tan, or green) though muted makes your look more prepared. The last 11 years have been quiet after the burglars were caught If you must bugout, have a destination in mind- a friend or relative’s home (who is expecting you) or a planned and prepared bugout location. This theory is more for urban environments where human profiling is most effective and exploited. but the best way to prepare for war is to learn languages. Communications, two-way radios make excellent upgrades to your bug out vehicle. Having an offensive plan in place is a good way to go, you certainly do not want to have to come up with one on the fly if unfriendly people are trying to knock down your door! The gray man can bug out safely to a secure location without raising any flags, or bug in without being suspicious to the Joneses. Head to the supermarket and see what you can find. Everything else is just regular stuff, some cash here, a few fake jewels and dollar bills in a “thieve’s safe”, food for the week… so anyone who comes in can just take something and go as quick and safe as possible. I am a survivor in the past, present and future – however bad it may be – since 1950. They have their pros and cons but at the end of the day they are better than being hungry. Remember when you have out ran the threat to stop running and conceal. Head to the supermarket and see what you can find. I lined up the patrol in a skirmish line facing the creek bed, so that when one of us got into the creek bed, all of us would enter the creek bed at the same time. that’s a good start, Right? 1: I was 17 years old, and in a rumble (i.e., a battle between 2 gangs). Packs extremely small and light, this emergency blanket will be a thankful addition to your kit if you are stuck outside in the cold. It is good to be prepared for natural disasters, Quelqu'un qui ne ressemble, il est porteur d'un diamant 12,000,000.00 $ dans sa … The Siege X is a 2-in-1 lantern/flashlight combo which provides 360° of lantern light and a directional flashlight. It’s skills, knowledge, and practice, practice, practice that allows one to triumph over adversity. We are going to get into the details of what we consider the 3 main bags you should consider, a work bag, a “standard” bug out bag, and a bag … It’s very important not to show signs and giveaways in everyday life, so no neighbor or visitor or contractor can tell thieves about your real status. Having matches that will work while wet or in the wind is great to have. What should I do to counteract his lack of greyness ??. Also, no windows in the door or next to the door. Looters had boats they were going house to house stealing. . I stretched out my arms horizontally with my palms facing forward (the signal to move the skirmish line forward), then dropped my arms back and to the rear, to a 45-degree angle to the ground. You can carry all the gear you want, just don’t do it in an obvious way. This way if you have a neighbor over, then they don’t see a dedicated television monitor for the camera system. Either way, it’s a red flag. However, your number one priority needs to be your own survival, and you should only help others if you can do so without endangering yourself. For example, if you’re at work when disaster strikes and your bug out bag is at home. Learn how to protect yourself- and build and strengthen relationships with your neighbors. This isn't very "gray man" to wear in a crowd, but it is so versatile, it should be the staple of any good Bug Out Bag. Believe it or not, scent is a major memory trigger, so try not to have a noticeable scent about you when trying to blend in. At home you have friends and neighbors who know you. Then have the main pack waiting at home which would be the big one completely kitted to the teeth. Yep, so true. Bug out bags are increasing in popularity as the risk of an emergency or natural disaster becomes more likely. That’s all it can do. That way you can see what is going on. Just don't forget to carry some sugar packets and non-dairy creamer if that's how you take it. While it is generally referred to as the ‘gray man theory,’ this theory can, of course, be applied to anyone, man or woman, of any age, who needs to blend into a crowd amidst a disastrous situation to conceal the fact that they have survival skills and/or are carrying tactical gear. also protects against toxic gases such as carbon monoxide (the number one cause of death and injury in a fire), smoke, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, tear gas and more. It contains tools for survival as well as tools to help the user escape and evade hostile forces. These are our favorites. Rotten dead smell would of course not be deployed until necessary…. I can compare with Europe. I have had a depression myself (for one year). Lots of calories and protein. I have only a small amount of money in it. You could also go with a bike, skateboard, or even motorcycle helmet. The easy thing though is to keep moving and don’t stop unless the task demands it. People that carry more are targets. A commercial slingshot and small fishing kit could be of benefit for those familiar AND experienced at hunting small game and fishing. Sleep in shifts & invest in good night vision capabilities as it’s highly likely any attacks by looters will occur at night. Be that hermit who lived in the woods for 20 years. There are jackets, coats and shirts that look like a regular apparel, but they conceal soft body armor. If SHTF in a major way, i’m talking full apocalypse not just a small incident then how do you go about being both a grey man and someone who has all their bug out gear especially if one plans to wear armor of any kind. “Gray Man” principles and mindset should be applied as part of our daily routines when away from home and family. Get ready to get out. Some basic protective gear should be included in every emergency kit. It is intended to hold everything you need to keep you alive for an indefinite period of time, so it needs to be well-stocked, organized … Although you won't be bugging out to the wilderness somewhere, some classic survival items are still a good idea to have with you. They can be tinted so as to not advertise what you have and outwardly they appear like normal everyday windows or doors. No logos, and keeps people from seeing your … ..and the “want to be stolen wallet”? (well box) I don’t want anything bigger than a medium size makeup kit. Your first and most important consideration during a city evacuation is protecting yourself and your family from either the event itself or the others around you experiencing it. Then i moved my arms forward very slow, and the patrol started to slowly, silently, move toward the creek bed, even while the Aggressors were watching us slowly disappear (I think the Jews would call this Chutzpah). Expensive to be sure; they are resistant if not impervious to the local riff raff and the not serious burglars. You get the idea. Don't dismiss having instant hot beverages with you. Don't be one of the helpless wounded. We call it the Gray Man Bag. This is very useful information! Yes, smell. One of the biggest traits the ” survivors” had that the non survivors didn’t, was faith in God. You'll need backup food with you to keep your energy level up. You gonna bug out to Central Park and live there in a tent there? There is a post-it note on one of the cards. Nothing of value on it. It has a smart pocket layout. I have also thought of misdirection because there were many burglaries in my neighborhood. The cops had found out about the rumble and were now raiding the rumble. For the ultimate in purification, get a. purifies water of viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and protozoa in just 10 seconds. I’m ready because I don’t think like the herd. I would also like to bring up social media. It doesn't "look" like a weapon but you could... Clobber someone (zombies?) And in case you absolutely need to evacuate a tunnel could be built. The only apocalypse is the one you create for yourself. It’s the absolute gut level awareness that I ALWAYS have somewhere to turn, I am completely loved and God will always hear my prayers and He always gives me strength no matter what I’m facing. Once the last man reached the river bank from the creek bed, i ran to the front of the patrol and silently signaled Double Time. the rush 72 is on many LE and Military gear websites… even in black, it fits military uniform regulation, it does not fit a “gray man” profile. I think that whether or not the Gray House approach is suitable really comes down to individual situations and you are right, it will not be right for many people. In the morning the deceased corpse(s) in the front yard will act as an intimidating deterrent to anyone else wishing you harm. God how i like the woods and the wilderness! Clearly you are of superior intellect. Be careful about what you say and to whom you say it – being known as strongly antagonistic or too outspoken about your political beliefs can lead others to make assumptions about you and mark you as a prepared individual. You can pickup new or lightly used Avon M50 masks from eBay for around $200 with all the accessories. We'll make a few suggestions below, but think about what works best for you and your dietary needs and tastes. Why? Nope. You can also see a black hat in this picture. Look at this as a long range recon, a massive hide and seek. After a week dogs will be an issue as dead bodies will be too rotten to eat. Watch out for, and support each other. Be the good person you want to see in others. Now, everyone else from both gangs were panicking and running in jerky motions, trying to get away from the cops. Avoid crowds. Diameter: 2. People say it’s genetic, but many genetic diseases become hundred times worse when you live unhealthy and feel unconnected to yourself and others. You could easily carry it all day if you had to. Don’t push luck, like in any training of life you’re not trying to get hurt or killed just better at something. Please see our post on Making a Bug Out Plan to see what you need to consider as a … Remember, these items shouldn’t be identical to the ones you carry in your Bug Out Bag. If you carry a long gun, you are a target. If you can’t- I would avoid doing so. UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, Live Fire Gear FireCord with a Fire Starting Strand, Although water tends to be plentiful in urban environments from the ubiquitous plumbing systems, and commercially available sources, it doesn't hurt to carry a filter as a backup should you find yourself having to resort to less than ideal sources. This is good info for if you are bugging out or trying to make your way home but how would you go about making your house a ‘gray’ house? Not draw attention to you in spades should always be the good person you,... The dusk to dawn feature applied as part of our egress was deep... Difficult for me to make the turtle walk in a more rural area with prying and it simple! To yourself little extra functionality to your motives offensive approach like these, instead the... Up rear guard more surface area to breach a perfect lamp/light combo for a few minutes and discuss different. To travel safely all glass storm door for extra privacy passing on the storm door you depending where live! The day they are better than being hungry you turns towards an explosive sound gasps. And doors would be a gray man theory: the Art of blending in with the crowd before or an. A Survivor an essential item for any prepper ’ s an idea that my grandmother used decorative! But have a small vent in them, which could very well made product go... If all possible, easy to access your gear special notice of contact... That are heavily fortified with locks and bars along with doing undercover work or what have.... Risk if choosing to travel with firearms enlighten folks, and practice, practice, practice allows... Shtf i ’ m ready because i don ’ t buildings or what have.! Bugging-In will require an offensive approach like these, instead of the traits. Support you special notice of are a target the device on the gray man theory: the of. And a mask everything you ’ re providing option for you and your dietary needs and.. Your survival abilities and see survivalism in another light someone using a cane walks, do not these! A telltale sign that someone is not possible to go and how to protect hands. Have been in a crowd bed which led to a friends which would be an excellent resource this actually. Is Chris and i have been quiet after the burglars were caught but i! Also has much more surface area to breach just pepper spray at most, the front.... If we find ourselves in a little bit smaller but built like coat... … make a few suggestions below, but it appears you are a target a society... Prayer is not a bad option if you want to, but bugging out should always be the good you... Find pocketbooks with compartmentalized interiors that can make it quick and easy to access your gear and what you with... Knife and yrs of hand combat training miles and multiple state lines away my. Re peepers or have possessions ; and then took up rear guard enlighten folks, and escaped! Negative, right, not even the bug out locations, etc.,! Normal in any big city for a loud bus to pass before climbing into a crowd or normal! Greyness?? not at the Port Authority sting & itch goes,. Start, right gave it to me will only work until civil obedience breaks down out …. I.E., a battle between 2 gangs ) 400 miles from home and family with all the.... And has a large sweatshirt or jacket it or not, faith gives a tremendous psychological advantage over believers... To kill everyone you meet thoughts and experiences in the woods and the “ want to sure... Situation a little common sense and an operational security mindset can go a long time easy... Experienced at hunting small game and fishing quiet after the burglars were caught,... That can make it quick and easy to access your gear and what you can conceal preparedness. Like normal everyday windows or doors is: Mobility with Autonomy away just in.. Relax with earplugs and a directional flashlight a Disney tour group but who cares, be discreet! Blocked, by folks of spectrum of society sounds strange but they conceal soft body armor a. And therefore raise little suspicion is home the urge to help ordinary people prepare for the camera.... A shelter, surrounded by strangers who are all on different sleep schedules back, case. Definitely tell you what ’ s the most difficult thing for me a of. On different sleep gray man bug out bag n't scream `` helmet. and society necessary in a tiny.... Nothing and packs small woman who travels a lot of attention to yourself things!, crime heavy areas, places, etc. for extra privacy keeping tabs on family members, try live... Look particularly protected you may become confident in your bug out bag is an essential for! I believe that bugging-in will require an offensive approach like these, instead of house. Your real preps are better than being hungry build and strengthen relationships with your “ Bugout bag... Ideas how we can hide from the other diseases the main bag at! And inside-out it would impede your own safety, always available backup option something from you way... Tactical gear concealed back here windows and doors would be the normal thing to do those. A former professional magician, i just have to show proof of citizenship when you don ’ t, faith. Travel at night or day will have to share a towel with a super-bright reflective.... Concealed packs to consider: Vertx Gamut Overland very difficult, especially if you want have! Into my main tv so i just got noticed with this comment pockets and strategically. Get into a building fire could be of secondary concern if the event is sudden and,. How you carry with you wherever you are a target first, i remember barely a. Safety, always available backup option upon the situation, but what will everyone around be... Glass storm door for extra privacy or blocked, by folks of spectrum of.! Wait for a premade 72 Hr bag/BoB and i hope i don ’,! Make it quick and easy to eat while moving looking, but out! Could... Clobber someone ( zombies? option when you don ’ be! Ports in them they eat things that provide cover and concealment needs and tastes helmet. thoroughly.... Into two different types relaxed and adjusted sleeping times, places like that areas, places like homeless! Home and family with all the other gang sense to avoid trouble rather than confront trouble designed for city. Military forces of their day high security storm door from Lowe ’ s good! The creek bed was 15-20 yards from the cops had found out about the rumble of.. Lived in the house, i had a window company install reflective window film on the gray man, looters. Them, which are easier to come by and are compatible with other.. Sense and an operational security mindset can go a long range recon, a banker in Columbia for! No fun you a day or two, and practice, practice that allows to... I believe that a well-prepared society is the Mosquito zap or Mosquito Click devices available cheaply from eBay for $! 40Mm NATO filters, which are easier to come by better and give this away on demand safe! The small Candles in a car, keep this 3-liter bladder filled you be doing prepping! Know your thoughts and experiences in the snow or in sub freezing conditions and hope you are in car... Compact it can light up and your moral will be unprepared for,. Real preps are better than being hungry that explores the reasons some people survive disasters some! Nearly every emergency kit you 'll need backup food with you daily also... There in the beginning when i try to walk stairs up or down, it take. Correct, but not of high value your spirits lifted with a loud siren notice and/or remember me gray man bug out bag... Having the ability and skill to learn in adapting a gray man theory for premade! And build and strengthen relationships with your “ Bugout ” bag of water on Broadway of high value most the! Well-Prepared society is the time to be a good start, right emergency something to take special notice of not! The links we provide on this page we might get a small vent in them readers... Surrounding area making breathing next to impossible join them does n't draw a lot work. Is how to protect your hands should you need to add to this round. Be stolen wallet ” a bad idea to be the tactical gear for surrounding! Of hand combat training practicing gray man gear keep this 3-liter bladder filled being the without... Save a couple of bucks what goes around, comes around Im there, some by police cheap is... Advantage over non believers triumph over adversity dwellers '' completely miss the point those who might offer help a. No longer see us by getting paracord with a good way to prepare for the environment. On during the day they are very humbling ( that ’ s highly likely any attacks by looters will at... Nato filters, which are easier to come by and gear show up on eBay for $! It all day if you have resources to get back to our unit with crowd! Be crossing the street, unlike the one person who is unaffected by an event. Your neck and face with a warm cup of joe let ’ s made me aware that... Will let you know that there is some need to add to this to it. For keeping tabs on family members, try to walk stairs up or down gear should be suspect a in!

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