how to care for légère reeds

There is no need to moisten a Légère reed, it will play like a pre-moistened cane reed directly from the box. It is best to always handle your reed by the heel. Oboe reed care starts with soaking the reed. Reed Care Resources. When an oboe reed shows signs that the thread is loosening there are a few things that can be done. Designed by Guy Légère in a collaboration with Christoph Hartmann of the Berlin Philharmonic, these reeds will last for months with proper care, providing a beautiful tone with no pre-moistening required.. Légère oboe reeds are cut from a polymer on 3-axis, computer controlled precision cutting machines. £20.60. First blow sounds really good. Legere Baritone Saxophone 3.0. I have tried legere reeds for both Bb soprano and bass over the years and have been impressed, but not totally happy with the sound quality. 4.5 out of 5 stars 53. Legere warns American players that this reed may be more "resistant" than an American scrape reed. Shop and save on our amazing selection of Legere Reeds instruments & accessories at The Woodwind & Brasswind. Légère reeds enjoy a beautiful tone and range, as well as all the usual advantages of a synthetic reed. I tried Legere reeds a year ago and was not totally convinced, but they seem to finally have found the right formula with a new model, the Legere Signature. Get the latest Légère news HERE! Tenor Saxophone Reed Strength 1.75 The Legere Tenor Saxophone Reed is made of a new low density material that is extremely similar to conditioned cane. Shake= shake the wrist while holding the oboe reed. If you do not feel a fast attack the reed position or strength is incorrect. The unique profile design allows for a bright, colourful yet warm and clean sound. I have spent years of my life at University learning the skills I now share with my customers and oboists reading my articles and purchasing my reeds. "Légère Reeds have a warmth, roundness, clarity, and ease of sound unlike anything else on the market. "Top symphonic and jazz musicians have been using the Légère single reeds for more than a decade. I am not saying this to feed my ego, but to provide you insight into how I view my craft and art form. These are also the things that I feel every student should look at and understand when they begin playing the oboe. To unpack the reed, remove it from the case or box carefully avoiding contact with the tip. £15.30. 3. Find handmade oboe reeds at A.Lakota Reeds, Find high quality student oboe reeds and student bassoon reeds at MallarReeds, /*

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