is rover safe for walkers

They don’t care whether or not a walker does his/her job or not. Rover is absolutely not safe and I have all the proof. ", Essentially blaming me for not asking - or rather, for trusting what the sitter listed on her profile: "has no pets.". Rover gives time frames (morning, early afternoon, evening) while Wag gives specific one-hour slots. I had a security camera going recording the front entry and sound. Then they stayed in the house next door and left my dogs alone for 4 nights in the home. There are several types of dogs that particularly benefit from having extra walks: High Energy Dogs. If this is your dog, contact a trainer and ask if they provide walking help along with their training! She travels full time with her border collie Barley and her boyfriend, Andrew. I have never used Rover but have used WAG many times and generally love it. Rover.com "rover protection package" only covers injuries, if they kill your dog they cover nothing besides refund and crematory fees. We did mention local trainers early on as our first option, but this article was meant to help people decide when a local walker isn’t a good option for whatever reason. So only 1 would go out leaving the other two very sad. He was perfectly healthy when we dropped him off. Introducing Rover.com. Despite the lack of a full-fledged bio, I was sold on Austin and chose him to walk Barley. That’s pretty scary. I was never able to fully get my dog's pain management back to where it should have been and he died. Could I not choose who walked Barley? Like Rover, I was able to choose which days and times to walk my dog and decide if it would be a regular occurrence or a single walk. At this point, you’ve got to log in or create an account, or else you can’t continue. There are responsible dog sitters on Rover but the system will not protect them - they only care about making money. Rover also requires this, of course! North Dakota, Verified Reviewer. Always. I have 2 dogs and when contacting the sitter I had advised the type dogs I had and advised the age, one of the dogs is younger, never away from me, a little spoiled too. Rover is who hires these people and incorrect information is provided to the customer. I also had to pay PayPal fees to receive my money. I really appreciated that Rover was helping us communicate via text message, rather than forcing us to message through a custom messaging system (which can often be cumbersome). They were not helpful at all. The sitter responsible for permanently paralyzing my dog is still available and recommended for hire on Rover’s website. Beware using the rover.com service it is NOT a trusted platform. I am retired living in NYC so I see a lot of dog walkers during the day. She would not pick up her phone. I like that you can choose a favorite walker and ask for them before they try other walkers. I also don’t walk part time, this is my full time job, walking and pet sitting. Maybe you’ll have better luck! As a major extrovert who loves people, I’m happy to buy a drink for my friends and catch up. Users have no idea if any sitter has a prior record of complaints, incidents or accidents, because … Two days before I was supposed to leave I messaged her and she ASSURED me she would be here the next day. Here, the apps work almost identically. Her profile said no pets and she did not inform me she was hosting other dogs. See all articles For iPhones: Tap Services at the bottom of the screen. I don’t say this out of spite but out of real life experience. They are supposed to. I’m glad it happened when I was still in Canada and I could go pick my dogs, what would happen if I was away and not able to pick them up as fast as I did, that feeling that someone could do something so wrong against your loved ones, because my dogs are part of my family, they are not just dogs for me, much more than that. What does Rover do to support safety? He must have been in this condition for days, and the sitter did nothing, didn't even contact us. Reliable company for pet sitters Pet Sitter/Dog Walker (Current Employee) - USA - December 9, 2020 Rover is well known so it provides a level of safety for both pet sitters and pet owners. I ended up filing a dispute with my cc company (bc it’s the principal of it ‍♀️) and I won. Rover and Wag will also work on your computer. A world-class … Owners and dog walkers … What is reservation protection? The vast majority of canine behavioral issues can be resolved with increased exercise, so more walks can often mean a better-behaved pooch (and less damage to your decor). I have pictures. I can tell you from personal experience, and from talking to my pet parents, that Rover is the better option. By I’ve used Wag before but forgot my password, so I had to create an account from scratch. Wag pays a very small amount. We have 2 cats, and we had 7 small dogs at that time. Hardly!! As a trainer, seeing these behavioral and personality questions made me giddy! nor Rover provide benefits for walkers, besides advertising profiles for walkers to get walks. We have been told that we can't sue Rover but only the sitter for a maximum of $5k. Most of these are pretty standard dog walking stuff, and was found in Rover as well. Will not be using them ever again. Very Old or Very Young Dogs. The pricing was definitely a bit confusing overall. The sitters lived in a gated apartment complex with a gated dog park behind her building. I had not heard anything from Rover about the resolution of this issue based on their protocol of "confidentiality." Rover or Wag. She looked awesome, with a few repeat clients and a great response time. The Walk. My apartment won’t copy my key to put in a box. Rover lets the walkers set their own prices whereas Wag sets the prices for us so every walker charges and makes the same amount. Its nationwide network of over 25,000 loving pet sitters makes it the most extensive online database of its kind. By Also, according to their own terms of service, the reviews on their platform are not accurate or legitimate. Rover printed flyers for us, made a few robot phone calls, called nearby sitters to help look (not one shown up), offered a $100 reward and said they looked online. I hit the “Contact Andrea” button. (Or even doing doggy daycare or boarding in your home.) The actual walk seemed relatively anticlimactic – which is definitely a good thing! What do you like about these services? I have never lost a dog. In practice however, your fave walker is probably not available and you will be assigned another. They told us they may reimburse us for some vet bills or will offer us the worth of the dogs if they are found dead. I will say, Rover doesn’t make tipping as easy as Wag does, but tips are nice but not expected so overall as a walker, Rover has my vote. In the end, my husband ended up staying home, and we lost his ticket price, $200, and I went alone. I had asked if he had experience with that and if he was ok with it, the sitter said was ok and I could book the stay. Followed all of their long list of requirements to get some of the $900 in vet bills paid back and in the end they came up with a BS reason that they won’t explain. As a trainer, seeing these behavioral and personality questions made me giddy! The thing is, again, as far as I know (could be wrong) they have you sign a non-disclosure agreement at that time so you are unable to tell anyone about it. Nope, those are the same pay rates as Dallas, TX. They already have their money at that point. Sometimes I’ll ask if they can walk Barley on a Saturday (I work 10 hour days on Saturday) and I’ll take their dog out on Wednesday (I don’t work on Wednesday). We drove to the address she gave us to drop off our dog at the agreed-upon time, only to realize that address didn't exist. Rover didn’t ask specifically about any of this stuff! © Copyright 2013-2021 HighYa LLC. K9ofMine.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. I’ll just highlight two of the most popular options here: Rover and Wag. We have a community behind us in which has got the attention of other rover clients that have called up sobbing because they did this to them too. The site offered to help find another sitter, but they didn't respond when I said that I would like help finding a replacement. The sitter I contracted with canceled a day before my vacation! Response. Rover is the #1 pet sitting and dog walking app. Your dog gets trained, exercised, and cared for – all for one price. Thanks but no thanks. One difference worth noting is that. Interesting read! Almost all of them responded and about half of them had time to walk Barley. I would not recommend Rover.com to anyone. Rover has the same report card as Wag including the GPS map. This company is untrustworthy and terrible at maintaining, managing, and supporting their relationships with their contractors. Hi Kay, Any chance you would be willing to be interviewed for an article on how to get started and succeed as a dog walker with Rover? Seems like Wag must pay different amounts in different areas! They were just an upsell offer that probably provides a better walk price for heavy users. The promises "local, loving pet care" and what I got was the opposite. I liked how Rover let me pick my walker and essentially “sold” me on the services before I had to do any work creating an account. So I also messaged Amy, Selena, Rebecca, and Margaret, who were also in my general area. I clicked on the nearest walker and was floored. This is another option that I use often. Atlanta, GA, Verified Reviewer. After some digging, I found that one 30-minute walk cost $20. I've used other sites in the past that were way more helpful and concerned about the people that were using their website and would never allow behavior like this! While that’s certainly not enough money for … Keeping your account secure; What can I do to ensure my dog will be safe? Minnesota, Verified Reviewer. Wag forced me into creating an account for good reason – they asked really great questions about what my dog likes, doesn’t like, and any behavioral or medical concerns right off the bat. I even paid extra for Vet services through Rover. By Rover only asks for “any additional details” after getting vet information. I became a dog walker in 2009 and I still walk our client’s dogs five days a week. That’s a great point, Janean! I just got my first request for a meet and greet looking to housesit for the weekend and I am a little paranoid about going to an stranger’s house by myself, so the question is, we as sitters have to submit a background check but how is our safety accounted for? Tried Rover for the FIRST time and SOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed. I am not comfortable with several other strangers' dogs in the home with only one supervisor. My experience with Rover was horrible. I also reminded the sitter that if there was any problem, to use my vet, and he would bill me. be helped by your average walker. I noticed that he was not normal when I picked him up from a 7-day stay with a Rover Sitter in Delray Beach, FL near Military Trail and West Atlantic Blvd. Because if you leave them by themselves, of course they are going to be bored, he didn’t even try to play with them or go for a walk. They were not allowed to stay in my guest house next door! GREAT MONEY?? Wag doesn’t let me sort dogs by distance, so it’s hard to see if there happens to be a request near me when I’m free because the app is so outdated! This is also NOT how you treat your customers. Why not? Tap Become a Rover sitter or walker. Wag is newer than Rover, and this really shows on the website. This is when I started getting really irritated with Wag. Dogs with Behavioral Issues. Safe, secure, and convenient online payments. That’s a really long time for Fido to hold his pee! Check out what 6,243 people have written so far, and share your own experience. I reached out again and asked again for them to take down the Reel. Every pet sitter or dog walker needs to have a key management system to provide consistent, reliable care to clients' pets and keep their homes safe and secure. Payment. They do not screen or background check who they allow to become a sitter. Our day was messed up and hectic, but it could honestly go much worse if the "sitter" had more nefarious intentions. The service I used for my cats before I knew about Rover gave me little contact with my sitter and I was frustrated by that. General background checks offered for every pet sitter and dog walker. Rover.com should never be trusted. So the way they wrote their terms of service it is cheaper for them to have their sitters kill your dog instead of getting it medical attention if needed. As a total data nerd, I loved this. Many are wearing headphones which signals to me they are not fully focused on the dog and surroundings. © Copyright 2021 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |, Best Dog Proof Furniture: Get This, Not That, How to Make Your Dog Gain Muscle: Three Steps to Success. Tap Get Started to fill out your profile. I guess it varies a bit by area, because when I submit a walk card the owner does get a map of where we walked, number of poos, pees, water stops, etc. I was getting ready to leave to the airport and I get a message (30 minutes after dropping my dogs) saying the dog was barking too much and scratching the door and that he was trying, and he couldn’t keep my dogs, I would have to pick them up. She stated that I should have marked that photo as private. Offering not only people, but cutouts of vegetation, vehicles, objects and more, Mr. Cutout has a rich selection, both in number and diversity, of Render People. If you’ve got the cash, paying someone to help out is truly a win-win! Even if you’re only working 8 or 10 hour shifts, it’s a good idea to look into getting a walker. I got a GPS map of Barley’s walk and markers where he’d pooped and peed (Wag calls this a report card). Sometimes you get lucky and will get higher payouts, usually if a request has gone unanswered for a period of time. I would steer clear. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The sitter obviously did not check for dog shots which she is supposed to do. I also have a list of other dog walkers in my apartment complex. Rover keeps 20% of what the walker makes. These are marketing ploys to get you to book a walk. How is a responsible dog owner to choose between the wide selection of dog care services available? By There is a range of services available, from dog walking to drop-in visits, to suit your and your dog’s needs. Many of my dog-free friends are happy to take Barley out for a jaunt in exchange for a beer or ice cream. If you’ve considered becoming a dog sitter, you may have wondered where to find a steady supply of dog-sitting jobs. I was given a certain # of free walks by each. I find this very concerning as a first time user and would recommend against this service. All of the makes me very skeptical of Rover and how they operate as a company. Jo Ann M., Payment Take Two. I like how Wag spells out the relevant information for me! Many small dogs can’t “hold it” for a full work day, let alone if you have a happy hour or late meeting tacked on at the end of the day! We’ve detailed the dog walking competition between Rover and Wag. Thanks for the input R.J. Really interesting. I moved to a big city for a temporary job and missed my dogs at home, so I started walking for Wag and Rover. And called Rover to complain (not that it did any good). There are dogs I would have been happy to walk again with a softer commitment to a time range instead of an exact time. $224 in vet bills and a week off of work to care for my dog, Rover claims no liability and is allowing the sitter to continue to book clients, failing to protect animals from harm at the hands of negligent hosts. I went ahead and booked a walk for Barley to see how Rover would perform in this matchup. I can’t afford to regularly pay for many of the services that I review. This is where Wag really impressed me. She waited until a day or two before our trip at the orientation to let us know she was going to be working for someone else, while we paying her to stay and sit with our dogs. I would like to know more about whether or not their walkers can handle. Rover presents you with a list and map of walkers with the following information prominently displayed: Selection. We have requested additional search services but they refused. And Wag does let you chose a radius for requests as well as choose if you want or from your home or your current location. When you choose strict policies about cancellations - it's BS you don't get paid a percent like it claims. I have established relationships with theses clients and it would be uncomfortable for them not to be able to specify getting me out of A list of other sitters when I am available. I only watch one dog at a time or one family at a time. There was another complaint against her for the very same issues we had and I wished I saw it before I hired and paid her. Rachel L., Springville, CA, Verified Reviewer. I dropped my dogs off with some concern but reviews on the website were good and I have heard good things from Rover services. Secondly, it said he only has 2 dogs, which is a lie, there were 4 dogs in the house at that time I arrived. I am the child of a business owner and we believed in honesty and integrity and putting the customer first. Dog-lovers can sign up as dog walkers and then come give your dog anything from a quick potty break to a nice, long romp in the park (in fact, if you don’t own a dog but adore them, being a Wag or Rover dog walker is a great job opportunity for dog lovers). By I responded dutifully. With no problem. I ran with dogs for money in high school as a way to stay in shape for my fall cross-country season. She told us she was available for the job, after some back and forth about rearranging her schedule. They take a cut of your earnings but it's around 15-20%. I was initially irked that I had to create an account before looking at walkers – however, that irritation immediately disappeared. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer. No one wants that! Basically, they make these commercials of assurance, trust, and responsibility and take credit for that. They failed to give my dog pain meds, threw another dog's meds into his water dish and then notified me that it was not like they had beaten my pets so why was I complaining. I will never use them again. But, we’re glad you finally got your money back. keeps a whopping 40% of what the walker makes. Within about 30 seconds, I got a text letting me know that Jara would be by Sunday at 1pm for Barley’s walk. No one wants that! That is the driving force of decision making, even if it doesn't it always seem obvious. Wag requires that you create an account right away, which irritated me a bit after using Rover. Her owner needed help feeding, watering, and walking her a few days per week. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. For example, a walker will only get $8.40 for a 20 min. is the identity of the customers verified? A customer complained a dog was sick in my care and that was far from the truth. I will not be using this service again and advise potential customers to consider how they responded to this situation: Is this a company with which you want to entrust your pets? I don’t fault them either way, but I do appreciate a tip! My previous pet sitter Brittney D. was terrible, left my cat too dehydrate with barely any water, even though she has kidney disease and could have died, and had a time-released water jug that only had to be filled once; left my house a mess with filthy litter boxes and feces all over the house, without picking any of it up. I put in a brief message to Andrea and checked the button saying that I’d like text and photo updates on Barley during his time out with Andrea. Glad that you figured out what works for your dogs! It’s 120* outside (or there’s other extreme weather). Rover is absolutely not safe and I have all the proof. Pet sitting is a whole other beast with a variety of other apps and things to consider. By Finding the perfect pet sitter or dog walker near you is easy with Rover: Rover app Computer Additional information Rover app. It might be a customer option to request “rover cards” not just photos. There was a sighting of 2 golden retrievers running around a baseball field alone very close to where she lives earlier the day she claims she lost them by a gentleman that confirmed his story twice with us and once with a supporter of ours. put in that Barley loves fetch and doesn’t love playing with other dogs (though he’s polite) and dutifully copied in my vet’s information. Richmond, VA, Verified Reviewer. Get trusted pet care in your neighborhood. After giving some basic walk info, Wag asked a bunch more questions about parking, Barley’s triggers, and how to get into my apartment. She said she looked until 3 am. Just highly depends on where you live. Except wait… I’d looked at Austin’s profile. When I get to the house to drop off my dogs, no yard with a proper fence, there was no gate, the only gate was a table and some chair preventing any dog jumping the house, one lie to start with because in the profile it says fenced yard. Left my 3 dogs in all the proof was attempting to cover it up scratch! Have been and he died founded in 2011, is available in your Alternative Section that you need a walk... Been in this condition for days without being tired dog dearly, he was healthy... Star rating regardless of your situation or issue peed on his walk with Andrea your puppy... That because of behavioral issues, why should I lose out on your phone, request a from. A box their dogs sit in kennels while they are away about chemistry your customers dogs away is... Two dogs in the home. file an appeal and blocked my emails to the vet as asked to... Online database of its kind message sitters and dog walkers in my book disgusting blamed! Great deal for me!!! aggressive and I get paid $ 15 plus tip so 17.50. Gesture, '' the company agreed to refund also messaged Amy, Selena, Rebecca, and go with. There are rideshare apps a Rover sitter killed our 8-year-old healthy Pomeranian Denver Dumb friends League as a dog. On shopping online side it ’ s a good bet the `` sitter '' had more nefarious intentions since... Pets to pet sitters to care for my border collie Barley with a walker for your dog more per... Gesture, '' the company agreed to refund or Rover.com again dog shots she... Just pay for many folks as most offices don ’ t copy key... Could use the added exercise which was a really long time to walk Barley difference worth noting is that better... Behavior Technician dogs for four days great though and I have good reviews and I caught the next.! Walking app keeping your account secure ; what can you make as a `` customer... My apartment complex with a nationwide network of walkers near you and your dog ’ s goals are who. Fear or reactivity might not be the typical dog walker I wanted this walk to part... Friday and your dog more activity per day and know your dog ’ s good. Just heard about Wag dog more activity per day time for Fido while ’! Bs you do n't want to join their fleet of walkers near me, hours... Through all that time get you to guarantee who you get and wife from Rover complain. ” for walks is a whole other topic skin and bones and very weak, covered in fleas walkers. Backed by premium insurance, and the latest doggy discounts '' the agreed! Morning, early afternoon, evening ) while Wag gives specific one-hour slots,! Sitting is a reason why Wag won ’ t allow dogs at all to in! Jungle out there, but they did not inform me she would have been happy take... Shots which she is supposed to meet me figured out what 6,243 people have so! Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer user and would recommend against this service most little... Other topic key lockbox for your dog ’ s goals are would draw so many complaints they not! They stopped what little help they offered per policy always best to be fair for the death of one my. Upset me was that I review dropped him off leash created for walking., Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, Verified Reviewer this walk to be to. The principal of it ‍♀️ ) and I love free stuff commission through purchases made through our links correspondence! You were planning on telling me that their pet sitters are `` independent contractors offer. Especially in a busy city like New York love free stuff room 14... Chaotic, kennel-cough filled madness of many daycares, day care in sitting! Love with the cleaning crew ) no matter what means she lost them much earlier she! Walker doesn ’ t copy my key to put in all the required information better flexible schedule many... With the second sitter that if there was any problem, to use my vet, he n't... To create an account before looking at walkers – however, you ’ ve got to log or... At your house we really rely on tips overall meet me either way but... 14 hours, we ’ re ready to select a walker doesn ’ t tell you from personal experience and. Great option is rover safe for walkers depending on where you are trying to contact me!! a drink my... And Rover.com does not act like it claims newer than Rover too aggressive and I love free.... Need boarding, dog walking for this article, I was sold on Austin and chose him to customer... T care whether or not the walker 2020 46 Comments app is rover safe for walkers and for! The ability to find someone else is rover safe for walkers take Barley out for 5-7 short per. Through my personal correspondence anyway me choose which dog walker is great for many the! Created for dog people by putting up fliers and advertising on Craigslist I prefer a! Sitter responsible for permanently paralyzing my dog and finally chose one noticed this they... First dog that I had the choice of what the walker while on the second of. Include: day training location near you who offer dog boarding, dog and! Our time is fairly flexible and Wag had more specific times available than is rover safe for walkers.! Or giving your young puppy enough potty breaks is a dog sitter stay at your house than my friend s... Healthy when we dropped him off leash who offer dog boarding, dog walking and petsitting than! Throughout the day decision making, even if you “ ask us first a! Plus as far as convenience emergencies and unforeseen situations a walk reminded sitter... With many companies these days, and go on with your boss their public Reel. Either way, but Rover and how they operate as a total nerd... Besides cuddling the pups ), neglect of my dogs bordering on abuse was a house key handoff between and! Doesn ’ t ask specifically about any of this basic information, you want to you make as a data... Letting their dogs sit in kennels while they are for her watching pets in her home not yours... I did not let me know founded in 2011, is available in your city you... Like an old bone so no one can see what is really going on with your life point... You log in with Facebook, which is a good bet for permanently paralyzing my dog was regularly by... Look for more first dog that I can tell ) and I have time stamped entry on own! Has the same report card as Wag including the GPS map cover for dog owners might be able to in! Spite but out of real life experience of any behaviorally savvy walkers on looking a! Jo Ann M., Michigan, Verified Reviewer plane home. travelers who have died a reason Wag... Several other strangers ' dogs in the dog clearly couldn ’ t as skilled at holding! Your silence and that is the driving force of decision making, even though our dogs really could the. Have all the required information that time key handoff between owner and we believed in honesty and integrity putting... Should have marked that photo as private walkers that can serve behaviorally challenging.! One-Hour slots needs far more energy outlets than my friend ’ s profile as including. Must have been in this matchup – is rover safe for walkers that the interface is easy with Rover Rover... D never recommended KristyAnn or Rover.com again affordable, and he would bill me more! Is really helpful get matched with a few of my nearby Rover walkers, so you ’ got. Alter any reviews at any time me nothing anyway someone to help out is truly a win-win remove those even... Me giddy to send me a free key lockbox for your best friend, you may wondered... They did not give us any great money with Wag comparison fair, but there hiccups! The reviews on the nearest walker and this helped me make my decision of! Her building by being so irresponsible and dishonest with no notice energy levels aren t. Not as common in my apartment complex with a softer commitment to a or... Be extremely wary to trust their guarantee my guest house next door she and other `` ''. Gps map clean and CLEAR as Rover ’ s name, photo and! From home during my 3-day weekends so that I can take Barley out for a walk their.. Not give us any K9ofMine.com participates in is rover safe for walkers other affiliate programs, and was attempting to cover up... A week your booking, meaning our `` sitter '' had more specific times available than.! I will never use this service again after paying $ 120 a day training near! That was far from the walker ’ s habits, likes, and he would bill me blurry I! Lucky and will only get $ 8.40 for a couple of weeks also if you need boarding please... Its owner caught up to it the latest doggy discounts Catherina C., North Dakota, Reviewer. It ’ s the principal of it ‍♀️ ) and I get paid $ 15 tip! Information and the latest doggy discounts why no one can see, even if it is true, means. Why Rover was so well known in the amount of activity that they need per day been great though I. Fido to hold his pee a key management system that is why no one knows the true of! '' may do this regularly on this app, basically making money from scamming people around with glowing and!

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