pin lock keg vs ball lock

If you’re talking about this photo, then the caption is correct the pin lock is on the left and the ball lock is on the right. Used kegs can come in a variety of conditions, some with soda residue still in them. Part# KP315C $19.99 $17.95. Pin Lock Post O-Ring on Left, Ball Lock Post O-Ring on Right, Standard pin locks and ball locks use identical dip tube o-rings and lid o-rings. If price is your biggest concern, you should probably go with Pin Locks. I didn’t know which way to go, about 20 years ago, and went with pin, which is fine. Ball Lock: There are two primary post sizes for standard ball lock kegs. For a rundown of homebrew keg options and suppliers check out our Homebrew Keg Roundup. Pin lock kegs have (not surprisingly) pins on each post – two on the liquid, one on the gas. There are also generally two tubing connection choices. Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs: Pin lock Cornelius kegs are also known as Coke kegs, because this style was used exclusively by the Coca Cola Company and use a pin-lock style disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. I recommend a 12 point socket or wrench for larger 7/8″ posts. Jun 12, 2017 - Left [Brand New 5 Gallon Ball Lock from AIH - Review] | Right [Used 5 Gallon Pin Lock] Ball Lock Kegs vs Pin Lock Kegs - What's the Difference? A good upgrade for Pin Lock kegs is to replace Pin Lock style lids with Ball Lock Style Lids. New Cornelius Keg Lid with New pressure relief valve – via Adventures in Homebrewing. Dimensions? Ball lock Cornelius kegs use a ball lock disconnect to connect and disconnect to the liquid and gas lines. Always read and follow manufacturer directions. I never have to worry about which is liquid, and which is gas, as the former is 3 pin, and the latter is 2 pin. Clamped/barb connections don’t typically loosen up, where flare connections can. Actual size varies based on manufacturer and model. If size and cost are not huge factors, consider Ball Lock kegs. For the 7/8″ Ball Lock I found that a 22mm, 12 point deep socket fits even better than the 7/8″, 12 point socket. This is an all new conversion kit that converts your Firestone/ Spartanburg and Hoover Pin Lock Keg fittings to ball lock fittings. Those are not interchangeable with standard lids. If I were just making my initial purchase now.......I would go the route of pin lock kegs. I recommend you change those liberally. Official specs for this specific model are 25″ tall and 8.5″ diameter.The Pin Lock Keg is about 9″ in diameter. Part# KP352 $35.95 $29.95. This is the . Our used Pin Lock kegs are amazing for people with height restrictions or looking to get a Kegerator on a budget with a 2" difference you will be able to … The other port has a long tube leading all the way to the bottom of the keg. Part# KP355 $39.99 $36.95. When it comes to corny keg disconnects, what are the pros and cons of pin lock vs ball lock posts? Links to other websites may also be affiliated including links that are submitted via comments or tips. Since standard Ball Lock and Pin Lock Lids are interchangeable. A couple thoughts – 1. You can purchase either the pin lock style or the ball lock style from the CornyKeg web site. The big soda companies decided on different style containers for their pre-mix. Having a manual PRV valve is an advantage in my book and on this count Ball Lock Style kegs win. Note: All measurements in this post should be considered approximate. toppost:ballvspinlockkegs tag:tpr rs:2. It’s because they have a pressure relief valve built in! For those I give up a little convenience (Flare) for more security (Barb).This Ball Lock (CMBecker Brand) QD is approximately 2.25″ tall.This Pin Lock (CMBecker Brand) QD is approximately 3.25″ tall. Pin lock (left) and ball lock quick-connect fittings, which mate to the keg ports. //

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