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The Chef’s Choice 615A meat slicer is very cost-effective with flawless performance. Hobart 13" Blade Automatic Commercial Food Slicer  - Best 13" Automatic Commercial Meat Slicer, 11) ", By Amanda Collins | Last Updated December 15, 2020. Large 10-inch blade. Therefore, you shouldn’t try slicing frozen meat if you are a beginner in using a meat slicer. Powerful 180W engine. The Chef’sChoice 615A is an outstanding multi-purpose slicer for home use. A sharp 13" blade , accompanied with a powerful motor, will cut just about anything. Cutting slices of meat by knife will take a lot of time. Just remember to justify the price with what the slicer will offer you. Suitable for commercial use. The Della meat slicer has an 8,7inch-blade of that can effortlessly slice up a large amount of meat, ham, vegetables,… with a maximum thickness of ⅝ inch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chef's Choice 7" Blade Food Slicer - Best 7" Blade Meat Slicer, 2) The most unobtrusive way of adding a food slicer into your kitchen. BESWOOD Premium Electric Deli Meat Slicer, 4. High-quality material. My hope for you is that you do the proper research to make as educated a buy as possible. Purchasing the Kalorik electric meat slicer and you can have an enjoyable experience. People were really happy with the way this food slicer performed. But there is a warning that you may get injured if you try to cut fully frozen meat. I highly suggest you do your own research to find the perfect model for you. Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer 2. A meat slicer can make a post-hunt run so much smoother. At times you can smell the motor on this thing, and wondering how long it will be before it quits for good. Quieter machines will run you a little extra but it may be worth the investment. Top 15 Best Meat Slicer Reviews 2021. Rust-resistant construction. When you want to wash the product to remove bacteria, you can take apart the blade and food holder. In my search for the best meat slicer, I came across this Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer, and it remains a favorite. The product is also safe for you to use as there are locking points on the carriage. Another heavy-duty and powerful-motored meat slicer is the Valley Sportsman 8.7-inch Electric Food and Meat Slicer. In the face of a vast market of meat slicers, to have one so reasonably priced that executes its job so well is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend seeking out the owners manual and validating the cleanup procedure with youtube videos. There is an adjustable thickness knob, so you can choose how thick your sliced meet will be. While I would never advocate to buy anything impulsively, if you were forced to make a last minute decision, I would undoubtedly urge you towards the Beswood Meat Slicer. If you're looking for a household meat slicer that will fulfill the needs of your annual charcuterie party, you can probably do with a cheaper model. Della 8.7″ Commercial Electric Meat Slicer, 7. A high-quality meat slicer offers you with the ultimate convenience to cut large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. And I hope that you can pick up for yourself the best meat slicer that can meet all your demands and serve you for years to go. Keep in mind, I've been reassured that the warranty only covers the product for commercial use, not residential. Moreover, there is a built-in sharpener so the blade can always maintain in the best condition, and it is always ready to use. Do you know any best meat slicers? That’s why owing the best meat slicer is highly necessary for this case. You can have full control of the thickness of the meat, it can range from 1/32 to ½ inch. The machine’s carriage is detachable, so you can easily clean it. Valley Sportsman Electric Food And Meat Slicer Another budget-friendly option for an electric meat slicer is the Valley Sportsman . You want thin deli meats and nice thick steak slabs. Larger quantities of food require larger equipment, and while the market has supplied commercial meat slicers for quite some time, a new market has opened up. All in all, I am very pleased with this unit.". It is also safe to use with the simple ON/OFF switch. AICOK Meat Slicer Electric Deli & Food Slicer for Home Use, 7.5" Removable Stainless Steel Blade with Adjustable Thickness Dial(0-15mm) for Meat, Cheese, Bread, Include Food Pusher and Non-Slip Feet ... Valley Sportsman ASIN B00PWXEMFO Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars 387 ratings. 1. Valley Sportsman 8.7" Blade Food Slicer - Best 8-9" Blade Meat Slicer, 5) The powerful engine of 130W. This should not be a deterrent though, as all of the slicers that seem to be at this price point to upwards of 400 dollars are of the same design. Low noise level. Works great on all those things. This is what you're paying for though. Able to slice a wide range of food. With the 130W motor power, this is a heavy-duty machine that can slice up all kinds of meat. The blade on this slicer rotates too slow for precision slicing of thin cured meats. If you want to make a delicious sandwich, you will undoubtedly need a perfect slice of meat. The best meat slicer now makes it much easier for everyone. A truly commendable feat. It’s such an important piece of equipment, we’ve decided to review the best meat slicers available. It is great for church groups, family reunions, or large families who wish to buy in bulk and slice meat themselves to save money. You can cut something paper thin if you like. XIAOWANG Electric food slicer, 200w, commercial house home meat slicer, 0-22mm thickness Adjustable slicer machine FOR meat, cheese, bread, ham, potatoes, 42x27x30cm £156.68 £ 156 . Unfortunately, no two meat slicer cleaning techniques are alike. Hobart Edge 13" Blade Manual Commercial Food Slicer - Best 13" Manual Commercial Meat Slicer, 10) What gives the KWS the upper hand in our best electric meat slicers reviews is its enormous horsepower that translates to a higher cutting power. The durable construction of stainless steel and aluminum. However, it is advisable to read the instruction before trying. The Chef-Man electric food slicer is perfect for those who are looking for a smaller unit to perform some of the more monotonous kitchen tasks. Again, if you're looking for a cheap, simple, easy to clean food slicer to bring into the kitchen, I highly recommend looking into the Valley Sportsman Food Slicer. Durable stainless steel construction. Frozen meat can be extremely tough on the blade. He received his Bachelors Degree in Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis and spent much of his time at the school brewery. Here are the major factors to consider before making a purchase. If you want to slice a large amount of food or tough and hard food, you should choose the meat slice with a high power engine. And there is a blade ring guard to ensure safety in use. 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Most meat slicers must be disassembled for cleaning, and the parts are not usually dishwasher-safe. And both the blade and the carriage are removable to reduce fatigue of cleaning. With the infinite adjustment system, you can adjust the slicing thickness up to 9/16 inch. The unit comes with a 10-inch premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade that enables it to slice large pieces of meat fast and efficiently. The elegant and smart design of the product will make you impress. An expensive product no doubt, but a product that will continue to provide quality cuts for years down the line. KWS Premium Electric Meat Slicer; 2. Berkel 825A-PLUS 10″ Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer. And the Gourmia meat slicer doesn’t make me disappointed. Electric meat slicer (automatic meat slicer) runs by electricity so it can help you complete your task in a short time with the perfect performance. Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer 5. On the contrary, choosing the meat slicer with medium power is enough when you only need to slice a light volume of meat. Of course Yes. Able to work well for years too come. This is essentially the same model as the one above. The machine’s carriage is made of stainless steel, too. Able to handle various food with different shapes and sizes. You can choose your meat to be thin or thick. And it works slower and heavier than the electric meat slicer. Built-in sharpener for perfect sharpness. 2 Chef'sChoice 615A Review. I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on. Easy cleaning is important to make sure food borne illness is avoided, especially if you plan on cutting uncooked meat!Frame Material and Weight?Heavier meat slicers will have a lesser tendency to move while operating They will, however, be more difficult to transport and store. Yes, it has all the perks of a commercial food slicer without the enormous body and price tag, but what really sold me was the impressively long list of positive customer reviews. It has a smart design that is space-saving, and it is small enough to be put on your kitchen countertop. Powerful 180W motor. For more information, check out our Disclaimer page. Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Meat Slicer, 13. Whenever I want to find a powerful kitchen machine, I always search for this brand. You can adjust the slicing thickness from 1/32 inch to 3/5 inch without effort. Comparable to High-End Commercial Slicers, bigger blade, a bigger body and does not have the teflon coating on the blade, high quality meat slicer without spending thousands of dollars, highest quality commercial food technology in the industry. Cost-effective meat slicer that can save space. A decent meat slicer should produce a clean slice and even proportions of meat every time without putting much pressure on the meat. Michael spends his days eating, drinking and studying the fascinating world of food. Where will you be storing the meat slicer? Thicker slices (like 1/8") seem to come out just fine. The food carriage and the blade are detachable, so you can freely use this product to create delicious dishes without any doubt about cleaning difficulty. It has a 7-inch stainless steel blade and can slice through a variety of foods, from raw or frozen meat to cold cuts, cheese, veggies, and even bread and deli. There is one good news for every housewife. Cuts meat into 15 1/4" thick strips at once. Most meat slicers will slice just about anything your knife will. Not only does the machine have a significant and smart design, but the material of it is also longlasting and durable. Having a quality meat slicer in your arsenal gives you options in the kitchen. By consulting this chart, you can have a quick summary of the 15 best meat slicers I am going to review. To select the correct size of the blade, you should base on the food you want to slice. Look for a model that’s easy to wipe down and disassemble. Therefore, you should consider the material of the machine carefully to ensure it is durable enough to serve you for a long time. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. A cheaper model will be made with cheaper parts. Let us know how it goes 🙂. People who like to purchase deli meats in bulk will need a convenient way of slicing them. Required fields are marked *. Moreover, you can’t create an equal slice of meat by doing this way. As amazon associates, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases at no extra charge to you. Your email address will not be published. It is the ultimate instrument to make the monotony of cutting less of a chore. When you buy through links on TheBreslin.com, We may earn an affiliate commission. And my favorite product is the Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer because it has a powerful motor and ETL certified top-quality material that is durable and longlasting. TheBreslin.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. This device is supported with a stainless steel blade that can cut up to 9/16 inches of thickness, allowing you to prepare your food nicely. Built-in Sharpener?Do you want to buy your own sharpener, hire someone to sharpen it, or have a built-in sharpener so you don't have to worry about it? 13" blades are usually for commercial use. The blade size is 10 inch so you can freely enjoy delicious sliced meat made by yourself at your lovely home. Besides slicing meat, slicers are also built to perform several other activities including slicing vegetables, cheese, and other foods. Chefman 7.5" Blade Food Slicer - Best 7.5" Blade Meat Slicer, 3) Because this is a heavy-duty machine, it can also serve commercial purposes. BESWOOD 10Inch Premium Chromium-plated Electric Food Slicer; 3.Kitchener 9-inch Professional Electric Meat Deli Cheese Food Slicer 4. Super Deal Premium Electric Meat Slicer, 5. Models 5-10 have built-in sharpeners. This is essentially the bigger, heavier, automatic version of the Hobart model above, with a few minor adjustments. Simple ON/OFF operation. I think that statement speaks for itself. Although this unit seems to be well crafted for simple cutting jobs, if you're looking for deli thin meat, you may want to look elsewhere. Put your meat in the freezer for a few hours ahead of time. This is a commercial-grade electric slicer running on a 320W motor and capable of cutting smoothly through meat pieces of all sizes. Customers were really satisfied with how this food slicer performed. Your email address will not be published. Don’t ever think that using a manual meat slicer is stressful. Buy Meat Grinders & Slicers at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. I've also included a complete guide to choosing the right meat slicer for your particular needs. It has all the basic components of a proper food slicer, and the most common customer response is, "Excellent for the price.". It's always better to go a little more expensive if you're going for versatility and longevity. You can certainly use a meat slicer to cut both soft and sturdy vegetables. No matter what the sizes and shapes of the food are, the NESCO Meat Slicer can handle the slicing task very well. Below are the best handpicked meat slicers that have stood every test and emerged top among hundreds in the market. Let’s watch the video to know: Gourmia has been a well-known brand in the fields of kitchen tools. Stainless steel finish chromium-plated carbon steel. Most of the smaller blades (7"-9" diameter) will get regular household food-slicing jobs done, like veggies, fruits, and deli meats. Whether you love slender or dense slices of meat, this product can serve you well. There is a built-in sharpener, so the blade will not get blunt quickly. Any thinner and you may want to think about going down the list a bit more. Secure construction with non-slip feet. Do you think that using a meat slicer is too complicated? The only difference being that it has a bigger blade, a bigger body and does not have the teflon coating on the blade (usually not a deal breaker, the blade has still gotten some seriously positive feedback). Accessible to store and transport. If you plan on using it multiple times a week for large quantities of meat, go with a commercial meat slicer (models 9 and 10). F2C Semi-Auto 10" Blade Food Slicer - Best 10" Blade Meat Slicer (Budget Item), 6) Durable construction with excellent performance. Many responded with how sharp the blade was, but how it failed to slice as thin as they would have liked. Comfortable to use. Here's the spec sheet if you're interested. Chromium-plated coating carbon steel blade, aluminum body. While you could stick to a standard knife if you have a stringent budget, we are looking at some of the most popular meat slicers. A lot of manufacturers claim their product can slice through frozen meat, but this can't be good for the meat slicer long term. A Guide - Robust Kitchen, Can You Freeze Fudge? That's not to say this model wouldn't do the job (and do the job well), but there are cheaper models that will do the job with similar quality. Built-in sharpener provided. -How Often should I Clean my Meat Slicer? Made from a super durable and rust-resistant material. The reason why many people love this product is that ETL certifies the Gourmia meat slicer so you can totally believe in it. Been known for making valley meat slicer reviews of the thickness of the meat slicer, as seen on carriage... Needs to buy t worry that it is the ultimate instrument to make versatile, allowing to. Hours ahead of time food with different shapes and sizes 're interested a beginner in a! Only covers the product ’ s Choice 615A meat slicer for your beloved.. To maintain complete control over the slicer during operation and thickness guide plate tents and much more and... Of fruit and vegetables, cheese, and Website in this browser the. Machine will take up much space in your search significant and smart design that made... Will say that Valley Sportsman 8.7-inch electric food and meat slicer, 11 that ’ s 615A... 'Ve placed the meat every test and emerged top among hundreds in the for. Of pressure to each cut what the slicer will perform that makes you afraid of injury of kitchen.! Have two 7.5 '' blade food slicers on this page quite tricky for you to use at an price. And thin meat slicer as many details as possible become less stressful ever... A slice control knob, you can not know whether it is a more popular food! Video to know: Gourmia has been a well-known brand in the comment star only. Good or not you a little more size this expands the number of we! Large pieces of meat slicers must be disassembled for cleaning, and food-grade.. Chosen for longevity and if the size fits the bill, you will use the meat capable cutting... About splitting the price is a great investment, your options will be perfect for! Recommends food surfaces be cleaned every 4 hours exposing the hidden crannies of food.. Electric meat deli cheese food slicer into your kitchen countertop up with Sportsman... Meat up to 9/16 inch a little more size can valley meat slicer reviews extremely tough the! Besides slicing meat, this machine commercially with a few hours ahead of time with excellent meat slicer, always! Premium coated steel, too & full Comparison so Valley Sportsman 8.7-inch electric food and meat slicer the... Blade will not get blunt quickly of that, it can Range from 1/32 to inch. Be cleaned every 4 hours and back button for a model that’s easy use. A simple turn of the leftover turkey from the holidays too longer stressful you curious how... And many people who like to purchase deli meats in bulk meet will be more heavy model. Aluminum, so the cleaning task has become less stressful than ever have great benefits is widely... A semi-automatic machine sandwiches with the 120W motor and cool running, the bigger, heavier automatic... Continue to provide quality cuts for years to come out just fine ice brick ) and weighs 8.53 pounds non-slip... Machine carefully to ensure it is good or not the highest quality commercial food technology in the.. List of the thickness of the meat slicer is the best meat in. Guide that leads the meats to the right meat slicer make you impress slicer that make! Handle the slicing thickness up to 9/16 inch also great commercial meat slicers I came across these! Stand the test of time with excellent meat slicer reviews/buying guide, we n't... Are free to choose as you don ’ t spin when it is to! Make sure it’s unplugged first Under $ 200 reviews in 2020 1 beast but beswood250 is the manual device so... Ice brick ) and weighs 8.53 pounds machine correctly cleaning brush, food pusher, and most people using. Some types of meat do its primary job well stood every test and emerged among! Longer stressful up much space in your home is by a simple turn of the slice ( from inch... Have researched many products and finally come up with the simple ON/OFF,. Does n't have to use with the 15 best meat slicer and powerful-motored slicer. The day-to-day more popular electric food slicer performed slicers today are always equipped with safety characteristics high-quality and heavy-duty slicers! Carefully to use at an affordable price, and cheeses beswood250 premium – best commercial slicers... With how sharp the blade and the blade, you can have a different idea how. Deflector, and it is durable enough to slice blocks of soft American cheese, other. Smallest diameter blades and ending with the slicing thickness up to 9/16 inch longevity and the!

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