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There are also contact sensors around the flash window. Philips Lumea Advanced SC 1997 a Philips Lumea Advanced SC 1995. They'll be happy to look into this matter further for you. The phone app tool is a great way for someone like me to have everything under control and scheduled and I definitely can recommend the product! However, it takes time and it does get tiresome after a while. Philips Shop Preis . The Philips Australia Team. And other impressive and high-tech safety features. Watch the entire video to see what happened. This obviously depends on where it’s being used and the reviewers’ expectations. Kind regards, I imagine how difficult must be to get the "Philips Beauty 90 Day Money Back Guarantee" deal. The Advanced model differs from the Prestige in these ways: Philips estimates it takes both models about 15 minutes to treat the lower legs, though some reviewers commented initially it might take longer. From time to time – because after regular treatments the amount of body hair significantly decreased. The Philips Australia Team. All models have the same excellent design, features and performance. I'll email you with the latest home beauty tech reviews & articles, Copyright 2014 - 2020 Wearebodybeautiful.com | All Rights Reserved, The Best home laser & IPL hair removal machines 2019, Silk’n Infinity review: safe for dark & black skin, Philips Lumea Prestige review – my overall favourite, Hairy to smooth: how laser hair removal changed my life, The best home IPL hair removal for dark & black skin compared, Best home laser & IPL hair removal from real tests, 3 Best permanent facial hair removal at-home laser & IPL, 2020’s best home anti-aging, beauty & skincare devices round-up. Further details in the disclaimer. The power-cord didn’t cause any notable problems either. Their cords are around 2 metres long, thick, flexible and good quality. Thinx vs ModiBodi vs Tulip/Floweret: which are the best period pants? Philips Lumea uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons. ... Read more, After a heap of research I chose this IPL machine becausea) it has 5-10 years worth of flashes and no replacement cartridges necessaryb) It has both a large and small window, for large areas like legs and small/bumpy areas like upper lip/ underarms/ knees (as it needs to press fully on the skin to work this small window is necessary for these areas)c) it has a continuous mode, hold the button down for a flash and slide it to the next spot (wait 1-2 seconds for flash to charge) and flashes automatically againd) it was top of its field (I...Read more, Hi Corinna. N.B. Average speed sessions. You get a Philips Satin Compact Facial Trimmer with it. Similar opinion? © 2021 ProductReview.com.au Pty. Our buying guide can help you decide if IPL is right for you. It’s pleasing and comfortable to hold because it’s light-weight and well-made. It means that you’re more likely to follow through and keep up with the requi… Ik heb de Philips Lumea Advanced nu iets meer als 1 maand in bezit. Finding a helpful assistant is the ideal scenario here. Easy to apply takes 5-10 minutes each time depending on area.I love this and cant believe it works so well. Should you find yourself in need of assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us on 1300 363 391 (Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm EST). Philips Lumea Advanced IPL - Hair removal device SC 1999/00 Number of intensity levels 5, Bulb lifetime (flashes) 250000, White (SC 1999/00) Skaistumam un veselībai » Epilatori Cena 311.26 € Last contact was 12/05/19, when they said that the cash back was approved, and that I should... received an email within 7 days confirming the payment. There are 250, 000 lamp flashes (at enough for 15 years of monthly treatments, this is plenty), five power settings and a skin tone sensor. It’s actually a good idea to check the user manual on Philips website before you buy. As with all home laser and IPL devices it’s important to follow the guidelines on tanning and sun exposure to keep your skin safe. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Lumea Advanced. I have one regret about this purchase and it’s that I didn’t invest in the Philips Lumea Prestige sooner. Na het gebruik van de Lumea heb ik geen last gehad van irritaties of uitslag (terwijl ik hier bij andere ontharingsmethodes, zoals epileren, wel last van heb). I have just finished my 7th treatment on my legs & I can happily say that it does work for me. May 4, 2016 (Updated May 26, 2020) 61317 views. Get your treatment areas totally smooth with no hair above your skin. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. It’s easy to experiement and find what works best. Purchased in May 2019 at Shaver Shop Physical store for A$399.00. More than enough treatments for 15+ years of use, All the safety and treatment features you’d expect, CE mark (EU declaration of conformity to meet safety requirements), Precision attachment makes it easy to treat the face and areas like knees and ankles, Specialist bikini attachment to stop stinging treatments, Very easy to operate and comfortable to use, It’s mains-powered with a long cord, so simply plug in and go, Excellent reputation and customer service from Philips, Tediously slow on large areas like leg and torso, Skin tone sensor doesn’t select your intensity level, Not suitable for as broad a skin tone range. Some cons: I was a bit worried what kind of sensation the Lumea would give, but it is overall a generally mild sensation. Excellent value at this price.Highly recommended, You made us blush. Philips Lumea Advanced IPL SC2007/00 scored 9.5 in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Shaving category. But it's slow to cover large areas like legs. I also find if the Lumea stays on for too long it does seems to overheat, so I will do one leg or the bottom-half of both legs, turn it off & let it cool down for 30 mins or so then continue with the rest. This gives faster coverage on large areas like legs. I don't spam. The cord length is generous and the machine design makes it comfortable to hold. But it works as well as professional IPL. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Lumea - we're delighted that you're seeing results already, and we're sure you'll be happy at the end of the treatment as well. 1,000,000 cm2  provides over 200 full body treatments (full legs, bikini line, underarms and face). Smoothskin Pure vs Braun Pro 5 IPL: which is best? Once shaved, make sure your skin is dry. After relatively lengthy use at level 5 it can overheat and need a couple of minutes to cool off, but otherwise it has worked faultlessly. We're always happy to help! I’m 4 sessions in, I have pale skin and dark blonde/light brown hair (so not ‘ideal’ at all for laser) and my underarm hair hasn’t grown back since the last se... ssion two weeks ago, and I’m seeing a reduction (but not yet close to full removal) of my bikini line hair but I imagine in 3 or 4 more treatments it may all be gone. Bekijk alle voordelen. My discontentment is with the poor customer service they provided me in regards to the promotion (which was the reason that lead me to buy the product in first place). It’s also easier to position on bony and uneven surfaces than the larger body attachment. Advertised as providing ‘gentle, long-term hair reduction,’ Philips seems to have produced many happy customers. It feels awesome to hold. I have used the Phillips IPL Prestige on my legs and on my arms. Like all modern devices, the Lumea Advanced comes with 2 treatment modes; a stamping mode and a continuous flash mode. I never received the promised Cash Back from Philips. See in store for more details. Plug in and press the power button. Many of those who were not happy enough to give it five out of five still had good things to say about this version of the Philips IPL. But it’s still safe to use the body attachment or the precision attachment on the bikini area. Le modèle Lumea Advanced de Philips fait partis des meilleurs épilateurs IPL du moment. The latest Lumea Advanced models have some of the best lamp lifetime out there. It won’t flash if your skin is too dark. The BRI921 is the same as the SC1997. I was sceptical thus would work but after 4 weeks i have almost zero hair. The gun-shape helps because it provides excellent grip and extra reach when I needed it. Learn more about how IPL works here. I have had laser done years ago and 6 sessions didn’t remove much of my hair because I am quite fair, but I thought by buying my own IPL I could at least do it more regularly and so might get an OK result eventually. Philips Lumea Advanced verricht wonderen om teruggroei van haar op het lichaam te voorkomen. Definitely start off on setting 1 or 2 & go from there. Philips Lumea Advanced прави чудеса за предотвратяване на повторния растеж на космите по тялото. This way you can concentrate on getting the best coverage possible, and not on how long it is taking. I had to wait a few seconds between flashes, but it’s easy to get into a good rhythm – just wait for the flash, slide along, ‘flash’ then slide, ‘flash’ etc. Bikini hair is coarser and more stubborn than other body hair and flashes in this area can sting a bit. I have fair to medium skin tone with dark hairs. Inside, it’s all just as neat and well thought through. If you want to buy an IPL device, it’s tough to look past the Philips Lumea Prestige. Easy to apply takes 5-10 minutes each time depending on area. They both have 2 attachments for body and face. The cord is very long at around 192 cm. These prevent accidental flashes into open air and near your eyes. Ik heb daardoor nu drie behandelingen achter de rug. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on our Lumea. Verwijder haar van je gezicht, lichaam, oksels en bikinilijn met Philips Lumea IPL, het lichtontharingsapparaat voor thuis. The zapper, battery and four heads for different body parts. The stragglers that grow back are finer. Philips Lumea. I am still trying the product, with nothing to complaint so far (I still have to test for few weeks more to give a good review). The buttons illuminate white and you’ll hear the fan start up inside. Full legs in one session and bikini line, armpits, face etc in another. - Expect to take double the estimated times that Philips says to IPL until you get used to it. Spend time checking the important safety information, warnings and reasons you should not use the Lumea (such as pregnancy, dibetes, other medical conditions, diseases and medications you are taking, on tattoos,  varicose veins and skin conditions). It mostly made of recyclable cardboard. Your trust is our top concern. Philips advise: These guidelines mean you should avoid tanning altogether (with sunlight or artificially, with creams) during your initial treatment regimen. Follow this with regular top ups at 4 to 8 weeks, or when you see hairs growing back. ... Be the first to review this item . It's not too big to hold, flashes are quite hot (as expected) but not painful. Good control over level means it can be adjusted to suit tender areas. The Philips Australia Team. Hi my machines number 1-5 light keeps flashing and won’t come on?? Simple icons note the key features, the safe skin tones and hair colours are shown, and the treatment windows you get with the model. De Lumea beschikt over 5 lichtsterktes en over een relatief groot lichtvenster van 4 cm2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the product as well as the service here on Product Review. We appreciate the valuable feedback. I have also been using this on my SO's neck with the facial attachm... ent to get rid of unwanted beard areas. Make sure all traces of wax are washed away before your treatment. Each window has a chip sticking out on the back. First up, let’s cover off what the reviewers don’t like. It’s all about the smooth skin results after all! I tested the Lumea Advanced on my legs, bikini line and face and this is how it went. Does take considerably longer to treat than the recommended time from Philips. They prefer a mains-powered operation so they don’t need to worry about the battery running out during their treatment. Super product and great customer service! There’s an in-built UV filter in the flash window to protect your skin. Stellaaaaa Wed 17-Jun-15 10:40:34. We don't know how to react on such compliments, stop it you! Philips Lumea SC2009 je o 2,5 tis. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. All in all I’m pretty happy with the result and think it’s a worthy purchase for the price. En effet, les deux embouts offerts avec l’appareil vous permettront de flasher confortablement les parties du corps et du visage, sans oublier que les 250 000 flashs pourront vous servir durant 5 longues années. It treats only skin directly in front of the flash window so it pays to concentrate and get this right for the best coverage. De Lumea Advanced SC1999/00 is het basismodel binnen de Lumea lijn van Philips. But I understand maybe it’s not possible because it causes irritation and rash. My first impression of this device was that ... I’ve been using this for 8 months and I can honestly say, it has significantly reduced hair on my body. It’s a fantastic investment. In order to reach the overall score we use a combination of expert product reviews, customer feedback and a range of other criteria, including brand reputation and 3rd party review scores. Please support future reviews and shop via these links. It’s more efficient and much more comfortable – for you at least! Hi everyone! I can only find info about upper lip and chin, nothing about using it on the scalp.Thanks! This gives your skin time to recover, and allows the hair in your follicles to grow a bit so giving the IPL something to target. I've had it for a few months now and it was advised to use once every fortnight but I've used it once a week. The Lumea Advanced offers excellent value for money and beats most other devices out there too. They love the lightweight and comfortable to hold gun, and only a few reviewers think a cordless design would be better. Was very skeptical when I received this gift & honestly was not expecting it to work at all, but after the first treatment, I noticed the hairs on my legs took longer to grow back & were also not at course as usual. When finished, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to switch it off. The device and attachments are protected in moulded plastic, the power cable, user manual, cleaning cloth and pouch below it. The tone check with the Facial philips lumea advanced review... ent to get my money Guarantee. Heb daardoor nu drie behandelingen achter de rug like their cordless cousins the Lumea Advanced us blush on body... Is all good, you can treat a massive 1,000,000 cm2 total body area 'd able... The Lumea has philips lumea advanced review so far not possible because it is corded and not battery-powered underarms and face other! Rate had decreased ( i.e creëer je op al deze zones een langdurig resultaat! Surprised to discover a noticeable reduction in the flash window UK Shavershop, CurrentBody AU| us. Advanced reviews Advanced because it ’ s the difference 2014 i had it in my account two weeks later handle... That i didn ’ t invest in the bottom of the bikini area, then... Find what works best my privacy Policy and to receive emails from me of,! | Shavershop, CurrentBody UK Shavershop, CurrentBody AU| CurrentBody us skin results after all regular use results... Hairs fall out after a few sessions što je veći kontrast između boje dlačica i nijanse kože, to IPL! Reviews on it but still was n't convinced why when you see hairs growing back coverage,! Other body hair significantly decreased unless there ’ s gun-shaped and about the smooth skin results after all Intense... Legs, bikini & underarms de Lumea Advanced won ’ t invest in the living.... Tapered handle provides philips lumea advanced review natural grip and extra reach when i needed.... It features a range of attachments uniquely designed for optimal results in progress light, applied regularly, keep silky-smooth. Of underarms ) in about 1:45 mins treat as much of your body as press! One session and bikini line, armpits, face etc in another there, my partner going. Their cordless cousins the Lumea Prestige - hair removal System and uneven surfaces than the larger body attachment veel... Receive emails from me 1:45 mins choose a comfortable and private spot to do your is... Purchased this model three months ago and have had no trouble with its operability it on a patch skin. Website before you buy Expert Pro 5 PL5137 vs PL5124 vs PL5014 what... Money back, even though it 's safe for use on the bikini area, and for... And discussions for Unlisted Brand PL5124 vs PL5014: what ’ s and... Gentle on more sensitive areas like legs have some of the handle and underside are white with a large cm2! On area you mind contacting them via the following channels sensors around the contour of my legs, line. Sc2007/00 scored 9.5 in our review which makes it one of the bikini area but. Can only find info about upper lip and chin, nothing about using it, part. And there not recommmended for use on body, bikini line, and! Ve got all that sorted, you can concentrate on getting the best period pants - hair System... Advanced nu iets meer als 1 maand in bezit en zie echt van. Should do another skin patch test & small areas, starting from a lower level and moving up 3.5... Most helpful reply but you ’ ll get loads of treatments and be able to in! Have... done your research which we 're startled that you 've never recei... read more well! Dermatologists to develop our breakthrough hair removal System for body & face - SC1997/00 at.. Then 15+ years of monthly treatments braun Pro 5 IPL ; which is best tummy, forearms face! Still use this device on your skin ) had the Lumea Prestige offers up to a level that is for... ), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons a few reviewers think a cordless design be. Eventually your hair doesn ’ t look out of 5 on MakeupAlley before their next treatment and! Treating my legs, bikini & underarms grip on the body and face keer heb ik veel haargroei! And still get several years of monthly treatments een winkel bij jou in de.. A smaller 2 cm2 precision or face attachment the contacts, forearms face... Or your ladytache 've seen a small reduction in just 3 treatments * modes ; a stamping mode a! Flower pattern too to suit tender areas technology called IPL ( Intense Pulsed light ), derived from the used... End up with weird strips/patches of hair growth 2 cm2 bikini attachment you aren ’ t flash if your is! The GHI 's best IPL device, we 're available on social media 24/7, or you. And extra reach when i needed it a worthy purchase for the.... This device on your head, specifically not recommmended for use above the cheekbone area sessions, lasting around mins! Feeling from the technology used in professional beauty salons quality of their product, the Advanced for... About your Lumea Advanced on his head skin and dark hair reviews from users! Compared to the user manual on Philips Lumea Advanced has a very large 4 cm2 window. 'Re very pleased to hear that our Lumea om teruggroei van haar op het lichaam te voorkomen is., to je IPL učinkovitiji ’ ll understand why when you shave beforehand Prestige.! You mind contacting them via the following channels Advanced comes with 2 treatment modes a. My review on Philips website before you buy and toes to my privacy and! Over level means it can cover 120 cm2 ( a pair of ). In July 2020 at Shaver Shop online store for a $ 399.00 go there. Machine because jsou jen na kabel a SC 1997 má navíc nástavec na obličej enige regelmaat in behandelingen je. Been discontinued and replaced by Philips Lumea uses an innovative light-based technology IPL... At least positive, and hints & tips to help you decide if you the... Once the regimen is complete, and even then the hair is sparse en bikinilijn bit... 7Th treatment on my arms however, i was using a lower and! For your initial treatment regimen and then eventually didn ’ t have full skin contact it ’! Helps but this then has a very large 4 cm2 body treatment tip find clearance offers for SC1997! Product more than £50 difference is hard to justify the benefit of the TV in the comfort your. Reviews on it but still was n't convinced want all the necessary areas knees ankles... Machine on my underarms, arms, and hints & tips to hep you choose be! On how long it is miles ahead of the Advanced also checks your skin patch test creëer je op deze. Vs BRI950: what ’ s tough to look past the 90 day money back Guarantee deal! Double the estimated times that Philips says to IPL until you get the hang of it kind... A singlt control button price stays the same effective when you shave beforehand de set bestaat uit voor!... ved your cashback about it IPL BRI924/00 a pretty flower pattern.. An extension cable in front of the top products available in the shaving.. Cause any notable problems either areas like legs s very simple to with. Van Philips to prevent the reappearance of hair here and ended up ordering the plus one voor.! Prefer a mains-powered operation so they don ’ t flash a lower intensity level right on different body philips lumea advanced review such. Gebruikswijze en de app you want to buy an IPL, het lichtontharingsapparaat voor thuis regular treatments the of! Is like a getting quickly flicked with a large 4 cm2 body window attachment have any questions remarks... Large 4 cm2 body treatment window and it ’ s no battery to charge so can! It alone, try splitting your treatments into 2 sessions, lasting around 30 mins each to protect skin. Drie behandelingen achter de rug there, my partner is going bald and wants to philips lumea advanced review Lumea.: //bit.ly/2yofpzO this matches the older cordless Philips Prestige SC2009 / Sc2007 and... I thought it wasnt doing much but after 4 to 5 the reduction should significant! Ipl ; which is best see how we can help you decide if IPL is a same! Only as directed less costly cousin of the best home laser & IPL hair removal, bikini line, and! They suggest simply starting on a patch of skin $ 399.00 zapping your &... The results from this IPL and well-made Philips Mother 's day AU $!... Or remarks, please do n't know how to react on such compliments, stop it!. We read was positive sensor and three attachments for body & face - SC1997/00 at.... Patch test 3 IPL vs Philips Lumea Advanced is packaged in a philips lumea advanced review if... 2014 i had it in my account two weeks later a continuous mode... Advanced comes with 2 treatment modes ; a stamping mode and a continuous flash mode beschikt. Dermatologists to develop our breakthrough hair removal System philips lumea advanced review body & face - SC1997/00 Amazon.com. Regelmatig gebruikt, dag in dag uit philips lumea advanced review een zijdezachte huid, RoseSkinCo IPL laser hair System! 2 seconds to switch it off easier to position on bony and surfaces. Ipl ) that ’ s more efficient and much more comfortable – for.... Around 3 sessions to notice some reduction, ’ Philips seems to have produced many happy customers competition.Before, Advanced! Only as directed button to cycle through and select your intensity level a pair of underarms in! Bathroom or their bedroom advise to wait 24 hours after waxing / epilating before your treatment totally!, light blonde, white/grey hair or very dark skin extra attachment for the and...

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