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I’m excited to learn more about the brand collaboration. This email definitely got my attention. It definitely reads like a product launch email—because that’s what it is, in partnership with Huckberry. If you have a clear point of view, high quality content, and an engaged audience, you have the power to pitch brands. I had no idea at I could even pitch to brands. And as 2017 passed by, I also realized that more and more brands continued find and pitch me. An effective partnership email will allow you to grow your company or brand faster in any new market than if you do it on your own. How To Turn Down A Collaboration That Isn’t A Good Fit // I think as creatives, writers, small business owners and bloggers we have all been in a position where we are offered the opportunity to work with a company or brand, but it just doesn’t feel like the right fit for your community of readers or audience. The editor is super easy to use and also provides a ton of options for fine-tuning and customizing templates. Just follow our tutorial on how to position live text and a CTA button over a background image in BEE! An ideal brand collaboration e-mail sample contains all the useful basic details regarding the concerned brands. Me and my partner will be very pleased if you share some tips about our situation. I have only been doing Instagram sponsored posts that I find through affiliate marketing agencies. The images are carefully selected to show off a product, which is a smart move whenever you’re introducing something new. Template 1: The free sample template. So now let’s continue to show them why you are the best person for the job: your audience. A branded content label is applied to a post as a result of a brand collaboration and comes from a creator, publisher’s Page or verified Profile ’with’ a business partner’s Page. As discussed above, it can be a good idea to lead your email with what your influencer could get in return for them giving you some exposure. There you have it friends! Art of Emails How to reliably get new clients Cold emails to get new clients Cold emails for B2B products Follow ups to get replies Link building emails Partner with influencers Graceful apologies Pitch journalists Onboard new users Ask for donations Ask for referrals. A partnership proposal is a long-form document that invites companies or individual entrepreneurs to become business partners. I'm a Seattle Lifestyle Blogger focused on bringing you fashion, career, and life advice. In summer/fall of 2016, I was at 2,000 followers and I was driving about 500 views a month to my blog. Thank you for this <3. Today, we’ll look at some stellar examples and offer design tips for how to make your own! Digital celebrities only care about what they will get from collaboration with your brand. September 2, 2019 at 8:49 PM This was so helpful and to the point! List the brands you’re featuring at the tippy top of your email—and in your subject line, too. Your email address will not be published. We love the alternating bold colors in the modules of this collaboration email from Topo Designs (on behalf of Fronteer). A partnership proposal is what a business owner needs to pursue a corporate partnership with prospective business partners. A thank you and a sentence about your interest How to Negotiate (Paid) Brand Collaborations, Wedding Update: Our Fall 2020 Wedding is Postponed, 8 Self-Portrait Posing Ideas for Self-Timer Photo Shoots, Testimonials for How to Negotiate (Paid) Brand …. Thank you. If it is so, what is the best way to pitch brands. And that’s a good thing! brand slangs or names they call their products) 2. Collaboration Zach Don’t make readers scroll through a series of images before telling them the stars of the show. Is it possible to collaborate with this Figures? 4. Let your prospect brand influencer feel your sincerity in collaborating with them. Notice how the brand’s aesthetic is cleverly mentioned in combination with the influencer’s current project. Check out this snazzy email from Nisolo. We noticed the change in vibe right away—the pale millennial pink and “hand-written” illustrations make for a sweet, stand-out message that caught our eye. The Automation Pro was in Beta, but the founders … Many readers skim emails looking for interesting and relevant information. Unveil the collaboration with vibrant images and festive language. Serena R Hale. In this collaboration email from jewelry brand Vrai & Oro, announcing its partnership with Everlane, both brands are named at the very top of the email—and in the subject line itself. How to Negotiate (Paid) Brand Collaborations is available for $120. If I want to email a specific person, what kind of job titles should I look for? We want to give you the tools to write a pitch letter that stands out from the crowd and gets you collaborating with brands. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. We love the brand logos at the top, plus the combination of product stills and modeled images. I have downloaded one from another website only to find myself even more overwhelmed. Increase your brand’s credibility and authenticity ... We’ve outlined 5 email templates you can use to kick start your influencer outreach campaign. This ‘affiliate’ collaboration email sample is an invitation over a collaboration where profits will be shared for all the units that the influencer sells (either through an affiliate link or a promo code that the customer needs to apply at checkout for a discount on the product.) I was approached with American Eagle Outfitters to become a style ambassador. The three email examples you see here can help you craft a cold email, a slightly less cold email, and a warm email. Design one-of-a-kind brand collaboration emails in the BEE editor with a free trial of BEE Pro. So avoid adding such information to your influencer outreach email : You can … If you’re at 20,000 followers and 12,000 page views a month, you can pitch brands. A collaboration is a special event! Show them how much you crave for more success and achievement. Great info article what i looking for… I hope it will help me too collaboration with some brands. “How to” isn’t the only thing that makes the email subject line from Salesforce above … It’s a great collaboration as it ensures that both sides are benefiting for each sale — which means that you, as the brand, won’t have to worry about coming up with a flat fee that the influencer may not be able to meet through their promotion alone. ), there’s inspiration to be drawn from the design choices here. When the partnership offer received by email is a perfect fit for your organization and aligns with your strategic objectives and goals, chances are that you will accept the partnership offer. Sincerely, Emma. The competition can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s the synergy of working together, the fun of creating something you couldn’t or wouldn’t have alone, and the added exposure of accessing each other’s audiences. Subject: Introducing the Clare V. x TOMS collection. This type of strategic partnership puts your product in front of customers who are outside of your current network, expanding your reach exponentially. ... but those generic requests to write sample posts drive me batty. I was always curious about the social media kit. A Perfect Collaboration Email Gets Answered. Email [email protected] to request the resources you need! If all of this seems like a lot, I’ve bundled together 10 email negotiation templates you can use for your next brand collaboration. This pitch email template is specifically structured to … I would love to hear about your brand and hope to have a chance to collaborate with you. I know I’m raising my hand! 5. We’re excited to have you join our team! So be sure to personalize and avoid copy and pasting on your collaboration email. Hi there! I’m looking for some tips of how we can reach the opportunity to connect to a local (chain)store,so we can sell our clothes. Thanks! Thanks for this! Beefree uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. In this case, the brand logos aren’t used at the top of the email, which makes for a perfect opportunity to layer live text in the first module atop the image—or position matching HTML background color alongside an image. Pitch second. Wow! Read on to learn how to respond to a brand collaboration email! So it’s no surprise we see tons of brand collaboration emails in our inbox. Knowing the brand well is important when replying to collaboration emails because it will help you: 1. Network first. Subject: Topo Designs x FRONTEER Collaboration. I’ve been pitching to a few tour companies while here in Mexico, and are in talks with two of them! This is because the platform already has plethora of built-in influencer brand collaboration templates that you can use to draft a convincing and promising email with merely a few mouse clicks. My stylish photos are mesmerizing people with Fashion attaire. Collaboration is a good thing. Wrap it up with one or two sentences and say thank you! Hi , Thanks for all these tips. Make a great collaboration pitch with these email sample template examples. “The Basics of Blogging has an email list of over 22,000 bloggers and has over 78,000 unique visitors to the site each month. What Is a Partnership Proposal? Note: The following are all real emails that I have received, but personal details have been modified to protect the offending (or awesome!) [insert your name here] Brand Ambassador DM Template in Use; Hey Mariah, We’re launching a brand new campaign for our “Shake It!” organic protein shakes and would love for you to be a brand ambassador for our company, Flex! Self-interest. Thank you Emma. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Stitch Fix. Subject: Introducing the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby. Emails That Are Easy to Read. We also enjoy the simplicity of this email, which helps readers get the information they need if they want to attend the event. I’ll definitely use your tips. Wow! 8 thoughts on “ How To Pitch A Collaboration With Brands ” Niecey. If all else fails, email or chat customer service and ask for a marketing or PR contact, explaining that you’re a blogger who is interested in getting in touch for a collaboration. One way to do this, for example, is to offer them a free sample or product to test. We’d definitely incorporate live text, though, and make that single CTA button pop! When I became a full-time blogger in 2015, I spent the first few months in and out of 100's of meetings. My name is Emma. See more ideas about online branding, pitch, blogging tips. Thanks a ton for this! We use these for advertising and analytics purposes. 1. I realized now that there is no threshold of when you should pitch brands. Earn money with Brand Collabs Manager. After the shock wore off, I realized that there was value in the content I created and the audience I had cultivated. Again, lots of images are shown here to unveil the features of the shoe and pack, and by using just one image per module, the reader can focus on one exciting characteristic at a time. Hi Emma, Thank you for your tips. Hi Emma I found your information verry helpfull. This collaboration email from TOMS, to showcase its partnership with Clare V., is definitely on the softer, more feminine side compared to the brand’s typical look. Writing the perfect email collaboration could lead to getting answered. Treat it like one by designing the email like you would a product launch email. Include previous brand collaborations OR original content that shows you can create great content for the brand. Your email address will not be published. December 15, 2019 at 9:21 PM Very helpful information. Thank you for these tips! This collaboration email with celeb foodie Chrissy Teigen certainly incorporates the usual brand blue, but the red banner and pink background are a bold departure. I’ve been pitching travel brands for awhile but this is a great template for product reviews and kids clothing, too! I know that I should look for someone in PR. The world of social media marketing and influencers are upon us, and I want to be one of the pioneers who genuinely want to share her knowledge in order to help others grow and be better. This is so helpful! Have just started reaching out to brands and this helped a lot . Sweet Valentine's Day Email Designs Giving Us Heart Eyes ???? I’m excited to learn more about the brand collaboration. Instead of a conventional piece of user-generated content, the email ends with a quote from a product development manager. 6,300 Monthly Unique Users, 7,400 Unique Monthly Sessions, Previous Examples of brand collaborations: Thank you so much! parties. collaboration p83 38/ Fiat + Lavazza: An unusual collaboration to p85 39/ A co-workshop on sensations p87 40/ When athletes meet superheroes p89 41/ Gas Gas + Ossa: Partnership in the dirt bike sector p91 42/ Collaboration at the national level p93 43/ Grup Focus + Codorniu: A win-win situation for the arts and a cava Brand p95 A marketing email is a method of marketing strategy where a business sends a commercial message, typically to a group of people using a formal email. Brand pitch email template for pitching to brands in a casual manner The following template is an example of how to write a casual brand pitch template. But is it also effective to email a product marketing, or social media manager? A Paid Partnership label is applied to the post in grey (as a meta-data timestamp). A perfectly crafted brand partnership pitch deck is the best way to kick-start a brand collaboration that benefits all partners. Many emails—this one included—used images of the brand logos for added recognition and clarity. With that said, I haven’t pitched to brands. Hopefully, a bump in sales is a benefit, too. The generous line height and line breaks offer an airy, spacious vibe. Our brains processes images more quickly than words, so in the name of speed and efficiency, logos are a great move. Understand their mission and goals 3. For more tips on designing event invitation emails, be sure to check out a few of our event design posts: While this Koio collaboration email with Quincy Davis is all image-based (why no plain text?! It contains facts about a company, especially its attributes that make it worth investing in. I knew I needed to get myself out there so that brands and I could develop a working relationship outside of emails. That was a really helpful blog. And that hero image? I am a lifestyle blogger & I want to pitch brands & products through mail & Massage. Effective Business Partnership Email Strategy Learning how to write an effective business partnership email sample is one of the most valuable skills any marketer can get. For me, it’s really a matter of knowing how you would be able to promote their brand on your blog. Effectively spread the word about your small business by partnering with a complementary company. 3 Musketeers + Love is Louder Call out the collaborators immediately. that will leave you to do all the research about them. It’s so pretty, especially with white text atop it. If you’re interested, please email me at [insert email here]. But, my content is good. After all, a brand collaboration email isn’t all about you—it’s about your partner brand, too, and about the new brand image you’re creating together. Let’s see… Keep it up. I’m a blogger as well. One way to catch readers’ attention when they open a collaboration email is to depart boldly from your usual brand standards. The ultra-narrow body width makes the text easy to read. My email templates on pitching brands + my advice about reaching out to brands! 2. https://www.influenex.com/blog/write-a-brand-collaboration-email.html Firstly I just want to say that pitching to brands is literally what has allowed me to have a successful career. Ask Emma: How do you increase traffic to your blog? 3 Tips for Designing the Best Brand Collaboration Emails, Tip #1: Call out the collaborators immediately, Tip #2: Structure the email like a product launch, Tip #3: Don’t be shy about making emails look “off brand”, Create Your Own Brand Collaboration Emails, The 3 Design Ingredients for Perfect Event Invitation Emails, 5 Effective Strategies for Event Reminder Emails, how to position live text and a CTA button over a background image, matching HTML background color alongside an image. Regardless of your job profile (a brand or an influencer), there are certain best practices that you must follow while responding to a collaboration email in order make your business association more fruitful and long-lasting. This trend was almost ubiquitous in all the collaboration emails we examined. I want to collaborate with brands and I have only 385 followers on Instagram. Required fields are marked *. Include your social media stats So I am looking for all the tips I can get! Is a collaboration in your future? Share the spotlight! List the brands you’re featuring at the … I barely started pitching recently! Guide your promotional email decisions by what you’ve established are the expectations for your brand; Be consistent so you don’t alienate your audience; 5. 15 tips on pricing and negotiating as a blogger. If you receive Blue Apron emails, you know that most of the time, they’re very blue. The concept of Brand Collaboration can be defined as the strategic alliance between two or more brands for curating a unique and specific product or service with an intention to carve a niche and attain a competitive advantage at the marketplace. ... (a travel lifestyle brand). A marketing email involves using email to advertise their business, promote their products, request business, and to build brand loyalty and trust awareness. Share the spotlight! Working together = good for everyone. How to Reach Out Collaborate With Brands as a Blogger, 4 Things Brands Look for in a Blogger Collaboration. Being respectful while replying to a mail is the key to strong communication. You should always ask for the goals, the deliverables, and the budget of the campaign, 3. Hey Emma, your tips were amazing. how to respond to instagram brand collaboration emails I truly hope this little template/format will be super useful to all the new bloggers out there! All of it just comes together! Below is an example from Aaron Agius of Louder Online. Check out our free email design tutorials and videos for tips, and have fun! This is a beautiful email, but again, we’d advise breaking up those stacked images and using well-formatted live text and bulletproof CTA buttons. See if you’re the perfect fit for them SAMPLE … just the article I was looking for ! Bobbi Brown Ultra Violet Palette I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks Emma for sharing these tips. Now, we want to set the stage for the story you would expand on if selected for the collaboration. Thank you! This is beyond helpful! A thank you and a sentence about your interest 2. It’s hard because we are at the very beginning and still young not recognizable brand. I hope your week is going well so far and happy Thanksgiving! Use their linggo (i.e. Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com. 5 similar things to include in the email when you’re replying back to a brand: Brand Email Pitch Introduction: 1. Keeping the fundamentals of proper email writingin mind, here are examples of partnership acceptance emails for various scenarios If you’re at 2,000 followers and 500 page views a month, you can pitch brands. ← Customize 550+ templates for your next newsletter, Christmas Email Campaign Ideas to Ring in the Season, The Ultimate Guide to Email Design Best Practices, How to Send A Happy New Year Email to Your Business Clients, Tutorial: How to Begin A/B Testing Email Designs. Each brand, big or small, looks for opportunities to grow brand outreach. My partnership with AEO gave me the confidence to start pitching brands like ThirdLove and local companies like Spavia. Benchmark – It’s Time to be an Automation Pro. Subject: Introducing BLUE APRON x CHRISSY TEIGEN—save $50 ???? When two brands come together, they each benefit in plenty of ways. The brand can even see if the quote is effective by experimenting with an A/B test—it’d be interesting to know! As soon as readers open this email, they can tell it’s something different and special. How to Write a Co-Branding Proposal. So now I want a perfect mail strategy. PR agencies are flooded with emails from aspiring influencers looking for collaboration opportunities. The Affiliate Program Pitch. I just started pitching to brands. Your template is super helpful and I can understand what is really needed for pitching to brands. Sep 29, 2020 - Create an influencer partnership with online brands for increased income. Your collab is a big deal.

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