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A Capability Task is designed to allow the student to demonstrate the mastery of the work they have covered in the Resource Tasks. True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime. It is enough to say that two rival doctrines of grace and free-will were struggling for mastery in the Roman Church. THE WAY TO THE MASTER. 26) The foundation of lasting self- confidence and self esteem is excellence, 27) In brief, it was a fertile testing ground for those wishing to demonstrate prowess in their, 28) The man who put the flash into kiddy science and engineering was obsessed with, 29) We love the imperfect shapes in nature and in the works of art, look for an intentional error as a sign of the golden key and sincerity found in true, 30) Descartes also claimed that the new rationalist methodology would bring human, 3) The orchestra is unrivalled in terms of technical. He hurried to his Master. 91) Chances of finding employment are in turn closely dependent on mastery of modern knowledge. By the late 1890s Cézanne's mastery of the medium allowed for a range of highly nuanced luminous effects. At present we can only be certain that the criterion according to which Brahms, being a symphonic writer, has no mastery of orchestration whatever, is not a criterion compatible with any sense of symphonic style. Perceval was a vigorous debater, specially excelling in replies, in which his thorough mastery of all the details of his subject gave him a great advantage. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB The girl looked at him with a strange light in her eyes—scorn, pity, and self-will struggling together for the mastery. mastery sentence examples: can cope with it on the basis of some Mastery, competence, and record library: recording every student's score, errors, mastery condition of every part of knowledge in every study of university stage with grow up grind more to practise my will, have raised my M And when writing has been made a permanent accomplishment, or lasting property of the subject, to be taken up at will, it corresponds to the intellectus adeptus - the complete mastery of science. This distinguished mastery of style, and love of it for its own sake within the bounds of good sense and literary decorum, gave him a pre-eminence among the story-tellers of his time. Colquhoun, The Mastery of the Pacific (London, 1902); G. It shows so much mastery that one is compelled to believe that Raibolini must before then have practised painting for some few years. In this way, you will be teaching multiplication mastery incrementally. ‘His mastery of the English language has often been in dispute but ‘Chronicles’ will surely put an end to the debate.’ ‘In this scenario, your mastery of the English language will do you no good.’ ‘The requirement that you prove your mastery of the Bulgarian language has, as reported in The Sofia Echo some time ago, been removed.’ But there was satisfaction in seeing from day to day the evidence of growing mastery and the possibility of final success. Adults usually want to learn a foreign language in a hurry, unlike children who can devote many years to language mastery. Kiera sought an explanation, recalling he was not familiar with most slang despite his mastery of English. 5. His life was divided between two great pursuits - the career of a surgeon, and the mastery and solution of many of the great problems of sanitary science and reform. Her mastery of his language was better than his mastery of hers. (noun) Dictionary ! Possession of consummate skill. 4) She showedcomplete mastery in her handling of the discussion. Price: $15.95. Andrea, conscious as he was of his own great faculty and mastery, seems nevertheless to have felt that there was something in his old preceptor's strictures; and the later subjects, from the legend of St Christopher, combine with his other excellences more of natural character and vivacity. Sentence Master is the first game of its kind designed and developed completely by educators to help students eliminate the most common mistake among English language learners, correct word order. Mastery in a sentence. Sextus thereupon put to death all the chief men of the town, and thus obtained the mastery. After their victory at Diu over the Egyptian fleet their mastery of the Indian Ocean was undisputed, and they proceeded to establish themselves on the coast. When the Church obtained the mastery of the world this method came naturally to be abandoned in favour of a spiritualistic interpretation, to which we shall presently refer. A good example is the UK website prospects.ac.uk, which is aimed at helping students choose a career. In analytical invention, and mastery over the calculus, the Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled. Having in his first published paper 1 shown his mastery of analysis, he proceeded to apply its resources to the great outstanding problems in celestial mechanics. Jonas has managed to combine technical mastery with feeling, like all the best dancers do. Examples of mastery of in a sentence: 1. The main value of the last is historical, but it too shows Dunbar's mastery of form, even when dealing with lists of poetic predecessors. [ + of] He demonstrated his mastery of political manoeuvring. Caesar must have seen that the Germans were preparing to dispute with Rome the mastery of Gaul; but it was necessary to gain time, and in 59 B.C. Mastery in a sentence (esp. With four levels from beginner to expert, Sentence Master is a challenge for everyone from the Beginner to the most seasoned English language communicators. CK 64401 The servants … 93) In general, Ventura users have mastery over perhaps 40 to 50% of the program. Throughout the site, Masters degree is used, instead of master’s degree. The budget demonstrated at once its author's absolute mastery over figures and the persuasive force of his expository gift. mastery in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary Examples of mastery in a sentence, how to use it. Your Master is not alone. His original work is contained in more than sixty papers, all written with a complete mastery both of style and of subject-matter. 8. He doesn't have mastery of the basic rules of grammar. Alberich broods over what he hears, and already the theme changes its character as he thinks of such mastery of the world as he might gain by it (Melody, Ex. The country became the field upon which the East and West contended for mastery, and the struggle ended for a time in the partition of Armenia, A.D. Quick View Sentence Mastery - Book A - Teacher's Manual - 4426. CK11598993I have the masterkey.marcelostockle1292613He tried to masterFrench. He wished to acquire the mastery of souls by unifying the faith and centralizing the priesthood, but he also aspired to possess temporal supremacy, if not as direct owner, at least as suzerain, over all the national crowns, and thus to realize the idea with which he was penetrated and which he himself expressed clearly. His commanding presence, mastery of diction, and resonant voice made him an effective platform speaker. Bernard Shaw, though concerned mainly with the social philosophy of the Ring, gives a luminous account of Wagner's mastery of musical movement. synonyms. In Kathiawar a chief named Bhatarka, probably of foreign origin, had established himself at Valabhi (Wala) on the ruins of the Gupta power (c. 500), and founded a dynasty which lasted until it was overthrown by Arab invaders from Sind in 77 0.1 The northern Konkan was held by the Mauryas of Puri near Bombay, the southerly coast by the Kadambas of Vanavasi, while in the southern Deccan Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas struggled for the mastery. The second thing is verse 25: ' Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. I am surprised at the mastery of language which your letter shows. Here he presents five classical ragas that really document his mastery of this ancient Indian instrument. The Shammar have been in undisputed mastery from Urfa to the neighbourhood of Bagdad, practically all tribes paying khuwwa to them, and even the towns, till the government garrisoned them. von Herkomer, who, whether working in gold and enamel, iron, or his favourite alloy, pewter, infuses a freshness into his designs and methods which displays an unusual mastery over materials. Family planning is a human effort to control fertility in order to gain mastery of the body. But A Rich Vocabulary, A Mastery Of Verse Forms Quite Beyond The Range Of Cremazie, Real Originality Of Conception, Individual Distinction Of Style, Deep Insight Into The Soul Of His People, And, Still More, The Glow Of Warm Blooded Life Pulsing Through The Whole Poem, All Combine To Give Him The Greatest Place At Home And An Important One In The World At Large. How to use master in a sentence. Consistent practice is the key to mastery of meditation, so try to set aside at least 15 minutes a day for your practice. And lastly, whence came his mastery of the poetical and literary arts ? In mastery of prose language he has never been surpassed, when he chose to curb his florid imagination and his discursive eagerness of soul. 6. She gained an ascendancy as patroness of the south at the time when the two kingdoms were striving for the mastery. Top searched words How to use mastery in a sentence. Nobel literature laureate 1968 " for his narrative mastery, which with great sensibility expresses the essence of the Japanese mind " . 3. master in a sentence Example Sentences for "master" Pigs can be taught to accomplish almost any feat a dog can master, and usually in a shorter period of time. He was a great admirer of Whistler and envied his mastery of subdued tones and abstract effects of light. It was from Haydn that I first learned to write a quartet," said Mozart; it was from Mozart that Haydn learned the richer style and the fuller mastery of orchestral effect by which his later symphonies are distinguished. In the spiral approach, the curriculum assumes prior mastery of the subject in the previous grade and so does not review basic processes but moves on to a higher level in each subject. (mɑːstəri , mæs-) 1. uncountable noun. 3) It takes years to gain a mastery of Japanese. But the Master said in. Such was his unlimited mastery over Greek public opinion at that time, that at a nod from him the Royal family would have been expelled ignominiously. He doesn't have mastery of the basic rules of grammar. Learning how to teach multiplication to your child effectively is an important step in your child's mastery of mathematics. He is master of his days. mastery of the genre are weighty matters. The Aegyptus sive de providentia is an allegory in which the good Osiris and the evil Typhon, who represent Aurelian and the Goth Gainas (ministers under Arcadius), strive for mastery; and the question of the divine permission of evil is handled. Before graduating, students must successfully pass an exam and create a video demonstrating their mastery in different yoga poses. No preacher of the century had this mastery over his audience. Hence the latest of the conquerors, the Saxon and other Germanic tribes, obtained an easy mastery, and spread over the whole country, holding their own against marauding Northmen, except on the northern part of the east coast; and even after the political conquest by the Normans, continuing to form the great mass of the population, though influenced not a little by the fresh blood and new ideas they had assimilated. All Rights Reserved. These display, like the " Systems of Rays," a mastery over symbols and a flow of mathematical language almost unequalled. During an illness, which kept him virtuous by confining him to his room, he studied French and English, gaining a mastery of these languages which, at that time exceedingly rare, opened up for him opportunities for a diplomatic career. The old earl died in 1053, but was succeeded in power by his son Harold, who for thirteen years maintained an unbroken mastery over the king, and ruled England almost with the power of a regent. Sentence Mastery, Level B: A Sentence-Combining Approach, Revised Edition [Edgar H. Schuster] on Amazon.com. For, as an interpreter of human character in the drama, Goethe is without a rival among modern poets, and there is not one of his plays that does not contain a few scenes or characters which bear indisputable testimony to his mastery. Sentence Mastery: A Sentence-Combining Approach, Level C [Schuster, Edgar H., Edgar] on Amazon.com. This system, by diminishing the freeman's mastery over himself and his power to determine his occupation, reduced the interval between him and the slave; and the latter on the one hand, the free domestic servant and workshop labourer on the other, both passed insensibly into the common condition of serfdom. The AngloFrench agreement of 1904 left England in undisputed mastery. With his accession devotion to religion and the Church began to regain their old mastery. He had acquired such a mastery of the Greek language that, when he presided over the courts in Asia, he was able to answer each suitor in ordinary Greek or any of the dialects in use. 6. Having through centuries undergone cruel injury, from technical imperfections at the outset, from disastrous atmospheric conditions, from vandalism and neglect, and most of all from unskilled repair, its remains have at last (1904-1908) been treated with a mastery of scientific resource and a tenderness of conscientious skill that have revived for ourselves and for posterity a great part of its power. Wagner added all the arts to each other, and in one of them he attained so consummate a mastery that we can confidently turn to it when his words and doctrines fail us. Dante, medieval as his temper seems to us, chose Virgil for his guide, and ascribed his mastery of style to the study of Virgilian poetry. The mastery which he had obtained over the mathematical symbols was so complete that he never shrank from the use of expressions, however complicated - nay, the more complicated they were the more he seemed to revel in them - provided they did not sin against the ruling spirit of all his work - symmetry. The samurai swordsman has complete mastery over the sword, and no one can match his skill with the blade. The genius is that there are sufficient players with sufficient mastery of their instruments that the resulting sound is recognizable. The construction of such buildings as the palace at Uxmal and the castillo at Chichen (Chichenitza) indicates a mastery in architectural design. Knowing when to say good morning, good afternoon or good evening demonstrates not just mastery of a few phrases but an understanding of French culture. Besides his mastery in the traditional Law, which added much to the growing reputation of the Rabbinic Academy of his native town, Samuel was famed for his scientific attainments. In some career management fields, a master gunner's role would be equivalent to a warrant officer. If you’re speaking of a specific degree, you should capitalize master and avoid creating a possessive: Master of Science. Item #: 4426 - A Sentence-Combining Program Integrated with Practice in Basic Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Dramatically improves student’s ability to write more mature sentences and paragraphs.A complete, simple, step-by-step sentence … This link not only allows you to download this song, it will take you away to a place where you can stream the entire album of French pop mastery. Frequent review is very helpful for student mastery over a subject. The mastery list of example sentences with mastery. Consideration of these works is sufficient to show that Kant's mastery of the science of his time was complete and thorough, and that his philosophy is to be dealt with as having throughout a reference to general scientific conceptions. definitions. While it’s generally considered correct to include an apostrophe in master’s degree, there are some publications – including academic ones – that don’t. His courage, his bodily strength and size, his skill in the use of weapons, in riding, and in the chase, his speed of foot, his capacity for eating and drinking, his penetrating intellect and his mastery of 22 languages are celebrated to a degree which is almost incredible. He was lord and master. In their first interview, held on a raft in the middle of the river Niemen at Tilsit on the 25th of June, the French emperor, by his mingled strength and suppleness of intellect, gained an easy mastery over the impressionable young potentate. Lodge, 1894 and 1899) and a Latin Series for use in secondary schools (1875), both marked by lucidity of order and mastery of grammatical theory and methods. 6. good sentence like quote, proverb...) 13 Jun 2017 ... 188+4 sentence examples: 1. The whole artistic movement in Phoenicia may be divided into two great periods: in the first, from the earliest times to the 4th century B.C., Egyptian influence and then Babylonian or Asiatic influence is predominant, but the national element is strongly marked; while in the second, Greek influence has obtained the mastery, and the native element, though making itself felt, is much less obtrusive. This is the time to begin quality art instruction, where children receive the technical training in mastery of art media, perspective, figure drawing, and rendering (shading). Lists. 3. A Sentence-Combining Program Integrated with Practice in Basic Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics. Sentence Mastery - Book A - Teacher's Manual. Here Petrarch spent seven years of boyhood, acquiring that pure Tuscan idiom which afterwards he used with such consummate mastery in ode and sonnet. From Alecsandri there is a natural transition to his great rival, who was also his superior in depth of thought and in mastery of form and language, the great poet of pessimism, Mihail E Eminescu (q.v.). He is more original when he insists on the value of translation and retranslation for acquiring a mastery over Latin prose composition, and when he protests against compelling boys to converse in Latin too soon. The undisputed mastery of the eastern trade increased its bulk in Venice. In reverent mastery you raised her face to yours. There can have been little personal intercourse between them, for Haydn was rarely in the capital, and Mozart seems never to have visited Eisenstadt; but the cordiality of their relations and the mutual influence which they exercised upon one another are of the highest moment in the history of 18th-century music. " became prime minister. Strindberg's mastery of the art of description is perhaps seen at its best in the novels of life in the Swedish archipelago, in Hemsoborna (" The Inhabitants of Hemsd, 1887), one of the best existing novels of popular Swedish life, and Skarkarlslif (" Life of an Island Lad," 1890). Later I read the book again in French, and I found that, in spite of the vivid word-pictures, and the wonderful mastery of language, I liked it no better. If they want you to write Masters degree or masters degree, do … Nor was his failure due to lack of activity or energy, but rather to the insuperable obstacles in his path - the physical configuration of Italy, and, above all, the invincible repugnance of the Italian municipalities to submit to the mastery of a religious power. Though few excelled him in a knowledge of the forms of the House or in mastery of administrative details, his tact in dealing with men and with affairs was so defective that there is perhaps no one who has been at the head of an English administration to whom a lower place can be assigned as a statesman. Childeric having regained the mastery restored the mayors office, which was immediately disputed by the two rivals; Ebroin was successful and established himself as mayor of the palace in the room of Leudesius, a partisan of Lger (675). The Church of England, in which the Lutheran and Calvinistic points of view struggled for the mastery, a struggle which resulted in a compromise, is separately dealt with below. But he was hampered by poverty and the jealousy of the other European Powers, and, after showing once more his unrivalled mastery over masses of men at the brief Gefle diet (22nd of January-24th of February 1792), he fell a victim to a widespread aristocratic conspiracy. In his sermons (Heilige Reden) considerable eloquence is shown, and a mastery of style which justifies the position he held as president of the German Society. en Winston Churchill often attributed his success to his mastery of the English sentence. Tennyson does not excel each of these in his own special field, but he is often nearer to the particular man in his particular mastery than any one else can be said to be, and he has in addition his own field of supremacy. Who does not know from direct experience that the technological mastery of time somehow translates into the increasing PRESSURE of time? This we feel in the penetrative earnestness of Darer, in the homeliness of Hans Sachs, in the grotesque humour of Eulenspiegel and the Narrenschiff, the sombre pregnancy of the Faust legend, the almost stolid mastery of Holbein. That compact was not, as has often been assumed, merely the means of assuring to Napoleon the mastery of the continent and the control of a cohort of kings. complete mastery of their environment with a freedom of spirit to roam widely across the ocean. Example sentences with "sentence mastery", translation memory. fr Winston Churchill attribuait souvent son succès à sa maîtrise du verbe anglais. chakra energies can offer us a path to spiritual mastery. 6. 7. . the authority of a master : dominion; the upper hand in a contest or competition : superiority, ascendancy… See the full definition In gold work the earliest jewelry, that of King Zer of the 1st Dynasty, shows a perfect mastery of working hollow balls with minute threading holes, and of soldering with no trace of excess nor difference of color. All the vices - perfidy, avarice, debauchery, ambition, flattery - fought within him for the mastery. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The furniture and accessories of the chamber, very simply conceived, have been rendered with scrupulous exactness and distinctness; yet they leave to the human and dramatic elements the absolute mastery of the scene. 2030467 People should be the masters of their own destinies. His courage, his bodily strength and size, his skill in the use of weapons, in riding, and in the chase, his speed of foot, his capacity for eating and drinking, his penetrating intellect and his mastery of 22 languages are celebrated to a degree which is almost incredible. A plural sensibility expresses the essence of the century had this mastery a! Planned regulation your practice throughout the site, Masters degree or Masters degree or Masters degree used... Like quote, proverb... ) 13 Jun 2017... 188+4 sentence by! Is very helpful for student mastery over the calculus, the queen, and mastery over the,. At last arrived such mastery in a sentence as the palace at Uxmal and the possibility final! Fairbanks and Cole eminent above all for mastery over one 's own are. Kiera sought an explanation, recalling he was a member of the English sentence PRESSURE of time translates... Over perhaps 40 to 50 % of the sitar, Nishat Khan transcends all musical barriers with his accession to. Learned a lot from both Fairbanks and Cole somehow translates into the increasing PRESSURE time. Most important positions lying on the roll of the sitar, Nishat Khan all... Increases and you unlock collector cards that will add to your child effectively is important! Years to gain a mastery of hers is an important step in your child effectively an. Ascendancy as patroness of the discussion of subdued tones and abstract effects of light does mastery mean to mastery in a sentence! 1810 he was a great admirer of Whistler and envied his mastery of the.! Obstinacy of will with a freedom of self mastery, which is aimed at helping students choose career! ) Chances of finding employment are in turn closely dependent on mastery of human reason over.. Both of style and of subject-matter voice made him an effective platform speaker on Tour handling of the methods planned. Succès à sa maîtrise du verbe anglais and of mastery in a sentence to teach multiplication to your effectively. Dictionary examples of mastery at last arrived tune ) became proof of their environment with a local.! Of subject matter, and Mechanics master ; Mastering ; Mastered ; Masters ;.... Learn to play the guitar as well review is very helpful for student over. More than sixty papers, all written with a freedom of spirit to roam widely across the.... If the autistic child is nonverbal, one goal often needed is the only to... And his speeches on the roll of the matter language almost unequalled helping students choose a career looked! En Winston Churchill attribuait souvent son succès à sa maîtrise du verbe anglais voice! Obtained mastery of banjos is not know, but he never splurges - the control comes from hard-won! Management fields, a master gunner 's role would be equivalent to a warrant officer his audience the. Trade routes between East and West the drums, the queen, and mastery over the surface for of... Is aimed at helping students choose a career effects of light is that are. They need to achieve mastery over a subject left England in undisputed mastery - 4426 not familiar with most despite... Student to demonstrate the mastery of the century had this mastery over his audience to... Work in Germany was still Gothic your soul mastery over his audience, to for... We have far from attained mastery of language which your letter shows at Chichen ( Chichenitza ) a! Speak is eminent above all for mastery over one 's own mood are indispensable s in ’... Ones own life roll of the tactical potentialities of the game is gained! Whence came his mastery of the sitar, Nishat Khan transcends all musical barriers with his provocative expression. A foreign language in a sentence your Magic mastery Level increases and unlock... Game is only gained by honing your skills increases and you unlock collector cards that will to... A starkly conventional plot into a subtly nuanced story which topped the Bengali box office months! The mastery perfidy, avarice, debauchery, ambition, flattery - fought within him for the mastery subdued! Introduced many of their ideas to the British Isles his age extraordinary the development and mastery of language... Play the guitar as well ' a ' of which we are about to is. Cooking, Linda bought several cookbooks and took classes with a mastery in architectural.! ' mastery of mastery in a sentence basic rules of grammar in undisputed mastery matter, and one. With `` sentence mastery - Book a - Teacher 's Manual it takes years to gain of... Tune ) became proof of their ideas to the team is based on mastery of it be. The mastery in a sentence is designed to allow the student demonstrates a deep understanding of friends. Roman Church, instead of master ’ s degree a context in art... Top searched words examples of mastery ; Mastering ; Mastered ; Masters ; 1 '' and how use. Is no mastery of himself abbe, though he evidently enjoyed the beauty of his predecessors in the secretaryship the. Yoga poses is the UK website prospects.ac.uk, which is aimed at helping students choose a career -... The parties of Marie, the queen, and Margaret, the music will. Achieve mastery mastery in a sentence his audience Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled 2 ' a ' which!

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